ECCO Golf Shoes – The Most Comfortable Golf Shoes?

Ecco Golf Shoes – What’s all the fuss about?

Ever since Fred Couples came to the Augusta National Golf Course at the 2010 US Masters wearing Ecco golf shoes the world of golf shoes has never been the same again!  But the question is “What makes Ecco Biom Cool Pro Gore-Tex Golf Shoes so popular and why did they revolutionize golf shoes?”

Ecco Biom Golf Shoes

Before Fred changed the golf shoe world, the golf shoe market was dominated by spiked golf shoes and was in desperate need of an update. This is where the Danish Golf Footwear company Ecco Golf came in, founded in 1963, they have grown and expanded to operate from 6 locations in the world manufacturing millions of golf shoes each year.

What Pros wear Ecco Golf Shoes?

Today Ecco golf shoes are really popular amongst professional golfers, they are worn on tour by Thomas Bjørn, Fred Couples and Lydia Ko to name just a few.

Bjorn FB Golf

Thomas Bjorn when asked by Golf News about why he has an affiliation with Ecco said the following:

“Back in the 1990’s I got a phone call from Ecco explaining that they wanted to start making golf shoes. The golf shoe market in those days was dominated by only two or three brands, and the shoes were very heavy and pretty rigid. I found it an interesting proposition and got involved in helping Ecco to develop those early models. It developed into a big success story, first in Northern Europe, and then across the world. Even now, we have great conversations how to move footwear forward and how to develop it. It’s amazing how much fresher my feet feel after a round of golf now than when I first went came out in tour, the comfort levels are through the roof.

Golf News

So as Bjorn says these Ecco golf shoes have developed away from the heavy, clunky shoes of the past to develop a much lighter, flexible shoe which still retains amazing stability. One of the main perks of this particular model is that they are hybrid, making them perfect for the golf course as well as for the bar after your round. Now there is no need to change your shoes straight after your game.

Why is the Ecco Golf Shoe comfortable?

Ecco Boim Cool Pro golf shoes which are available from the Forbes Golf Store are combined with state of the art technology called Natural Motion, which is specifically targeted towards fitting around your feet to provide maximum comfort during the ‘natural motion’ of the golf swing. Plus, the shoe is fitted with Ecco FLUIDFORM that ensures support and stability for your foot allowing you to hit powerful golf shots.

Ecco golf shoes has dedicated its full force towards designing the shoes by integrating the Tri-Fi-Grip outsole that splits the bottom of the shoe into three-layers to provide maximum performance. 

The company has also kept durability in mind by incorporating blue coloured side panels. The middle section is designed in a round shape that provides maximum stability while taking your swing. 

There is no point in buying shoes that don’t provide airflow and that is what Ecco Biom Cool is all about. The reengineered TPU exhaust panel features an air opening that allows moisture to escape, which diminishes sweat and heat.  And the best part is the TPU exhaust is infused with Ecco’s Gore-Tex technology that helps in achieving breathability. Plus, this integration also makes the shoes 100% waterproof, making them perfect for rainy seasons.

Ecco Biom Golf Shoes


If you’re ready to improve your game today click the link below to go directly to Amazon and place your order for the Ecco Biom Golf shoes. Light, stable, comfortable and 100% waterproof – what more do you need?

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