Best Beginner Golf Balls Tested (Top 5 for 2024)

The Best Beginner Golf Balls (2024 Update)

If you want to improve your game you need to ensure you choose the right golf balls. Golf ball technology has advanced so much that there is debate at the moment if there is too much of an advantage to the PGA professional, and helping their game too much. For us amateurs however lets take every advantage we can get to reduce our score. So, what are the best golf balls for beginners? The best golf balls for distance? The best golf balls for high handicappers? The best cheap golf balls? We are going to show you what is the best ball for your game and all of the best beginner golf balls in order to get you started on your way to an amazing round. 

Best 5 Golf Balls for Beginners

So in quick summary what are the best five golf balls for beginners in 2023:

  1. Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls
  2. Titleist Pro V1x Golf Balls
  3. TaylorMade TP5X Golf Balls
  4. Volvik Crystal Golf Balls
  5. Vice Pro Golf Balls

What are the Best Beginner Golf Balls 2024?

Best golf balls for beginners uk

Best Beginner golf balls

Best golf balls for beginners uk
Best Beginner golf balls

Best golf balls for beginners uk
Best Beginner golf balls
Best Beginner golf balls
Best golf balls for beginners uk
Best Beginner golf balls

Best golf balls for beginners uk

Vice Golf Variety Pack

Vice Golf offer an amazing offer where you can try out all 5 of their golf balls in a variety pack. You get two balls from each model. We recently reviewed these, have a look at the video below and let us know what you think, we think these are the best golf balls for high handicappers and more experienced golfers as well:

Do golf balls make a difference for beginners?

Golf balls are designed for maximum spin, distance and durability. So, yes, golf balls really make a difference for beginners. If you’ve ever hit the golf balls found on driving ranges you’ll see that generally these don’t go as far, and are not as high quality as new golf balls. I wouldn’t recommend a beginner spending lots of money on golf balls but if you want to improve your game then certainly invest in better quality golf balls. Check out the balls we recommend in our top 10 list of the best golf balls for beginners.

How are golf balls produced?

If you’re interested in how Golf Balls get onto the shelves from the factory to the golf course then this video from Vice Golf shows a really interesting insight into how a top golf ball brand manages this process:

Golf Ball Buying Guide

The golf ball is the only piece of equipment you use on every shot. Therefore it’s important that you choose the best ball for your game. Consider our Golf Ball Buying Guide next time you’re looking to buy new golf balls:

  • Soft or Firm – Many models come in alternative versions, some produce more spin and others feel firmer. Try both types.
  • Short or long game – Consider which part of your game will benefit the most from the new balls. Distance from the tee or control around the greens.
  • Price – Think about your current skill level. The Pro V1x’s might seem like an amazing idea but if you lose 6 balls a round they could be an extremely expensive investment!
  • Used or new – Whereas used balls or even lake balls might seem like a very cost effective way of buying golf balls, there is evidence to suggest these will not perform well. Research has shown that a ball submerged in water for just 8 days can lose up to 6 yards in distance.
  • Do they fit – seems a strange thing to ask but many brands actually offer ball fitting as a service now. They match your game to the best golf ball.

Why are Golf balls important?

At first golf balls seem like a secondary element in the game of golf but, these little things play an important role. Some golf balls are really poor quality, the price might look great but they could seriously hold back your progress. The best golf balls for beginners mentioned below have their own advantages and disadvantages. I’d really recommend that you take some time to read our reviews of the best golf balls below, some are the best cheap golf balls, others are the best golf balls for distance. Either way choosing a golf ball which matches your golf goals is vitally important.

What’s changed with the New Titleist Pro V1 and Pro V1x?

In the all-new Pro V1 and Pro V1x golf ball update Titleist have upgraded everything. According to Titleist everything has been made better. Some of the changes include lowering the compression of the core, which in combination with the outer core the flex casing is now stiffer, so on the Pro V1 and Prov V1x, this will lead to higher ball speed and better distance on your longer shots. New dimple pattern on both balls, the all-new Pro V1 has a brand new 388 dimple pattern and the Pro V1x has a brand new 348 dimple pattern. This provides excellent trajectory and consistency in your shots. Also both balls now have a softer cover which allows for exceptional spin and feel around the greens. Frederick Waddell from Titleist’s golf ball management team says of the improvements, “what it means for the golfer is longer distance, more spins and control where golfers want it and softer feel. These are the two best golf balls Titleist has ever made!” Wow. This to us sounds like an amazing golf ball well worth trying.

all-new pro v1 pro v1x 2021

Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls 

The first ball on the list of best beginner golf balls is from Callaway. Callaway has a history of making high-end balls. The Chrome Soft Golf Balls. When I tested these golf balls they felt like they had good control on my short game and not too hard. However, they also had excellent distance from the tee.

