The 5 Best Budget Electric Golf Trolleys Under £300 (2023)

5 Best Budget Electric Golf Trolleys Under £300

When it comes to electric golf trolleys, they seem to be getting more expensive every year. You might have thought about buying one but the price of them, over £1000 for some models, just isn’t an option! That’s why we’ve put together the list of the 5 best budget electric golf trolleys under £300.

Well don’t worry, here at Fun Golf we’re all about making golf more accessible and providing you with the best information so that you can have more fun playing golf.

In this article I’ve listed and reviewed the best 5 budget electric golf trolleys. However, before I begin my list let me explain why these budget electric trolleys are priced so low!

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What should I look for when buying an electric golf trolley?

The reason the top brands are so expensive is usually due to two factors, the battery, and the additional features. When you buy an electric trolley ideally you should look for the model which has the lightest, smallest, and most reliable battery. In addition to this you should look for the electric trolley which comes with the best features such as GPS, remote control, or electronic parking brake.

Is there anything wrong with buying a cheap electric golf trolley?

If you’re playing golf on a budget there is absolutely nothing wrong with buying a cheap electric golf trolley, and when I say cheap, I actually mean great value budget model. If you’re willing to compromise on a few features, then you’ll be really impressed with the 5 best budget electric golf trolleys in our list below.

What makes a electric golf trolley cheaper?

The first feature you’ll probably need to compromise on is the size and weight of the battery in the electric trolley. The two types of battery in electric golf trolleys are either Lithium or lead acid batteries. The lithium batteries are generally lighter and smaller, which makes folding the trolley down and fitting into your boot or garage much easier. The lead acid batteries are heavier and bigger which make them a bit more difficult to fold away so that they are really compact.

The features you find on top model, and most expensive, electric golf trolleys are vast. Features such as remote-control driving, GPS technology, touch screen displays, the Stewart Golf Trolleys even has a function where the trolley simply follows you around the course. However, these come at a huge premium. I’m sure there will soon be electric golf trolleys which will be able to play your next shot for you whilst you watch on relaxing!

So, if you’re happy to make-do with a limited number of features so that you can simply use an electric trolley to push your bag around the golf course, you’ll be really happy with the list we’ve curated below!

5 Best Budget Electric Golf Trolleys Under £300

First on the list is the Rider Electric Golf Trolley.

Best budget Electric Golf Trolley Rider
Rider Electric Trolley

Features of this electric golf trolley include:

200w Lead acid battery

36-hole battery life

19kg total weight (including battery)

This electric golf trolley has had excellent reviews, it has excellent battery life with it able to hold charge for two rounds in one day even after a year of use. Another, often unmentioned positive with this model is the customer support. One reviewer had lost the pin which hold the wheel in place and after contacting customer support they sent out replacements – you don’t get this type of service from many top name brands!

One of the negatives to note is that some have mentioned that the trolley tends to lean backwards when going up steep hills, however, if you simply hold the handle and keep it steady when on an incline this shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

Of the over 400 reviews I saw this has an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, so very consistent reviews.

One reviewer commented:

Had this for some weeks now and extremely happy. A very competent and well-equipped electric trolley for the price of a push trolley.

It looks like a real bargain for the money, it comes packed with extras, and one we would certainly recommend if you’re looking for the best budget electric golf trolley.

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Next on the list is the Promaster Plus Electric Golf Trolley.

best budget golf trolley
ProMaster Plus

Features of this electric golf trolley include:

200w Battery (will last 36 holes)

12-month guarantee

Easy to fold in car

This is another great budget electric golf trolley under £300, this one is on the recommended products list on Amazon at time of writing with nearly 300 reviews averaging at 4.5 stars out of 5!

The features that are particularly good with this electric trolley are how easy to is to fold, even in smaller cars. The aluminium trolley frame is extremely light at only 8kg. It is worth noting however, that the lead acid battery is quite heavy, but that is typical with this type of batteries.

Users of this electric golf trolley stated that it could easily complete 36 holes in one day, and as long as it gets a good 6-8 hours charge it will be ready go again the next day. The reviewer below came from a verified purchase:

Easy to fold down and light to put in the back of the car.

