How AIRfeet Insoles Can Supercharge Your Golf! (Review 2023)

How AIRfeet Insoles Can Supercharge Your Golf

AIRfeet first began releasing its products in 2011 with huge initial success. They’ve since developed a whole host of excellent products to target specific sports. They cover every sport from impact sports to walking sports. This is an amazing product that could supercharge your golf swing. AIRfeet insoles are marketed by the company as “The Best Weird You’ll Ever Feel” and this was definitely my experience – but in a good way! There’s a reason why they received 3 best of show New Product reviews at the 2022 PGA Golf Show in Orlando!

airfeet golf insoles

I was lucky enough to have some of these amazing insoles sent over for me and my golfing buddies to try out, and I have to tell you the results were really surprising. As I’m a passionate golfer I was interested in how it could work on the course, so I tried the AIRfeet Classic and the AIRfeet Sport insoles. Keep reading to the end to find out more about how these can help you improve your golf and provide you with a better understanding of your foot movement during your swing.

Traditionally air insoles are a popular choice among golfers looking to improve their game and comfort on the course. You’re going to be walking over 10,000 steps during a round of golf. Insoles are designed to provide cushioning and support to the feet, which can help to reduce any pain or fatigue suffered during your game. You can see from this image below the level of cushioning you get from the AIRfeet insoles.

airfeet amazing cushion for your feet when golfing

There are some significant benefits to wearing air insoles in your golf shoes. Here are my top 3 benefits of wearing AIRfeet insoles while playing golf:

  1. Increased Comfort: AIRfeet insoles are designed to provide cushioning to the feet, which can help to reduce pain and discomfort caused by walking on hard surfaces. This can help to keep golfers comfortable throughout their rounds, allowing them to focus on their game. The AIRfeet insoles provide excellent comfort and relief, and as they can fit on top of your existing insoles, they offer an additional layer of cushion for your feet.
  2. Reduced Fatigue: AIRfeet insoles can also help to reduce fatigue by providing extra cushioning and support to the feet. This can help to keep golfers feeling energized and refreshed even after a long day on the course. I found that my feet didn’t ache so much and felt like I hadn’t played a full round. They are also suitable for other walking sports, along with impact sports.
  3. Improved Understanding of Your Swing Movement: Firstly, AIRfeet insoles can help to improve a golfer’s performance by providing better support and stability to the feet. However, what I found was that through wearing the AIRfeet insoles during my swing I was able to feel EVERY movement in my feet. This meant that I could get instant feedback on whether my weight was shifting to my toes or heel during my swing. Using this on the practice range meant that I could dial in my technique to optimize my weight shift during each golf shot. If you get this weight shift right it will not only mean more consistent shots but could also mean generating more power in your golf swing.

How Can Air Insoles Improve My Golf?

These insoles could be the perfect golf training aid, they fit directly into your golf shoes, over the top of your existing insoles so there’s no messing around. But to understand how they can help your golf to let me first discuss how foot pressure changes during the golf swing.

airfeet insoles fit directly into your golf shoes

During the golf swing, the pressure on the feet changes in several ways. At the start of the swing, the pressure is primarily on the back foot. As the golfer begins to rotate their hips and shift their weight to the front foot, the pressure on the front foot increases, with the majority of the pressure on the front foot at the point of impact.

golf swing image

After impact, the pressure shifts back to the back foot as the golfer continues to rotate through the swing and follow through. This shift in pressure allows for a smooth and natural transfer of energy through the body, helping to generate power and control the ball’s flight.

Maintaining proper footwork during the swing is key to maintain balance and consistency, this can be achieved by distributing the weight correctly between the feet, keeping the feet flat on the ground, and not lifting the heel on the back foot during the downswing.

I found that using the AIRfeet insoles I could feel every movement of my body weight shift during the swing. This gave me instant feedback and when I got it right not only led to straighter shots but also extra distance.

Don’t just take my word for it watch Head Golf Pro Brian Newman from Orange Whip describe in detail how these are the perfect training aid:

How Can AIRfeet Insoles Add Driver Distance?

Foot pressure can play an important role in golf driver distance. Proper foot pressure can help to generate power and control in the swing, which can ultimately lead to increased driver distance.

During the swing, the weight transfer on your feet should be done smoothly and gradually, which can maximize power and control. If you get this right at impact and have the majority of your weight on the front foot this can help to create a stable base for the swing, which can result in a more powerful and accurate shot. The AIRfeet insoles allowed me direct feedback on my body weight during my swing.

Additionally, maintaining proper footwork throughout the swing can help to maintain balance and consistency, which can lead to more consistent shots and ultimately, more distance. Watch out Bryson DeChambeau!

bryson long drive

Conclusion: What Did I Think?

If you haven’t worked it out yet, I really like these insoles. They were great on the course, and extremely comfortable and after the initial weird feeling, you will get used to them. Also, as I’ve described I found them excellent for helping to work on improvements to my golf swing and body weight transfer.

airfeet insoles sport 02

They are not just ideal for golf but also for a variety of different conditions and problems. They target flat feet, circulation problems, leg fatigue, hip and back pain along with foot and ankle pain. What’s also really cool is that they support over 180 military locations globally providing the Tactical 02 insole which is designed specifically for the Army and Air Force with its featherweight dynamic technology.

They also come designed for women’s shoes. Although Mrs Fun Golf has zero interest in golf she did appreciate trying out the AIRfeet insoles in her work shoes. You can see in the image below that they fit directly into her shoes and the material is smart and discrete. What do you think would your other half appreciate these insoles?

Overall, AIRfeet insoles are a great choice for golfers looking to improve their game and comfort on the course. With their ability to provide cushioning, support, and stability, they can help to reduce pain and fatigue, improve your golf performance, and increase overall comfort.

Fun Golf would definitely endorse these insoles if you’re serious about improving your golf game! To find out more simply click this link or click on the image below to go directly to the AIRfeet website.

airfeet logo

Have you tried these out for yorself? Let me know in the comments below what you thought?

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