They contain a graphene-infused dual softcore good for achieving distance. This formula also helps in creating more wedge spin and enhances durability. So that’s why I got that feel from my long and short shots.

Chrome Soft Golf Balls are made with the new high-speed mantle systems that provide a consistent speed and penetrating ball flight. The blend creates an efficient pathway that transfers energy from Dual SoftFast Core for faster ball speed.

Other than that, Callaway has reduced the thickness of the urethane cover making it more invisible and sleeker. If you are looking for a the best golf balls for beginners with tons of specs while having a low price, Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Ball is the best option for you. 

Chrome Soft Best Beginner golf balls

Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls

This golf ball is perfect for long-distance shots. For me the Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls are one of the best golf balls for beginners. Titleist’s main aim with this ball is to achieve distance while assuring good control. This is what they are doing with the Tour Soft Golf Balls series. This model offers consistent flight and great durability. So for a beginner, should you hit some shots think the ball won’t cut up as much as the less durable balls. Also, the outer core of the ball is designed in such a way that it reduces the spin making it more agile. 

Tour Soft Golf Balls are engineered to provide players with better performance by delivering a soft feel without having to sacrifice distance. Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls are perfect if you are playing at a distance of more than 100 yards. You can also customize these balls with your own logo and ball number.

Tour Soft Golf

Callaway Superhot Bold Matte Golf Balls

I love these balls, they seem to be designed to complete with the harder golf balls such as Volvik. They come in the category of best firm Golf Balls. Callaway Superhot Bold Matte Golf Balls are one of the best golf balls for beginners. The reason is because of its sleek aerodynamic design that provides minimum lag and hit the ball further distances. The ball is structured with three layers and a soft cover that gives a great spin. Furthermore, due to the design, the ball gets an optimal airlift that keeps it in the air for a long period, great for excellent carry.

The softcore is designed in such a way that it allows for easier control. The superhot model is offered in bright orange color and that helps finding it on the fairway, or in the trees! If you are looking for a ball that is perfect for both long and short shots then Callaway Superhot Bold Matte Golf Balls are perfect for you. They come at a great price. These were a good contender for the overall best beginner golf balls and well worth checking out!

Best Beginner golf balls Superhot Bold Red

TaylorMade TP5x Golf Balls

TaylorMade is known for its clubs and golfing apparel. And with the new TP5x series, the company is gaining a lot of popularity in the field. TP5 series is really popular and made with a 5-layer construction mechanism that has a tri-fast core. The combination of these two parameters means they are among the best golf balls for beginners as they provide maximum carry and minimum drag. The ball is equipped with Dual-Spin Cover that is made from durable cast urethane and it helps in achieving greater performance. 

TaylorMade has introduced the new speed-layered system that comprises of stiff layers that provide more speed. As a result, greater distance is covered along with more spin and optimized control. In fact top PGA Professional Bryson De-Chambeau uses this model ball. The ball is molded with a new outer core material called HFM that helps the ball in getting a greater rebound. TP5 and TP5x are perfect for any type of match and are offered at a great price. Due to the amazing value price, it is here on the best beginner golf balls list.

Best Beginner golf balls TP5x

Callaway Golf Chrome Soft Truvis Golf Balls

How can we forget Golf Chrome Soft Truvis Golf Balls from Callaway when talking about the best beginner golf balls Chrome Soft takes the battle to a whole another level. Because Callaway’s famous Truvis technology is integrated into this ball. Available in bright red color, the ball is set to cover greater distances while offering significant control. This edition is infused with graphene core that increases the distance and yes, it also provides better durability and more wedge spin. 

Callaway’s famous speed mantle system is built into the series that provides efficient energy transfer from the Dual SoftFast Core in order to achieve more speed. Talking about speed, the outer shell is also made with graphene in order to improve the momentum of the ball. This best golf ball for beginners is designed using the theory of aerodynamics that provides a consistent trajectory. Callaway Golf Chrome Soft Truvis Golf Balls come in a dozen pack at a brilliant price that is very light on the pocket. 

