The Best Golf Trolley to Upgrade Your Golf in 2023:Reviewed!

The Best Golf Trolleys 2023

It wasn’t too long ago that golf trolleys were frowned upon by the serious golfer. It would have seriously damaged your image to be seen walking the fairways with a golf trolley, let alone an electric golf trolley! Even if this was one of the best golf push trolleys it wasn’t seen as acceptable.

moto caddy powakaddy electric golf trolley best

However, today with advances in how golfers train and take injury prevention far more seriously it seems golf trolleys are an essential piece of kit. So, if you want to reduce your likelihood of suffering back or knee injuries from carrying your golf bag. Or if you just want to show off your new top of the range golf trolley to your golf buddies then read on and we’ll guide you through the best golf trolleys, starting with the list of the best electric golf trolley.

The Best Electric Golf Trolleys 2023

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PowaKaddy FX5 18 Hole Lithium best Electric Trolley


+ Lightest & Thinnest ever produced by PowaKaddy
+ Widescreen display
+ Easy open and close (1-click)

This is the best value electric golf trolley that we reviewed. The benefit we loved most  about this electric trolley is that it can be opened or folded in seconds using a 1-Click folding system. Also, the FX5 is 20% smaller than any other previous models which make it excellent for storage and transporting.

The trolley has a widescreen display giving you lots of information about the trolley such as power gauge, battery fuel indicator.

The bungee straps make sure that your golf bag has a really secure fit, you don’t want it falling off mid-round! Finally, not only has the battery on this trolley one of the lightest and thinnest ever produced but PowaKaddy have also introduced technology to reduce the level of noise generated by their trolleys. They have been issued with the Quiet Mark approval reward associated with the UK Noise Abatement Society foundation. You can see with all of these features why it was our best electric golf trolley.

Motocaddy M Tech best electric golf trolley


+ Super lightweight
+ Luxury trolley with chrome and carbon detailing
+ Folds very small

A super-lightweight 36+ Lithium battery with high power 28V electronics. This trolley is whisper-quiet with a 230W motor. It also has a brilliant downhill Control (DHC) function and an electronic parking brake.

Additional benefits include 3 year trolley and 5 year battery warranty for peace of mind. The M Tech also includes an anti-glare colour LCD screen with a USB charging port.

What we really like about this electric trolley is that it folds really small, apparently 11% smaller than the nearest competitor! We would highly recommend this as one of the best electric golf trolleys. Click the link below for further information.

powacaddy best electric golf trolley


+ Ultra compact & lightweight
+ Widescreen display
+ Sporty wheels and high gloss finish

This is an ultra compact and lightweight electric golf trolley. It has a simple 2 fold system which makes it compact for the smallest of spaces making it really easy to transport. What we liked was the speed control which is a high powered 30 volts.

The other great features of this golf trolley are its whisper sync quiet motor, 2.8″ full colour widescreen display, USB charging port and height adjustable soft touch handle.

Similiar to the Motocaddy the trolley comes with an extended 3 year warranty with the Lithium battery having a 5 year warranty.

This is one of the best electric golf trolley which also has a high gloss finish with some cool sporty looking wheels. For further information click the link below.

motocaddy m5 gps best electric golf trolley


+ Built in GPS - no need for a GPS watch
+ Touchscreen display - even with a golf glove
+ USB Charging point for your devices

This trolley is a new addition to 2021 and is amazing! Some of the key benefits of this Motocaddy M5 electric golf trolley are as follows:

  • You don’t need a GPS watch as it has 40,000 courses pre-loaded and can tell you the distances from anywhere on the course to the front, middle and back of the greens as well as hazards and layup points.
  • Simple & easy to use
  • 3.5cm touch LCD screen (even works with a golf glove!)
  • USB charging point for your devices whilst you play
  • Built in score card to track your scores
  • 9 speed settings
  • Whisper quiet battery
  • Waterproof lithium battery

For more information click the link below.

