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how to clean your golf clubs

How To Clean Your Golf Clubs

One of the most important parts of playing golf is how to take are of your clubs. After all, you use these for every shot, and if the grooves are all dirty it will seriously impact your game. Read below to find out how to clean your golf clubs and how this can improve your golf in 2021.

how to clean your golf clubs

Does cleaning your golf clubs help?

No matter what level of golfer you are and however much money you will have spent on your set of clubs, you should make sure that you take good care of your clubs. Cleaning your golf clubs can also help your game. You must ensure each part of the club stays in top condition. There’s a golfing buddy I play with who never cleans his clubs, they’re always filed with gunk and dirt, he then wonders why the grooves and shaft begin to rust. If you want your clubs to last a long time, particularly if you’ve spend hundreds on them then read our guide.

Tips on how to clean your Golf Clubs

For all parts of your golf clubs, you can use warm water with a household detergent – washing up liquid is ideal.

1.         How to Clean the Golf Head

The golf club head must be kept clean, this is the only part of the club that actually makes contact with the ball. Any dirt or debris in the grooves can affect the strike, even with a putter. Also, if you keep playing with dirt in the grooves, it could even damage them.

In this how to clean your golf clubs guide our advice is that you should ensure that each club head is wiped after your shots. However, routinely you should take time to give your clubs a deeper clean this will improve your golf shots each time with clean grooves clear of debris and dirt.

For the club heads use a soft scrubbing brush with the warm soapy water, gently scrub the clubhead, paying particular attention to those grooves. Rinse the clubhead with clean water, and then dry the head with a soft cloth or towel. This is important; otherwise, you may start seeing rust spots – especially if you’ve owned your clubs for a while.

2.         How to Clean the club shaft.

During your round, the most important thing with the metal shafts is to dry them if they’ve got wet.  Otherwise, you may find rust spots developing. The other important thing (including graphite shafts) is to wipe them down to remove any grit that may have got on them as you’ve put clubs back into your golf bag. In this complete golf gear guide we want to ensure they don’t get scratched.

how to clean your golf clubs

3.         How to Clean the Grip.

Our advice for how to clean your golf clubs would say that a good condition (and clean) grip should feel slightly ‘tacky,’ especially when you  are wearing the right glove. It’s essential to keep your grips in good condition; otherwise the club might slip in your hands during your swing. This could prove disastrous for your golf score. So to improve your golf in 2021 they must be clean and well maintained.

To maintain your grips, again, use warm soapy water but use a scouring pad or stiff brush and give a proper scrub. Rinse them afterwards with clean water and then dry with a towel or leave to air dry.

Jumbo Max Grips for Beginners
Grip size can have a big impact on your golf game

On a final note about the golf club grips, your grips should be replaced regularly, including your putter grip, depending upon how much you play. If you’re playing 1-2 times a week your grips will probably last up to 12 months, this will take a reasonable amount of practice time into consideration. If you’re playing 3-4 times a week you might need to change your grips after around 6 months. Take this into consideration with how regularly you should change your grips and this will improve your golf.

4.         Use a cover for your putter.

In this how to clean your golf clubs guide your ‘woods’ (driver / 3-wood/hybrib woods) will come with covers to protect them, and perhaps your putter will. If it doesn’t, see if you can buy one – you use your putter more frequently than any other club, and you need to protect the clubhead.

The most important tip for all golfers, listen carefully. Don’t use iron head covers, this is wrong on so many levels, and is a real golf fashion faux pas, just don’t do it!


The need to have well maintained golf equipment is critical if you want to improve your golf. If you were a football player you would make sure that your boots were clean before playing, in a similar way your clubs should also be cleaned regularly. I hope you have found our guide on how to clean your golf clubs: improve your golf (2021) useful. If you have why not check out some of our other articles like the best budget rangefinders, or the best golf balls for beginners.

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