The Best Black Friday Golf Deals (Updated 2024)

The Best Black Friday Golf Deals (2024 Update)

So Black Friday in 2023 was huge, shoppers in the US spent nearly $9 billion! This is a massive increase on previous Black Friday sales figures with the amount spent in 2023 only reaching $6.2 billion. What will happen this year, and how do I find the best Black Friday Golf Deals? There will be excellent offers from American Golf and Scottsdale Golf among other golf retailers in the Black Friday event. Read below to make sure you don’t miss out!

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The Best Black Friday Golf Deals

Below we have hand picked our top articles for the best Black Friday golf deals 2024. Whether your looking for the cheapest golf drivers, bargain golf rangefinders or Black Friday sale Golf Shoes we have you covered.

Alternatively if you’re looking for amazing deals for playing one one of Europe’s top Golf Courses then have a look at the Black Friday Offers at The Belfry. The UK’s finest Leisure, Golf and Spa Resort has just launched some fantastic Black Friday deals.

My personal view is that with many people now more used to shopping online, the number of online only deals will be much higher than in previous years, it is likely that 2024 will continue to break all records for the amount of money spent online during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping events.

Have a look below for our best guides to find the perfect club upgrades, or alternatively is your looking for golf balls or accessories we can give you the best recommendations and advice so that you can capitalize on the deals available. There are many deals available at Scottsdale Golf which we would recommend and Online Golf for Black Friday Golf Deals.

Shotscope have some amazing deals on Rangefinders and GPS watches. If you use the exclusive discount code FUNGOLF when you checkout you can get an additional 15% off all sale prices!

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However, if you have no idea what we’re talking about and if you’d like a refresher on what Black Friday is all about let us help answer a few simple questions to get you started.

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday has become known as the Friday after Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving Day, which is celebrated in the United States, is the fourth Thursday in November. The following Friday has become an unofficial public holiday and retailers used this day to mark the start of Christmas shopping. On this day, to entice customers to come and shop retailers would promote heavily discounted items and ‘when it’s gone its gone’ sale deals to maximize sales on this day.

Some shops even open their doors at midnight to capitalize on the event. The history books show that this has been a tradition since the 1950’s but it’s only become more commonly called Black Friday in recent years. This day has regularly been one of the busiest days of shopping in America which many cut price items causing much excitement and anticipation among customers.

Black Friday Shopping Mall
Will people be able to go into shops this Black Friday?

Is there a Black Friday in the UK?

There is a Black Friday in the UK. To capitalize on the success of the event in America many UK retailers now participate in Black Friday, these shops are now offering significantly discounted items available online and in stores. Black Friday 2021 saw record numbers of people in the UK shop online for the best deals with many retailers extending these offers well beyond the traditional Black Friday weekend. Some online businesses such as Amazon and John Lewis discounted thousands of items across their ranges.

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Online Shopping for Black Friday will be huge!

When is Black Friday in 2024?

Black Friday will fall on Friday 29th November in 2024, and this is followed by Cyber Monday on 2nd December 2024. This is a perfect fit with when many people receive their last Pay before Christmas and so retailers can capitalize on this fact.

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Are the deals really better on Black Friday?

In a Which study in 2019 they tracked 83 products for 6 months in the lead up to Black Friday. They found that only four of these items had been priced at their very lowest on Black Friday. They also found that even when extending the deals for a few weeks and taking Cyber Monday into account they found that 61 items could be found at the same price or cheaper in the months before Black Friday!

How to get the best deals on Black Friday?

Our advice to you would be, don’t get caught up in the excitement of the day. Make sure that if you are going to make an expensive purchase do your research prior to the event, and be clear on how much you are willing to pay. Take some time to read online reviews and check quality websites (like ours) for advice on what would be the best choice for your game and how to find the perfect purchase.

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Will Amazon have record Black Friday online sales?

Are Black Friday deals the same as Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday is the online alternative to Black Friday. It is held the Monday after Black Friday and was designed to encourage customers to shop online for offers. With its origins dating back to around 2005 many online retailers promote heavy discounts on the items they sell. In 2021 it was reported that sales for Cyber Monday nearly reached $11 billion!

Generally it is felt that Black Friday is a better day to find great offers in physical shops, and for more expensive in-store items. Whereas Cyber Monday is mainly thought of as promoting tech items and online only retailers. Both days are thought to have better online offers.

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At Fun Golf we provide a lot of great advice on choosing the best golf clubs, golf bags, golf balls or golf accessories. Why not let us be your guide in the lead up to find the Best Black Friday Golf Deals in 2024 and you will not be disappointed.

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