Motocaddy M1 DHC Standard Range Lithium best Electric Trolley


+ Simple folding frame
+ Compact folding for storage
+ Automatic downhill control function

The Motocaddy also comes in an extended range model, which is double the price of the standard range. However, for those just playing one round at a time we felt this was the most suitable. The M1 trolley has a really simple folding frame which is very compact. They say that it is 11% smaller than the previous model. It comes with a handy USB charging socket and it also has an automatic downhill control along with an electronic parking brake. If you play on a course with steep slopes the all-terrain wheels will come in handy and help you to feel under control. The trolley also has an LCD screen, which indicates battery meter and speed indicator.

best Electric Trolley

This trolley looks cool with a streamlined sporty appearance, and the handle height adjuster means that it can be adjusted to suit golfers of all sizes. Defintaley worthy of making the list for the best golf trolleys. Similarly, to the PowaCaddy the Motocaddy is also fitted with a whisper-quiet 230W motor, powered by a super-light lithium battery. With the final benefit being that it folds into the smallest of car boots, with inverting or removable wheels for even more space-saving. This is definatley makes it on the list for one of the best electric golf trolley.

This is definitely worth having a closer look at, for more information click the button below:

best Electric Trolley


+ Remote control function
+ Lightweight and easy fold

This electric golf trolley is very cool as it is equipped with a detachable remote control, this means you can remotely control the golf trolley direction and speed. It is designed to fit a variety of different sizes golf bags, and the handle of the trolley can also be adjusted making it a more comfortable experience to use. The trolley is lightweight and can be easily folded and stored into a small size, suitable for easy storage or transport.

For more information click the link below:


+ Powerful, whisper‑quiet 230W DHC motor
+ Automatic Downhill Control
+ Slimline all terrain DHC wheels

This award winning Electric Golf Trolley has a huge amount of technology on board. With features such as the ultra-responsive 3.5” touchscreen display, to the 40,000 pre-loaded course maps. This will definatley help improve your golf as it includes measurements to the front, middle and back of the green as well as a helpful drag and drop the flag position for greater accuracy!

What we really liked about this amazing golf trolley was the really useful USB charging port and the exclusive EASILOCK™ bag support system that is designed to lock the cart bag securely onto the trolley, which means you will never need to worry about securing that bottom strap ever again!

If you’re still not sure which one is for you why not watch this helpful YouTube video which will help you choose the best electric golf trolley from the guys over at Below Par – In this video golf professional Joe Lovery discusses his favorite electric trolley. Also offering some buying advice on things to look out for and how to get the best trolley for you. – I hope you find it helpful!

Are electric golf trolleys worth it?

Electric golf trolleys are a great investment especially if you play regularly. The benefits to your body by not having to carry a heavy golf bag or push and pull an awkward manual golf trolley can be huge. Golfers looking to find marginal gains in their game should consider buying an electric golf trolley as they are worth it. If the average round is four miles your will be saving a lot of energy, meaning that you can perform better even up to the 18th hole every time.

What should I look for in a golf trolley?

First of all, you’ll need to decide between an electric trolley or a push trolley. The push trolley is great if you want low maintenance piece of equipment which can just be left in-between rounds with nothing to worry about. The push trolleys are also designed to be lighter and lower priced than the electric models. 

The best Electric golf trolleys usually run off a rechargeable lithium battery. These require some maintenance in-between rounds to ensure they are charged and ready for your next game of golf. You don’t want it going flat at hole number 9! The electric golf trolleys are heavier and cost more money, however, you will save a lot more energy during your round and feel far fresher on the 18th green than if you’ve pushed or carried your golf bag. They also look really cool as well – just check out this Instagram post.

Tips for Buying a Golf Trolley

The three things you should consider helping you make your decision of which best golf trolleys you should buy:

1. Think about your boot size. Trolleys vary in weight and size; they also vary in how small they fold down when not in use. Electric models tend to take up more boot space, it is also worth considering which model would be best. We would also recommend thinking about where you will be storing your trolley between rounds, consider how much space you have at home to store a golf trolley.

2 Consider where you play. This may seem like a very simple question, however if you play on a relatively flat course then a push golf trolley might be all you require, saving hundreds on the price. Whereas if you regularly play on a very hilly course it might be a better decision in the long term to invest in an electric model.

3. Do you require any additional features? Most of the best golf trolleys today come with a wide range of additional features. Umbrella holders, phone holders, phone chargers, GPS and some even come with a chair to sit on! So when you’re making your choice of which is one of the best golf trolleys think about what you require to make sure you’re not paying for additional features which aren’t required.