Chrome Soft Balls

Srixon Z Star 6 XV Golf Balls 

These golf balls won our vote for the best cheap golf balls. Coming at number 6, Srixon Z Star 6 XV Golf Balls is also a contender for the best beginner golf balls as it provides maximum green spin while assuring full control. The 6th gen series is made from a combination of four-layered synthetic urethane that helps in lifting the ball into the air. Moving towards the core, it is designed in such a way that the center is soft while the edges are relatively firm. The ball provides a professional feel to the players and will take you from tee to green with tremendous speed for covering maximum distance.

Srixon has used a 338-dimple pattern in the outer shell that reduces the drag and with the coating of urethane, the ball achieves astonishing stopping power. The cover has a thickness of 0.020 inches that makes the ball lighter in terms of weight. Z Star series is available in pearl white and tour yellow color and offers the option to customize the ball according to the player specs. The only reason the ball is on the list of best golf balls for beginners is because of the price/spec’s ratio. this is great value and is our best golf ball for distance!

Srixon Golf Balls

Volvik Crystal Golf Balls – (The Best Golf Ball for Distance)

Volvik Crystal Golf Balls are perfect if you are looking for a greater distance covering, control, and flight time in combination with a sleek price. These are excellent even if you are a beginner golfer. The ball contains a three-layered design composed of Volvik Power Reaction Core technology. Power Reaction Core Technology allows the development of a softcore structure and as you move outward, the firmness increases. The ball is an optimal choice for players who like aggressive games, for that reason this is the best golf ball for distance.

golf balls for disctance volvik cut open

As far as aerodynamics is concerned, the dimpled structure on the outer core reduces the drag whereas it promotes increased trajectories in any weather conditions. Covering long distances for slower swing speeds and having consistent flight are some of the reasons golf players recommend the Volvik series.

These are perfect to be on our list of the best golf balls for beginners. Other than that, the ball is offered in bright and stylish colors, making it more visible in the field. We love this ball and it is the brand sponsor for the Volvik World Long Drive Championship. This is the best golf ball for distance. If Kyle Berkshire the longest driver in the world use this ball then it must be one of the best beginner golf balls!

Fun Golf recently tried these out, they were excellent and our review is on it’s way to YouTube shortly. In the mean time have a look at our chipping fail when we got a bit too close to our phone during practice:

Best Beginner golf balls Volvik

Callaway Golf Supersoft Golf Balls

Callaway Golf Supersoft Golf Balls are the cheapest balls mentioned our list of best beginner golf balls. But, don’t take that as a bad sign. Cheaper does not mean low quality. But in fact, Callaway Golf Supersoft Golf Balls are one of the best balls that have tons of features at that minimal price.

Best beginner golf ball Callaway supersoft

For example, the ball contains an ultra-compressed core that increases ball travel. I loved this ball and used them over quite a few rounds of golf. I found no less distance off the tee, and still managed excellent control around the green.

The outer layer is made with urethane and it also compresses in order to decrease the drag while ensuring maximum speed. For minimizing the drag further, the company has used New Low Drag HEX Aerodynamics that enhance lift for longer carry and longer distance. These are the best golf balls for beginners, for many reasons but mainly as the Callaway Golf Supersoft Golf Ball contains a soft outer core cover that increases the durability and last much longer, if you don’t lose them first! 

(Fun Golf Top Choice Award)

Best Beginner golf balls top choice Supersoft Callaway

Titleist Pro V1x Golf Balls

Titleist Pro V1x Golf Ball has gained the second last place on our list of best beginner golf balls. To be honest, V1x this is due to the huge price difference in comparison to other golf balls. For beginner golfers, who might lose a few balls each round this is not a sensible investment.

However, on the brighter side, the ball offers state of the art features that other balls don’t have. For instance, it has Drop-and-Stop Short Game Control that optimizes the speed in such a way that helps it in the declaration. Moreover, the design of the ball provides low drag and high speed that covers the speed efficiently. The outer shell of the ball is made from light-weight material, providing greater stability and high performance. 

Furthermore, Titleist Pro V1x Golf Ball is perfect for any type of game. Whether it’s a long or a short shot, Titleist Pro V1x Golf Ball is optimal for these scenarios and one of the best golf balls for beginners. Not only that, the ball offers extraordinary distance with Consistent Flight, making it a prominent choice for pro players and as well as beginners. Titleist offers this model in two amazing colors, White pearl & the newly released bright yellow. If money is not the issue, then Titleist Pro V1x Golf Ball should be your top choice. 

