The Best Golf Irons 2020 (Updated)

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The 5 Best Golf Irons 2020

What are the best Golf Irons you need in 2020? If you want to shave shots off your round, lower your handicap and beat your playing partners investing in a new set of Golf Irons is a must! Have a look at the best 5 Golf irons 2020.

If you’ve just started in Golf, you now understand more about the different types of clubs, maybe you’ve been visiting the driving range with the rusty old clubs you found in the attic, now is the time to supercharge your game and get some new Golf irons. This is one of the biggest investments you’re likely to make in Golf, why not let Fun Golf help you choose the best clubs which will supercharge your game. There are lots of great deals to be found for new golfers, you could check out some great offers from American Golf to make sure you get the best price for your next iron set.

What are the best Golf irons 2020?

We’ve researched the market, heard from our community of followers and have come up with a list of the best 5 golf irons in 2020. Whatever your age, gender or skill level we’ve selected our best 5 golf irons for you to choose from 2020.

1. TaylorMade Mens 2020 SIM Max Golf Iron (Overall Choice)

2. Cleveland The CG Launch17 CBX (Best for the Average Golfer)

3. Wilson Staff D300 Irons (Best for the Senior Golfer)

4. Wilson Women’s Stretch Golf Club 9-Club Set with Cart Bag (Best for Women Golfers)

5. Precise X7 Junior Complete Golf Club Set (Best for Junior Golfers)

Fun Golf Best Iron Overall Choice

1. TaylorMade Mens 2020 SIM Max Golf Iron

Best Iron for the Average Golfer

2.Cleveland The CG Launcher CBX

The Best Irons for Senior Golfers

Golf clubs for seniors are designed to be more forgiving than normal golf clubs. They provide a better hit which improves power, speed and accuracy.They are usually designed with larger sweet spots, a higher loft and more flexible shafts.

3. Wilson Staff D300 Irons

Best Iron for Women Golfers

4. Wilson Women’s Stretch Golf Club 9-Club Set

Best Iron for Junior Golfers

5. Precise X7 Junior Complete Golf Club Set

What Are Golf Irons?

The type of club commonly used for golf is the iron. That’s because, with the best golf iron, you can hit the ball anywhere on the field, both in the short and in the middle. The golf iron covers are made of metal.

best Irons can be great for the beginner golfer
The Best Irons can really help the Beginner Golfer

Irons are much more controllable than woods and their goal is accuracy.

Most irons have solid heads, although some are hollow. The head of the golf iron mostly used by beginners is that of the medium perimeter, while that of the blade is used by professionals and players of a good level of skill.

The golf iron heads have a deeper groove than other club heads and run from tip to heel.

The best golf irons for beginners are the one that gives golfers the best forgiveness for shots which are slightly off the centre of the club face (sweet spot). Forgiving clubs will take shots off your round and allow you to hit the ball closer to the flag every time!

Irons are supplied in numbered sets, usually ranging from iron 3 to 9 along with a wedge. For those who are just starting, it is usually recommended to start with a 6 iron.  Over time with practice you will be more confident playing with longer irons such as a 3 iron or driving iron. 

Golf irons are associated with smaller heads than those of the woods, especially from one side to the other where they are decidedly very thin.

When do I use a Golf Iron?

The Iron is a golf club designed to hit the ball with accuracy towards the flag. The goal is to hit the ball on the green. (Or in the Hole)

Best Irons can help the beginner golfer
The Wedge is a club to use when very close the to hole

The Golf Iron is used when you are less than 200 meters from the green. The closer you are to the green, the bigger the loft you will need on the iron to make a shot. The higher the number the higher the loft on the club. A standard iron golf set consists of irons 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. Iron 3 and 4 are harder to hit than the golf irons with larger numbers. Most modern golf sets only go up to a 5 iron, with the 3 and 4 irons being replaced by hybrid clubs which are generally more forgiving and easier to hit. 

What are the types of Golf Irons?

Golf irons generally fall into two categories:

Forged Irons

This is considered as the best golf iron for beginners because it is generally designed for players who play for fun and are just learning the sport. Forged golf irons helps players to make accurate shots in their game as they can be more forgiving. 

The forged iron got its name from its process of manufacture. A soft piece of steel is taken and hammered into the desired shape.

Forged irons, maintain an even weight in the center of the club head. Perfect for the beginner golfer.

Cast Iron

The cast iron club is a more sophisticated version of the forged iron. This type of iron involves the process of pouring liquid metal into a mold, this allows its manufacturers to make solid heads.

The cavity golf iron has a very even weight distribution around the perimeter of the golf head.

The cast irons gave manufacturers room to improve some features of the iron. Features such as cavity backs, wider soles, weight distribution etc. For this reason, cast irons are suitable for many materials, circuits, and mixed weights. The casting method is simpler and cheaper than stainless steel, so the price is also lower.

Best Irons can improve the beginner golfer
The right clubs can dramatically improve your Golf game


Choosing the best Irons can dramatically improve your game, particularly if you are getting started in Golf. Choose irons which are well balanced, have a large sweet spot, and have a cavity back. All of these should provide you with a club which is more forgiving whilst you are perfecting your swing. Now you’ve chosen your clubs why not have a look at our Guide to the Best Golf Accessories for more advice on getting started in Golf.

Why not let us know what your favorite iron is to hit, mine is the 7 iron.

Frequently Asked Questions…

What irons have the biggest sweet spot?

Cavity irons have the best sweet spot. This is generally due to the way that they are designed. They have had the main bulk of the iron removed from the back of the iron and the weight of the club is focused to the outside of the club face meaning that these type of clubs are generally more forgiving.

What golf irons does Tiger Woods use?

The irons that Tiger Woods uses will have been custom fitted around his particular swing type, set up and body shape. They will not be able to be bought off the shelf in your local golf shop. He uses Taylor Made P7TW Prototypes with True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100 shafts.

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