The Best Golf Insurance UK Reviewed (2021)

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best Golf Insurance UK

The Best Golf Insurance UK

If you are a regular golfer you MUST consider getting the best golf insurance. No matter how good you think you are, it only takes one stray shot to cause a whole world of problems! Getting the best golf insurance UK will protect you from people filing injury claims against you, or you having to fork out for expensive repairs! So if you haven’t considered golf insurance now might be the time.

Smashed window Golf Insurance
How would you handle this situation at your club?

The 3 Best Golf Insurance UK

Why do you need golf insurance?

It’s so important to get yourself the best golf insurance. Not only does the cover protect against theft of your clubs, as well as if you get injured playing golf. It also covers you should you cause injury to another person causing such injuries as loss of sight, injury to limbs or causing permanent disability.

So to help you all out I’ve done some research and have found the 3 best golf insurance UK companies to review and help you make this important decision.

The Best Golf Insurance UK

  1. Golf Care
best Golf Insurance UK

Golf Care have some great options of cover, and payment plans. With the entry level starting at a very reasonable £24.49 for Bronze, all the way up to £48.99 for Platinum cover.

Although I’m reviewing the best golf insurance UK, I have recently signed up for Golf Insurance with Golf Care. I’ve never had golf insurance but was worried that my game sometimes wasn’t as good as I thought I was, the last thing I needed was to pay for a damaged window! ️‍

What was really good about the Golf Care insurance was that they included some cool Free Gifts

  • 12 Srixon AD333 Golf Balls
  • 3 FREE rounds of Golf worth up to £150 such as Shrigley Hall, The Belfry and Staley Hall. 

2. Insure 4 Sport

golf insurance UK Insure 4 sport

This is another really good golf insurance offer. The prices range from the ‘Lite’ package at only £17, all the way up to ‘Premier’ at £34. You should be aware that the Lite cover only covers clubs and equipment up to £500, so with the cost of most new drivers near that price you might want to upgrade.

There are no free gifts or incentives apart from the competitive prices, and to ensure you have the full cover there will be some optional upgrades to add on at checkout.

3. Sports Cover Direct

sports cover direct best UK golf insurance

Sports Cover Direct come across as a very professional insurance company, they pride themselves on not offering gifts or incentives. They focus on the quality of the cover they provide. Prices range from the Bronze offer at £19.99 to the Platinum cover at £45.99 per year.

What I liked about their offer was that even at the entry level cover they cover your clubs up to the value of £2000, they also provide hole in one cover up to the value of £250. (This is one of the highest amounts). They also include new for old cover if your clubs are damaged beyond repair, and they seem realistic when asking you to provide proof of purchase should you not have the original reciepts.

Be aware that unless you pay for the more premium plans it will only cover you in the UK. However, this was a very good offer from Sports Cover Direct. If you want to find out more click the link below.

Is it worth getting golf insurance?

Read on for a great example of why you need golf insurance UK. In an accident in 2007 Anthony McPhee was walking near the Niddry Castle Golf Club when he was struck by a stray golf shot. The shot was hit by James Gordon and he was hit so hard it caused his eye to explode. Although shouts of fore had been raised he was unable to avoid being hit by the ball. Subsequent surgery led to a false eye needing to be fitted. This is awful, I don’t know how I would deal with this situation!

Golf Insurance is required for Golfers

In a court case which lasted 4 years, both the golfer and the golf club were sued. The final ruling came in with a payout amount to the injured party of £400,000. The golfer, Mr Gordon, was ruled to pay 70% of the costs. In a subsequent appeal this amount was reduced for the golfer to pay £80,000 in damages.

Do I need Golf insurance in the UK?

I recently had a near miss with a car near the 9th at my local course and it really made me think about what I would have done if the car had been hit and damaged. The car was on a nearby road and was driving away from the clubhouse. I was confident that I wouldn’t hit the ball anywhere near the road. However, on this occasion my swing let me down and it (luckily) flew over the car, only just, and caused no damage.

Best Driver for Golfers

Re-reading the Gordon/McPhee case I was struck by what the judge said in his ruling the Mr Gordon had been, “over-confident in his ability to hit a good shot”. This is exactly the same as I was for my shot!

Golf Care Specialist Golf Insurance. I liked the offer so much that I’ve also become an affiliate with them so that I can help recommend them for other golfers, also if you choose them Fun Golf will get a small commission to help provide more useful content like this, and best of all, it doesn’t cost you any extra!

How much does Golf Insurance cost?

Golf insurance companies in the UK have some great options of cover, and payment plans. With the entry level starting at around £17.99 for basic cover, all the way up to £48.99 for Platinum cover. The more you pay the better your cover will be and it will insure more expensive club sets, as well as providing worldwide cover. We would recommend you research well to ensure you have the cover required.


My top choice was Golf Care, I think that they offer the right cover, it protects my clubs from theft, as well as help protect yourself and others from injury and accidents. They also offered some excellent incentives, and lets be honest – we all love some freebies don’t we? Why not take some time today to check out their offers and see if they have the cover you require.

best Golf Insurance UK

Once you’ve got yourself insured, another way to prevent stray shots is to invest in some new clubs. Why not check out our rangefinder reviews and guides. We have the best golf irons, the best budget golf hybrids and the best drivers you need to check out today. Let me know what you think and leave a comment.

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