Pro V1x Best Beginner golf balls

Vice Golf PRO Balls

We’ve saved on of the best until last on this list. The Vice Pro is an amazing golf ball for beginners. The Vice Pro Golf Ball is designed with specs that provide maximum compression when hit, making it rebound with the greatest height. It’s been optimized for higher ball speed and tremendous driver distance. If you are a new player and looking for a softball then Vice Pro golf ball is the choice for you. Its soft-core structure is perfect for practice and as well as for professional tournaments. The ball is infused with a compressed core that provides increased flight time and stable trajectory. We can see the inside of the Vice Pro from this video.

Together, the compressed core and softball design help in achieving greater distances. Other than that, 318 large dimple design gives a sense of control while you are taking the shot. With these specs, the ball is perfect for short games. However, for long shots, Vice Gold PRO is not recommended. It also comes in Neon Lime, and Neo Red colours so you definatley won’t be losing your golf balls in the trees with this brand!

Best Beginner golf balls Vice

How many dimples are on a golf ball?

Golf balls have gone through major advancements. Historically, golf was started with wooden balls which had no dimples on them. Dimples were introduced in 1908. Presently, most golf balls have 300-400 dimples. Titleist Pro V1 has 352 dimples. TaylorMade has 328 and 360 dimple patterns. Dimples provide aerodynamic to the ball and allow the ball to get through the air without dragging with the wind, thus covering more distance.

What are golf balls made of?

Butadiene rubber and thermoplastic are the two main raw materials for modern golf balls. The composition is unique for every brand. Rubber makes the core of the ball and thermoplastic is used in the outer tough layer of the ball. The difference between golf balls is due to core technology and outer layers number. For example, Titleist Pro V1 has 3 outer layers and Pro V1x has 4 outer layers.

What do the numbers on golf balls mean?

The numbers on the golf balls do not indicate anything. These numbers are printed on the balls to distinguish balls from other players balls. In a game, two or three golfers might use the same brand of balls. These numbers allow identifying each player’s ball to avoid confusion. There are single-toned color balls as well to avoid confusion, for example, neon, yellow, blue, and red.

What’s the most expensive golf ball?

Dixon Golf produces the most premium golf balls. Their Fire Golf Ball series is the most expensive ball, currently priced at $74.99. They have a series of balls named after the 4-elements of nature; Earth, Fire, Spirit, and Wind. Fire Golf Balls have recycled material in the core of the ball, these balls are available in a recycled pack of 3 and 12. Dixon Golf is an Arizona-based company whose motto is to promote eco-friendly products.

Why is Pro V1 so expensive?

Titleist Pro V1 has a premium outer layer and the core. It provides augmented ball control and flight distance. It has a medium ball trajectory off the tee. Pro V1 has a compression of over 100, which is optimum for PGA tour professionals because of the higher swing speed. 140 km/h or higher swing speed is suggested for Pro V1. This ball is ideal for the short game as it provides added ball spin.

How many balls can a PGA player carry?

There is no specific ruling about it. Most PGA tour professionals carry 9 balls per round. But a player can carry as many balls as he would prefer. If a golfer runs out of the balls, they can borrow them from their playing partners. If a golfer fails to do it, he/she may get disqualified as Eddie Pepperell once did.

Are Volvik Golf Balls legal?

Yes, Volvik golf balls are legal. Volviks are colorful matte-finish balls with vibrant colors that can be distinguished on a golf course. They are easy to identify. Volvik Vivid balls are produced for all kinds of golfers. There are a total of 16 Volvik balls in the market, be it a soft feel, firm feel, longer distance, or high spin rate.

Do Pro golfers use a new balls on each hole?

There is no hard and fast rule about golf balls. Golfers are allowed to carry as many balls as they would like to, but they are bound to keep the same brand and model golf ball. Professional golfers carry 8-9 balls for a round of golf on PGA tours. That means, they use a new ball after every couple of holes.

Why don’t Pro golfers use colored balls

Professional golfers are accustomed to white balls. They like to keep the game as simple as possible and they don’t like to alter their nature. Moreover, USGA has a list of conforming golf balls that can be used in tours and tournaments. The pink color is the second-highest colored ball in conformity after yellow with USGA rules. Bubba Watson has used colored balls on several occasions.

Why are Nitro golf balls illegal?

Nitro golf balls do not conform with the PGA and USGA rules and standards about distance. Due to its solid titanium core, this ball covers longer distances, even for low swing speed golfers. Its aerodynamics allow the ball to launch at a higher angle without wind drag. Professionals are not allowed to use this ball because of its unreal characteristics.

