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Everything you need to get started in Golf , beginner golf advice, check out our guide how to get started in Golf.

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Beginner Golf Advice – Golf is Amazing!

In my opinion, and for golfers looking for beginner golf advice, there’s no game quite like golf, for me, and millions of others, it’s the best sport in the world.

Not only do you have the excitement, drama and tension when watching as a spectator. But as a player, you also get unprecedented access to the world’s top courses, and the chance to emulate your heroes. The access you get to top golf courses is unlike any other sport. You won’t be able to play a backhand winner on Centre Court at Wimbledon, like Roger Federer. It’s also unlikely that you’ll get the chance to make a buzz- er-beater shot at the United Centre, in the style of Michael Jordan.

However, as a beginner golf advice you can walk across the Swilcan Bridge at St Andrews on your way to the 18th green. You can even attempt to emulate Constantino Rocca’s miraculous 65-foot putt from the Valley of Sin to win the 1995 Open Championship. No golf course has hosted more Open tournaments than St Andrews.

beginner golf advice Saint Andrews
Saint Andrews Golf Course

As a golfer looking for beginner golf advice you not only get the chance to watch this amazing competition, but you can even play the course and walk the same fairways as the legends of the game.It’s easy to see why so many people fall in love with golf, for this reason alone. However, the appeal of golf is not just to do with access, it’s also the chance to spend a few hours walking among some of the most beautiful surroundings in the world.

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