The 10 Best Golf Irons 2023 (Reviewed & Tested)

The 10 Best Golf Irons 2023

What are the 10 best Golf Irons you need in 2023? If you want to shave shots off your round, lower your handicap and beat your playing partners investing in a new set of Golf Irons is a must! Find the best golf irons on the market. Have a look at the best 10 Golf irons 2023.

If you’ve just started in Golf, you now understand more about the different types of clubs, maybe you’ve been visiting the driving range with the rusty old clubs you found in the attic, now is the time to supercharge your game and get some new Golf irons.

Buying irons are one of the biggest investments you’re likely to make in Golf, why not let Fun Golf help you choose the best clubs which will supercharge your game. There are lots of great deals to be found for new golfers, you could check out some great offers from American Golf to make sure you get the best price for your next iron set.

The Best Golf Irons 2021
American Golf Discounted Clubs

What are the best Golf irons 2023?

1. TaylorMade Mens 2020 SIM Max Golf Iron (Overall Choice)

2. Cleveland The CG Launch17 CBX (Best for the Average Golfer)

3. Wilson Staff D9 Irons (Best for the Senior Golfer)

4. Cobra RADSPEED Golf Irons

5. Cleveland CG 11-Piece Package Set

6. Cobra Speedzone Irons

7. Benross Delta X Graphite Irons

8. Callaway Mavrik Irons (Best Value Price)

9. Wilson Staff D7 Irons

9. Wilson Staff D7 Irons

10. Mizuno JPX919 Hot Metal Irons

We’ve researched the market, heard from our community of followers and have come up with a list of the best 10 golf irons in 2023. Whatever your age or skill level we’ve selected our best 10 golf irons for you to choose from 2023.

Best Golf Irons – Overall Choice

1. TaylorMade Mens SIM Max Golf Iron

For a golfer, distance and feel are the two most important things and that is what TaylorMade has delivered with its SIM Max Golf Iron. The SIM Max Iron is specifically designed for golfers who want performance from game improvement irons. Equipped with redefined technology like Speed Bridge, this golf iron here is changing the way we play the game by adding more stability. We loved this iron which is one of the best sets on the market!

TaylorMade Mens 2020 SIM Max Golf Iron (Overall Choice)
Taylor Made SIM Max Golf Iron

Best Golf Irons for the Average Golfer

2. Cleveland The CG Launcher CBX

Cleveland is back in the game with its CG Launch17 CBX golf iron. This golf club here is solely dedicated to more consistency and a high level of grip and that is all because of the laser milled lines and Tour Zip Grooves. Launch17 CBX is perfect for an average golfer due to the design that is more focused on distance and forgiveness. Cleveland has integrated its Feel Balancing Technology that is moving the CG to the middle for a good feel. In order to make the golf club lightweight, the company has moved a micro-cavity at the bottom of the hosel thus moving CG towards the face. 

Moving towards the sole, CBX has a “V-Shaped” sole that keeps the club moving through the turf for more reliable contact. The overall structure allows golfers more ball flight while keeping the forgiveness in check. And this makes it perfect for average golfers. 

Best Golf Irons Cleveland The CG Launch17 CBX
Cleveland The CG Launcher CBX

The Best Golf Irons for Senior Golfers

Golf clubs for seniors are designed to be more forgiving than normal golf clubs. They provide a better hit which improves power, speed and accuracy.They are usually designed with larger sweet spots, a higher loft and more flexible shafts.

3. Wilson Staff D9 Irons

Wilson has worked hard to compete in a market that only demands maximum performance. And came with the latest breed of Staff D9 Irons. The new D series provide similar excitation that irons offer. Much of the technology used in D9 is from the famous C200 series, with some tweaks here and there. The new golf clubs are for everyone and that includes senior golfers, mid-range ones, and beginners. The only agenda of Wilson is to provide distance and forgiveness and that is what they are doing with the new set of forged irons. 

D9 is carrying the same FLX Face technology available in the C200 and that means the top line is pretty much thin for a game improvement iron. And in the latest D series, there is more offset and wider sole for maximum stability. The addition of weight pods in the heel provides more forgiveness. The overall mechanics make the D9 series perfect for a golfer who is looking for getting the ball in the air. 

4. Cobra RADSPEED Golf Irons

Let’s talk about another iron that belongs to the category of Best Golf Irons 2022. Cobra is very experienced in the creation of golf equipment, consistently launching a series irons which are improving the game. Their latest Cobra Rad Speed irons are way beyond imagination due to the fact that they provide maximum ball flight and speed. The Rad Speed series is a perfect companion for the average golfer and for beginners. In order to provide an optimum feel, Cobra has redesigned the club, enabling more flex when hitting the ball. 