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The Best Push Golf Trolleys 2023

Fazer Pro Compact Push Trolley

Fazer Pro Compact Push Trolley

This is one of the best golf trolleys, it is lightweight and can fit into the smallest of spaces for easy transportation. It’s so easy to fold and comes with a handy accessory station where you can store tees, balls, and other handy essentials for your round. Did I forget to mention the umbrella holder at no additional cost, and a parking brake to avoid any embarrassing runaway trolley incidents on the top of a hill! The trolley has adjustable bag supports with bungee cord toggles which secure the bag to your trolley. All of this at a price under £150 means that this is our top choice for the best golf push trolley!

For more information click the button below and find out more:

Motocaddy P1 push Trolley

motocaddy best push trolley

This was also a favourite choice, the P1 trolley includes an adjustable handle height setting. It also features an accessory compartment, with drink and scorecard holders, umbrella holder along with tee and ball holders. This makes it really efficient for when you ‘re playing your round not having to rummage around in your bag.

The Motocaddy P1 Trolley has oversize rubber wheels which are described as maintenance-free, these can also be released quickly which makes it very easy to fold down as part of its 1stage folding operation. It is able to suit different sized golf bags and also has a foot parking brake for stability.

This is well worth having a look at as one of the best golf trolleys and is also very competitively priced. Click the button to find out more:

Caddymatic Golf 360 SwivelEase Folding Golf Trolley

Best golf trolley

We liked this as one one of our best golf trolleys as it had a freely rotating 360° front wheel, this makes maneuvering the trolley really easy with little effort.  The golf trolley also has a drinks holder, ball holders, umbrella holder, scorecard holder, with an extra wide handle for easy grip.

This was probably the easiest to fold up, it folds up very small in seconds, it also has quick release wheels for even better storage options. It’s made of strong aluminium and durable nylon bag straps which will suit many different sizes of golf bags.

Slightly more expensive than the previous two push trolleys but the SwivelEase front wheel mean that this is a push trolley well worth considering.

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Which is better 3 or 4 wheel golf push cart?

Golf push carts save a lot of time and energy for the golfers. 3-wheel and 4-wheel pushcarts have their own merits and demerits. 4-wheel offers better stability, whereas 3-wheel allows the golfer to maneuver through the course. 3-wheel has more speed, whereas 4-wheel offers better weight management. One has to consider these specifications and buy the push that suits is compatible with them.

Can you push an electric golf cart?

Yes, electric golf carts can be pushed. All electric golf carts have an option of run and tow. The run option is selected when it is to be driven around the course. However, the Tow option is to be turned on if the cart is to be pushed around the course. This option will turn the cart into a neutral state.

How to use a golf push cart?

It is pretty simple. First off, you will have to unfold your golf pushcart. Then place your golf bag on the holders, and then strap it on tight. Make sure that the handle is set and leveled. While using a pushcart, one has to be mindful of the etiquette. Pushcarts should not zigzag on the fairway and they should be kept off from the greens and tee boxes at least 20 feet.

Can you drive a golf cart on the road?

Yes, golf carts can be driven on the roads. They are legal in some states and illegal in others. Although you can drive a golf cart around town, it isn’t recommended. Their top speed is 25 mph, which isn’t fast enough for public roads and highways. Moreover, for a golf cart to be on the road, it should have standard registration and insurance.


Investing in the one of the best golf trolleys 2023 can be a daunting task, I hope this article has made the decision a little easier. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below and we’ll be sure to come back to you as soon as possible.

Our top choice would have to be an electric trolley, the personal favourite of ours was the Motocaddy M5 GPS Golf Trolley due to it having over 40,000 courses built in with GPS information and takes away the need for a GPS watch, also we were impressed with how quiet the trolley was when in use.

motocaddy m5 gps best electric golf trolley
Our Top Choice for Electric Golf Trolley 2021

If you’re looking for the perfect bag to accompany your best golf trolleys have a look here for our top choices for golf bags. Also if you want to improve your golf why not check out our other articles on the best golf balls, or the best putters . Alternatively, if you want to look great on the course this year then we’ve an article helping you choose the best golf shoes so that you can take your game to the next level

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