What is the longest golf ball for seniors?

Titleist Velocity and Wilson Duo Soft+ are the best golf balls for seniors. These balls are designed to cover more distance. Their low spin rate allows them to carry over a longer distance with additional rolling, thus adding to the distance. These balls perform the best with the drivers and long irons.

Should I play Pro V1 or V1x

Titleist Pro V1x is the next generation of Pro V1. It has a higher flight, launch angle, ball speed, spin, and control. The Pro V1 balls have a softer feel whereas Pro V1x balls have a firmer feel. Both balls are recommended for higher swing speed golfers. The majority of professional golfers use Pro V1x on tours.

Is Pro V1 good for beginners?

No, Pro V1 is not recommended to beginners by trainers and professionals. There are a few factors that should be considered before deciding about a ball. Pro V1 has a compression of 100. Although it will increase the distance and spin of the ball, a golfer should have a higher swing speed to bring that change in their game. Generally, beginners have slow swing speeds.

What swing speed is needed for Pro V1?

Since Pro V1 has a compression of 100, a higher swing speed is required for Pro V1. Any swing speed above 140 km/h is good. The Pro V1 has a premium outer layer and the core. It provides augmented ball control and flight distance. Pro V1 has a softer feel, ergo, it has an exceptional performance around the greens.

Are Vice golf balls as good as Pro V1?

Yes, they are on par with the Titleist Pro V1 balls. Vice golf balls have great durability, speed, launch, and spin profiles. Furthermore, these balls are available in 5 colors. From the customer’s point of view, Vice golf balls are top-tier balls with an affordable price of $34.98. Quite a few tour professionals use this ball. However, Titleist Pro V1 is slightly better in spin and distance.

How often do PGA tour players change golf balls?

Most professional golfers use a particular brand and stay loyal to it. However, golfers are allowed to carry as many balls as they would like to, but they are bound to keep the same brand and model golf balls while playing a round. Professional golfers carry 8-9 balls for a round of golf on PGA tours.

Why do some people put lines on their golf balls?

Drawing lines on the ball allows the golfers to get a visual in their minds about the ball line on the greens. This is solely for putting. These lines help the golfers to sink more putts because of their utility. A lot of professionals, including Tiger Woods, draw lines on their balls as this has immense practicality for them with 5 footers.

Will using an expensive golf ball make me play better?

Yes, expensive balls improve your game in every aspect. Premium balls often require higher swing speeds for perfect performance, which most amateurs and average golfers lack. Top-tier balls have a fine quality which offers farther distances, a higher spin of the ball, and a good feel. You should think about your playing style and swing speeds when choosing an expensive ball to make sure you get the best match.

What brand of golf balls does Top Golf use?

Callaway 2-piece golf balls are used by the TopGolf. These balls are rebranded with TopGolf insignia. TopGolf balls have an RFID chip in the core which sends the data to the TopGolf system. The system produces an output with the details of ball speed, launch angle, backspin, and total distance.


Beginners find it very hard to pick the ball that is best for the occasion. To encounter this, this list contains all the balls that are best for newbies. Some of the balls mentioned in the best golf balls for beginners list are for long shots while some are perfect for the short game. Moreover, some work efficiently in extreme weather conditions while some have a good spin. Our top choice for the average golfer is the Callaway Golf Supersoft Golf Balls these are perfect due to their great price and that they have unique aerodynamic features which allow the ball to fly even further through the air. Try it out and let us know how you get on?

Some of the questions we have been asked about Golf Balls

What are the best golf balls for beginners?

When choosing golf balls as a beginner price is a really important factor, particularly if you’re new to the game and lose a few each round. The best golf balls for beginners are the Srixon Z Star 6 XV, the Volvik Crystal golf balls and Callaway Superhot Bold Matte. These are all high quality, affordable golf balls, perfect for a beginner.

Our top 3 best golf balls for beginners:

What’s the Best Golf Ball for Distance?

In our list the best golf ball for distance was the Volvik Crystal Golf Balls. The Volvik Crystal golf balls have a durable outer core with fewer dimples which allows the ball to travel further due to the lack of wind resistance. In our field test we found these to travel the furthest of all of the golf balls in this review.

golf balls for disctance volvik cut open

When was the first golf ball made?

