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PING G410 fairway woods

Ping G140 Fairway Woods

If you’re looking for options from the tee, or the chance to reach those long par 5’s in two, then look no further that the Ping G410 fairway woods.

PING is geared to help golfers get maximum performance and its G410 model are gaining a lot of attention due to its modernized technology. We tried out the G410 model which is available from Forbes Golf Store.

The latest-gen G410 wood is packed with state-of-the-art technology that provides solid contact and gives golfers increased confidence. The company has redesigned the face of the PING G410 model, making it shallower than G400, allowing golfers to hit higher on the face making it easier to get the ball airborne from those tricky shots from the rough.

These Ping G410 fairway woods have a lower centre of gravity which helps promote a better contact with the ball, increased launch height and a faster ball speed. Not only this but the tungsten back weights help with an improved club head balance. All this combined gives you much better distance when compared to previous generations of PING fairway woods, and it also gives you more confidence when standing over the ball ready to take your shot.

Best fairway woods

The PING G410 has an adjustable loft trajectory, which offers between +/- 1.5 degrees of loft this helps in achieving the ideal balance between club and loft to shape the perfect shot.

The traditional G140 is available in 3 and 5 woods, also the company has redesigned the colour and aerodynamics of the club, giving it a sleek stealth-like look, and the matte finish looks amazing at set up to the ball.


Ping has redefined the way golfers play the game for years now, pushing the boundaries of club design and aesthetics. The G410 fairway woods are no exception, not only do they perform to a very high level, but they also look amazing. We found the G410 fairway wood was very forgiving, particularly for players with a faster swing. If you have a fast swing the G410 is perfectly suited in helping you hit the best shot.

However, due to the different options in club shaft flex to choose from it is also suitable for players with slower swing speeds as well. Choose this club and you’ll soon be launching your golf ball straight down the middle of the fairway, or landing your ball onto the green, setting you up for that eagle putt on the long par 5 holes!

If you’re ready to supercharge your game today click the link below to go directly to the Forbes Golf Store website and place your order for the PING G410 Fairway Woods.

Forbes Golf Store

With easy returns within 30 days, 24/7 online support and 100% secure shopping and payments, Forbes Golf Store are fast becoming one of the leaders in the supply of quality golf equipment at competitive prices.

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