Best 3 Distance Golf Balls (for slow swing speeds)

In this article I’m going to share with you my best 3 distance golf balls for golfers with slower swing speeds. 

The great thing about golf is that it can be from as soon as you can walk, up to the age of 100 if you’re able. 

However, as we get older and player age we’re faced with swing speeds which get slower, and if we don’t address this you could be faced with reduced distances with your shots. 

What is Golf Ball Compression?

One of the most important elements of maintaining a competitive distance on the course is golf ball compression, you’re probably aware but this measures how firm or soft a golf ball is and we’re provided with a number to indicate this compression. 

For example High-Compression golf balls are anywhere over 90 compression. These generally require high swing speeds to activate and provide maximum distance 

They can be less effective for players with slower swing speeds. 

Low-Compression Balls can be categorised as golf balls with a compression lower than 80, but can be a low as 40 like the Callaway Supersoft. 

Because they’re softer, they are easier to activate with slower swing speeds, meaning your can get a better distance and height particularly for the senior golfer.

If you want to maintain distance as you get older I would recommend switching to low compression golf balls. 

Best 3 Distance Golf Balls

And just a final point on golf ball marketing speak – they all talk about moderate swing speeds, but sorry they’re just being kind, they actually mean slow swing speeds and if that’s you then here’s my top 3 distance golf balls for golfers with slower swing speeds 

3. Bridgestone Tour BRXS

Number 3 is the Bridgestone Tour BRXS golf ball. Its a 3-piece golf ball with a 65 compression, this is classed as medium-firm compression. It has 338 dimples and MyGolfSpy said it was one of the softest urethane covered golf balls in their golf ball test 2023.

This golf ball is ideal for golfers with a swing speed under 105mph and is designed to promote increased distance soft feel and good spin control around the green.

Priced at $50 it’s not the cheapest but it is an excellent ball.

2. Srixon Distance

At number 2 on the list is the Srixon Distance golf ball. It has a compression of 89 and is a 2-piece golf ball. With 324 dimples it has the lowest number on our list.

This is an excellent golf ball perfect for golfers with a slower swing speed who don’t want to compromise on distance from the tee.

I liked how it felt off the tee when playing it, but felt it lacked feel and control around the green.

Priced at $15 per dozen it is a great price and the cheapest on this list of best distance golf balls.

1. Titleist Velocity Golf Ball

Finally at number one on the list is the Titleist Velocity golf ball. This a 2-piece golf ball with 350 dimples. It had a compression of 84, so not the softest, but it does promote excellent distance from the tee.

Due to the high speed LSX core it is perfect for slower swinging golfers, maybe seniors or beginners. It has an ionomer cover and felt firmer off the putter face, but had good control around the green.

What is your top choice for distance golf balls for a slower golf swing, let me know in the comments below.

If you want to see what’s inside these golf balls be sure to watch this video below:

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