Golf balls you see today didn’t have this shape and design up until 1900. The first golf ball was made from wood back in the 14th century. Obviously, you can expect the ball to have a deformity that is because these were made by hand and carpenter tools. Then in the 1700s’ the designers redefined golf balls by using a leather outlet filled with bird feathers. There were some drawbacks, for example, these versions behaved differently in ranging weather and didn’t have a perfectly round shape.

Who invented the first modern golf ball?

Then came the era where balls were made with molds. Molded balls were the brainchild of Robert Addams Paterson. He discovered when sap from sapodilla tree is heated and placed in mold, it takes the shape of that specific mold. The makers named the ball Guttie and its success raged all over the world. People started mass-manufacturing of Guttie. Different elements were placed in Guttie to make it more stable and carving was done to increase the aerodynamics of the ball. 

After Guttie’s success, in 1890, a new type was created when Coburn Haskell visited B.F Goodrich Rubber Good Manufactory. Coburn and Bertram Work, Goodrich superintendent skinned the design of rubber golf ball. And, since then this type of design is still used. To date, many modifications have been made to golf balls and now, millions of manufacturers are working to make the best golf ball. So, to relieve you from doing the search, we have compiled a list of golf balls for beginners

What are the best golf balls for high handicappers?

  • Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls
  • Volvik Crystal Golf Balls
  • Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls
  • Callaway Superhot Bold Matte Golf Balls
  • Srixon Z-Star 6 Golf Balls

High handicappers should be looking for durability, forgiveness and distance from the tee. The Callaway Superhot Bold Matte Golf Ball and Titleist Tour Soft Golf Ball are excellent for handicappers. These both provide excellent durability and distance it provides from the tee. However, the Callaway Supersoft is our top choice as the best golf ball for a high handicapper in 2021.

What are the best golf balls for the average golfer?

Looking for balls for the average golfer, balls from Srixon Z Star 6 XV and are best. The coating has good friction in flight for better control around the greens, whilst the speed dimples reduce drag and allow for longer drives. They also offer excellent value and are extremely durable.

Should I use hard or soft golf balls?

Soft golf balls contain a lower compression rate that is a good thing for beginners so yes, they are recommended over hard golf balls if you are a beginner golfer. It has been shown in studies that softer golf balls go further while assuring maximum control and lower drag. therefore perfect for the new golfer.

What’s the most forgiving golf ball?

TaylorMade makes the most forgiving golf balls and their TP5 series are recommended.

Are Pro V1 good for beginners?

Pro V1 is a ball made by professionals for professionals, however it is also perfect for beginners. Titleist has infused the ball with the latest technology making it optimal for daily uses and as well as for professional matches. They will ensure that your shots get the best outcome when hit and these balls are far more durable than other less expensive golf balls. However, the Pro V1 is very expensive when compared with other balls. 

Is it worth buying expensive golf balls?

Buying balls depends on the occasion and scenarios. If you are taking a short shot then expensive balls are recommended, for example, Callaway Golf Supersoft Golf Ball. Other than that, average balls will do the work when taking the long shot. It’s best to get the best all round golf ball if you a newer golfer.

Can high handicappers use Pro v1?

Titleist would recommend the Titleist Pro V1 for all level of golfers. These are great for beginners and high handicapper golfers, regardless of your ability or swing speed. Titleist believe that you will play your best golf with a Pro V1 or V1x because of the performance of the ball around the green. This is because of the high spin and good control they offer. They believe that this is where the bulk of shots are lost or gained for high handicappers. So if you’re a high handicapper looking to save a few shots each round then choose a Pro V1x.

What is the best cheap golf ball?

Balls from the Vice Pro series are best yet cheap golf balls. By cheap we mean excellent value. These balls provide amazing wedge spin, and trajectory. They also look amazing and have some fantastic new styles and designs in their range. Certainly a front runner for the best golf balls for beginners?

What golf ball does Tiger Woods use in 2021?

The living legend Tiger Woods is currently uses the golf ball Bridgestone Tour B XS for the 2021 matches. These are the same golf balls used by Bryson De-Chambeau to win the 2020 US Open.

Tiger Woods hits golf balls Bridgestone
Tiger Woods whats in the bag

So we hope you found this article useful and that you are now ready to go ahead and make the golf ball purchase which will transform your game and take you to the next level. Why not test these ball out on your own home putting mat, we review our favorites in this article.

Why not take some time to check out our Guide to Irons and our articles on the best putters and the best drivers to improve your golf game. Maybe check out our best golf shoes 2022 list so that if you play bad, at least you’ll look good.

What golf ball did you choose? Leave a comment below to let us know.

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