Comes with battery and charger. And keeps going for 36 holes. Would buy again.

This comes with extra features such as an umbrella holder, cup holder, and even a carry bag all included in the price! Now that is a bargain price!

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The Fazer Electric Golf Trolley also makes it onto our list of the best electric golf trolleys.

Fazer budget golf trolley
Fazer Electric Golf Trolley

Features of this electric golf trolley include:

9 speed settings

Light battery

3 Auto Stop Settings

This electric golf trolley just makes it onto the list of the best electric golf trolleys under £300, coming in at £299. But for this money you will get yourself an amazing trolley. With a great 12 months warranty from American Golf, and a very light electric trolley weighing only 19kg including the battery this is one of the lightest on the list.

You should be aware that this is only designed to have 18 holes of battery life, which might not be a problem for everyone. However, if you’re a keen golfer regularly needing to play more than 18 holes in a day this might not be the best option for you.

However, if you’re looking to buy a very reliable golf trolley, at an excellent price from a brand you can trust this Fazer electric golf trolley could be the best choice for you.

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The next on the list of best budget electric golf trolley is the Ben Sayers Electric Trolley.

ben sayers electric trolley
Ben Sayers Electric Golf Trolley

Features of this electric golf trolley include:

36 Hole lead acid battery

Lightweight Aluminium Frame

Easy fold and compact

This is an excellent electric golf trolley from a well known golf brand, at an excellent price! What more could you ask for? The electric trolley from Ben Sayers has a battery which can last 36 holes, it has 7 speed settings and with it’s 200 watt motor can perform really well on even extremely hilly courses!

As the battery is lead acid it is slightly heavier than the lithium version, but it comes at a much cheaper price. It also comes with a 1 year warranty. We would definitely recommend this electric golf trolley.

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The final electric golf trolley on the list is a real hidden gem, the Oypla Headway Pro electric Trolley.

best 5 budget electric golf trolleys
Oypla Electric Golf Trolley

Features of this electric golf trolley include:

250 watt (powerful)

Only 15.3kg with battery (lightest)

Folds very small

This was the most powerful, (8mph) the lightest with battery of all reviewed, and the smallest folding. Did I mention it was also the cheapest on the list, only £232 at the time of writing! What more could you want. It has over 70 reviews with an average rating of 4.3 out of 5.

One of the points to be aware of is that it doesn’t quite cover 2 rounds of golf in a day, with the manufacturer only saying 30 holes is the maximum. Although of the electric trolleys  reviewed this one reached full charge the quickest after only 4 hours. A verified reviewer commented below:

Great value for money does the same as the more expensive trolley’s easy to set up and delivery was exceptionally quick .Great buy

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If you’re looking for a more premium electric golf trolley why not look at the Powakaddy range. In the video above Rick Shiels reviews the FW 7 Electric Trolley, you can see more of the Powakaddy range by clicking the button below:

Tips for Buying a Golf Trolley

The three things you should consider helping you make your decision of which best golf trolleys you should buy:

1. Think about your boot size. Trolleys vary in weight and size; they also vary in how small they fold down when not in use. Electric models tend to take up more boot space, it is also worth considering which model would be best. We would also recommend thinking about where you will be storing your trolley between rounds, consider how much space you have at home to store a golf trolley.

2 Consider where you play. This may seem like a very simple question, however if you play on a relatively flat course then a push golf trolley might be all you require, saving hundreds on the price. Whereas if you regularly play on a very hilly course it might be a better decision in the long term to invest in an electric model.

3. Do you require any additional features? Most of the best golf trolleys today come with a wide range of additional features. Umbrella holders, phone holders, phone chargers, GPS and some even come with a chair to sit on! So when you’re making your choice of which is one of the best golf trolleys think about what you require to make sure you’re not paying for additional features which aren’t required.

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I hope you’ve enjoyed reading our list of the best budget electric golf trolleys. Let me know in the comments below if you decided to buy one and what you thought.

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