The Amazing Future of Golf Coaching: Skillest Golf App Reviewed (2023)

In a quest to improve my golf I recently checked out the Skillest Golf App. If you haven’t heard of this you should really take some time to have a look. This is the future of golf coaching and I wish I’d found it sooner. I’ve listed some of the amazing benefits below but having access to the worlds best golf coaches in the palm of your hand should be enough of an incentive for any passionate golfer! I even have a excellent discount code at the bottom of this article, so keep reading…

skillest golf app

What is Skillest?

The Skillest golf app is an app on Android and IOS which connects you to the best golf coaches in the world, it allows you to communicate with your coach entirely remotely; you are able to send swings for analysis and discuss your game through live video. You can even do this in the comfort of your own home.

Through Skillest you’re able to choose from the best coaches anywhere in the world, you’re not restricted into simply using local coaches. As it’s all online so geography doesn’t matter, the only restriction might be different time zones.

Also, another benefit of remote coaching is that you can pick from extremely talented instructors. The coaches available to choose from on Skillest are genuinely excellent, world class coaches, many also teach winning PGA Tour players.

All you need to get set up is the ability to record yourself from a mobile device, I bought a iPhone tripod from Amazon for less than £20. With this you can access coaches all around the world.

Everesta Phone Tripod

Why do I need Online Golf lessons?

If you’re like me with a busy life this means finding time to book a lesson around your schedule, and then fit into the diary of your local coach is very difficult. Unfortunately, this can mean only occasional in person lessons.

Fortunately, Skillest golf app allows me the opportunity to interact with my coach from home whenever I need them! So, if you’re waking up in the night having cold sweats about your slice, don’t worry you can easily send your swing video online to the best coach. You’ll soon be sleeping well again!

skillest golf need coaching

How does Skillest work?

To get started with Skillest you simply need to search for a coach on the Skillest golf app, then be able to upload footage of your swing motion, explain your weaknesses and any questions you might have to your coach, then prepare for an upgrade of your golf game!

Once you’ve completed this your coach will then use Skillest’s seamless tools to diagnose improvements, create a detailed analysis, and attach specific drills to get you on your way to an improved swing. They even have coaches with specific specialties such as Putting or Chipping.

You can even get access to structured learning by purchasing online courses to provide a more consistent message delivered by one specific coach. These can also be a more affordable way of completing your lessons.

skillest golf coaches list

Do PGA Professionals use Online Coaching?

As a result of the recent pandemic and repeated lockdowns, the access to face-to-face golf tuition has been extremely difficult, even for professional golfers.

It was recently reported in the NY Times that Australian professional golfer and World Number 52 Lucas Herbert was using online golf tuition with his swing coach Dominic Azzopardi through the Skillest app. This has helped to keep his game sharp during the pandemic lockdowns.

lucas herbert uses skillest golf app
Lucas Herbert – Uses Skillest

Herbert was quoted as saying: “I’m quite visual,” Herbert said. “I like to see what I want to change, what’s
going well, in front of me. The app is good for that. I can put a picture to my
mind to see and a voice to guide me.”

Therefore you can see that it is not just a really useful tool for amateur golfers, but also valuable to the professional player.

Is Skillest any good?

Feedback from golfers who have tried the Skillest golf app is very positive, for all the reasons listed above, but also a search of Google shows that there are many forums with very positive feedback from golfers who have tried the app for golf lessons. In my opinion it is the future of golf instruction, and an excellent addition to in-person tuition!

If you want to improve your golf the more frequent you get feedback the more it will improve your game. We found Skillest to be the best and most efficient way of getting frequent feedback. For example, would you rather have one 50-minute lesson or five 10-minute lessons? A local coach can’t give a 10-minute lesson in person, but they can do the equivalent online. For this reason alone, you should definitely try Skillest.

There is also the option to sign up to 24/7 swing support and improve the pace of the feedback loop, allowing you to contact your world class coach whenever you need them. Amazing!

Why not have a look at this YouTube video below from the Skillest Channel which gives a really quick overview of the benefits for using the Skillest Golf App.

How much does Skillest cost?

Skillest have a range of different price options depending on which coach you choose and which specific package you opt in for. For example some coaches offer single lessons for around $50, with others only offering packages of lessons for up to $400.

I’ve added a screen shot from the Skillest golf app below, it shows an example price structure for a highly rated golf coach Daniel Grieve based at top Golf Club in the UK Woburn. You’ll see the prices range from £69 for a single lesson all the way up to £1200 for a yearly subscription.

Skillest Example Pricing UK

Conclusion – Skillest Golf App

I love Skillest as a coaching tool. If you’re interested trying out the Skillest Golf App, simply download the app using the link here. I’ve even found this excellent article by Baden Schaff the CEO of Skillest written in here which gives you the 5 things students need to know before taking a digital golf lesson.

skillest golf app baden schaff
Baden Schaff, CEO Skillest

As a special DISCOUNT offer for the Fun Golf community if you sign up using the code FUNGOLF you can get yourself 10% off an initial lesson or lesson package (not subscriptions).

Be sure to let me know how you get on and which instructor you chose!

If you’re looking to improve your golf even further why not check out our articles on the best golf rangefinders and the best irons for high handicappers.

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