With the Rad Speed, golfers can easily hit them, because of the placement of the center of gravity towards the heel. For players who are looking for an easy swinging club, improved ball flight, and good speed, Cobra Rad Speed is the solution for you. 

5. Cleveland CG 11-Piece Package Set

Cleveland have produced an amazing package set here, which is perfect for mid-high handicapper golfers. The set comes with 11 clubs, including Cleveland CG irons, it even comes in a really cool looking bag. The CG Iron Set are inclined towards giving golfers more performance with the help of stripped-back design. The change here enables more stability while assuring ball speed and swing. The iron set is targeted for senior players, mid-handicappers, and beginners. These irons are great for getting more control while taking your shot. 

The package set incorporates a combination set of irons featuring the CG 5-SW irons fitted with steel shafts and the matching 4H graphite hybrid. These game improvement irons are a big investment for the golfer of any type and can result in transforming your game.

6. Cobra Speedzone Irons

With Cobra’s new SpeedZone Irons, you will get a carbon fiber top line that has never been seen before. And as a result of this new move, the ball will go far and straight. SpeedZone is an advancement of the famous F9 series, that packs similar features. But, the carbon fiber topline is new here. This is only available for 4-7 irons. The soles of SpeedZone are identical to the F9 but are slightly elevated to give a more performed perk. And the laser milling is here to give more performance. Cobra has added a new medallion made of PU, acrylic, and aluminium that produces an amazing sound. Plus, the combination acts as a damper to reduce the vibrations caused by impact. 

In terms of the performance, Cobra has shifted the CoG in the clubhead by repositioning it and combining it with MOI that together works to give maximum stability. Whether you are a senior player or a new one, Cobra SpeedZone irons should be in your bag due to enhanced game improvement and confidence. 

Best Golf Irons

7. Benross Delta X Graphite Irons

The latest generation of Benross Delta X irons offers an outstanding feel on impact and it is all because of the weight distribution design that provides a sweet spot. If you are searching for an iron that gives crisp look at the address, then these are for you because Benross has thinned the topline and reduced the offset to get the job done. The incorporation of stainless steel allows more durability and stability. And from the title name, you would have guessed that it contains graphite shafts (that is for weight saving).

Benross has used a technology called Heat Treatment that maximizes the speed of the ball for covering more distance. CoG has been optimized to provide you with more stopping power and speed Surely, these perks make it an amazing partner in golf. 

Benross Delta X Best Golf Irons

8. Callaway Mavrik Irons

Callaway Golf Mavrik Irons are one of those few irons that have gained attention due to their powerful and forgiving nature. If you want to make an impression, then this bad boy should be in your bag.

In terms of performance, Mavrik has low spin and it allows you to get a nice rollout on your shots. Callaway designers have found a method to increase the stability by placing tungsten, resulting in more center of gravity and this is what the Mavrik has. in short, this series from Callaway adds more forgiveness and ball speed in playability. 

9. Wilson Staff D7 Irons

Wilson Staff D7 Irons is a successor of the notorious D300 series. But, if you are wondering why they aren’t called D400?. Well, that is because a new design deserves a new name and that is what Wilson has done with Staff D7 forged irons. These irons are absolutely worth it if you are in the market for game improvement irons. 

Wilson has removed those power holes found in the D300 series and that gives D7 a clean topline. And with the new series, the cavity has been updated with simple and clean badging, giving it a more sleek look. D7 has three rows of power holes on 5i-7i, followed by two rows on the 8i and 9i, and a single row one on PW and GW. The irons are integrated with UST Mamiya Recoil 460 that gives it the capability of being lightweight. And with the stronger lofts, you can cover almost five more yards than the previous models. Sounds amazing right? That is why you should consider these as one of the best golf irons.

Wilson Best Golf Irons

10.  Mizuno JPX919 Hot Metal Irons

Going through tons of long irons and cannot decide what to get. Don’t worry, Mizuno JPX919 Hot Metal Irons are here. Mizuno has released a club set of SGI irons in the last few years. Wait, you thought Mizuno only makes those single handicappers. Well, if you didn’t know that Hot Metal series is for you. JPX919 is the enhanced version of JPX 900 Hot Metal and carries some new and similar features to its predecessor. In terms of colors, JPX919 has a sliver feel that makes it very classy. 

