How Do I Take My Range Game To The Golf Course?        

How Do I Take My Range Game To The Golf Course?

Recently I was asked by the Fun Golf community the question “How do I take my Range Game to the Golf Course?” I can definitely relate to this you seem to hit every iron shot pure on the range, every drive seems to go 300 yards straight down the middle, but when you get on the course it all falls apart!

So to help me and you guys stop this from happening I reached out to PGA qualified golf professional Matt Williams to provide some expert advice.

Matt Wiliams Golf Professional

Matt Wiliams is an amazing golf performance coach and tournament professional. Matt has a wealth of experience having played on the EuroPro Tour, MENA Tour and the Jamega Tour. So what did he recommend, either keep reading or watch the video at the end of this article.

How do I Practice on the Range?

A common question asked by golfers is ‘how do I practice on the range?’ Matt suggests an excellent drill to use on the driving range to help you take your range game to the golf course. ‘Pretend your playing 9 holes on a course you know well’. Matt chose a course local to him, Broadstone Golf Club set in the glorious Dorset countryside and he started on the imaginary 1st tee.

Stick to your routine on the Range

When practicing on the range, you should ensure that you keep to your usual pre-shot routine. So, if you take two practice swings before your shot, then make sure you do this on the range. One excellent tip Matt suggested was to put your golf club back in your bag after taking a shot, ‘this gets you in the right mindset as it simulates what you would do on the course.’ This is a great tip!

take range game to the golf course

Aim for different targets on the Range

When you’re hitting shots on the driving range, keeping your normal routine, aim for different targets to simulate hitting different targets on the golf course. Don’t always keep the same target. This is the same for practicing your shorter approach shots to the imaginary green In the video Matt used his lob wedge as he had a chip shot from 30 yards as this was the usual shot he would play on the course.


I hope these short tips video helped, Matt has a wealth of experience and if available to book for lessons. Simply click on the image below or visit his website at

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