Just like its older series, Mizuno JPX919 Hot Metal Irons are all about forgiveness and distance. Mizuno used a cup face construction that helps in high ball speeds. And about distance, that is all because this edition has strong lofts. This time the company has changed the dimensions of the sole, making it thinner. This construction allows for more forgiveness. If you are going to buy an SGI, make sure that you are putting Mizuno JPX919 Hot Metal Irons on the best golf irons list. 

Mizuno Best Golf Irons


With so many amazing golf irons available the choice can be really difficult. We hope you’ve found this list useful. Our top choice would be the TaylorMade SIM Max Irons due to their forgiveness and feel.

Best Golf Irons 2021 overall choice

Make sure if you can you take some time to test out the different irons on your list before making the purchase.

What Are Golf Irons?

The type of club commonly used for golf is the iron. That’s because, with the best golf iron, you can hit the ball anywhere on the field, both in the short and in the middle. The golf iron covers are made of metal.

best Irons can be great for the beginner golfer
The Best Irons can really help the Beginner Golfer

Irons are much more controllable than woods and their goal is accuracy.

Most irons have solid heads, although some are hollow. The head of the golf iron mostly used by beginners is that of the medium perimeter, while that of the blade is used by professionals and players of a good level of skill.

The golf iron heads have a deeper groove than other club heads and run from tip to heel.

The best golf irons for beginners are the one that gives golfers the best forgiveness for shots which are slightly off the centre of the club face (sweet spot). Forgiving clubs will take shots off your round and allow you to hit the ball closer to the flag every time!

Irons are supplied in numbered sets, usually ranging from iron 3 to 9 along with a wedge. For those who are just starting, it is usually recommended to start with a 6 iron.  Over time with practice you will be more confident playing with longer irons such as a 3 iron or driving iron. 

Golf irons are associated with smaller heads than those of the woods, especially from one side to the other where they are decidedly very thin.

When do I use a Golf Iron?

The Golf Iron is used when you are less than 200 meters from the green. The closer you are to the green, the bigger the loft you will need on the iron to make a shot. The higher the number the higher the loft on the club. A standard iron golf set consists of irons 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. Iron 3 and 4 are harder to hit than the golf irons with larger numbers. Most modern golf sets only go up to a 5 iron, with the 3 and 4 irons being replaced by hybrid clubs which are generally more forgiving and easier to hit. 

The Iron is a golf club designed to hit the ball with accuracy towards the flag. The goal is to hit the ball on the green. (Or in the Hole)

Best Irons can help the beginner golfer
The Wedge is a club to use when very close the to hole

What are the best Golf Irons?

Golf irons generally fall into two categories:

Forged Irons

This is considered as the best golf iron for beginners because it is generally designed for players who play for fun and are just learning the sport. Forged golf irons helps players to make accurate shots in their game as they can be more forgiving. 

The forged iron got its name from its process of manufacture. A soft piece of steel is taken and hammered into the desired shape.

Forged irons, maintain an even weight in the center of the club head. Perfect for the beginner golfer.

Cast Iron

The cast iron club is a more sophisticated version of the forged iron. This type of iron involves the process of pouring liquid metal into a mold, this allows its manufacturers to make solid heads.

The cavity golf iron has a very even weight distribution around the perimeter of the golf head.

The cast irons gave manufacturers room to improve some features of the iron. Features such as cavity backs, wider soles, weight distribution etc. For this reason, cast irons are suitable for many materials, circuits, and mixed weights. The casting method is simpler and cheaper than stainless steel, so the price is also lower.

Best Irons can improve the beginner golfer
The right clubs can dramatically improve your Golf game


Choosing the best Irons can dramatically improve your game, particularly if you are getting started in Golf. Choose irons which are well balanced, have a large sweet spot, and have a cavity back. All of these should provide you with a club which is more forgiving whilst you are perfecting your swing. Now you’ve chosen your clubs why not have a look at our Guide to the Best Golf Accessories for more advice on getting started in Golf, we also offer great advice on drivers, the best golf balls and the best budget golf rangefinders.

Frequently Asked Questions…

What irons have the biggest sweet spot?

Cavity irons have the best sweet spot. This is generally due to the way that they are designed. They have had the main bulk of the iron removed from the back of the iron and the weight of the club is focused to the outside of the club face meaning that these type of clubs are generally more forgiving.

What golf irons does Tiger Woods use?

The irons that Tiger Woods uses will have been custom fitted around his particular swing type, set up and body shape. They will not be able to be bought off the shelf in your local golf shop. He uses Taylor Made P7TW Prototypes with True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100 shafts.

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