Best Golf Simulator Near Me? – Supercharge Your Game!

The Best Golf Simulator Near Me? – Supercharge Your Game in 2022!

In my quest for single a single figures handicap in 2022 I’ve been searching for the best golf simulator near me. I’ve heard that if I find indoor golf, I can really take my golf game to the next level. Not only could it help me improve but I can have access to this all year round with no impact from poor weather!

So where did I go and what did I think? Would an indoor golf simulator venue help me improve my game?

Warwickshire best indoor golf simulator

Warwickshire Golf Sim

I visited the new Warwickshire Golf Simulator in Stratford upon Avon. This is an excellent indoor golf venue. Boasting two high quality screens with cutting edge 4K technology, with a third screen currently being built. Warwickshire Golf Sim use GolfZon technology. What does GolfZon technology mean? Well basically each simulator is equipped with high-speed cameras and sensors which accurately trace every movement, and every impact of all shots. This means an extremely realistic indoor golfing experience!

best indoor golf simulator

How accurate are golf simulators?

Whether your playing with drivers or irons you can expect highly accurate feedback on your shots at Warwickshire Golf Sim. Their technology accurately monitors balls spin and distances, with very true to life shot shapes – unfortunately for some golfers it’s even highly accurate on your misses! This ensures that you get the best, most accurate data to help take your golf game to the next level!

best indoor golf simulator

How do you putt on a golf simulator?

You not only play drivers and irons from the mat, you can also putt. You simply set the ball up on the mat and putt the ball towards the screen. Depending on the format of your game you can set the simulator to give automatic gimmies from a particular distance, eg 8ft gimmies. Therefore, with the best indoor golf simulator you can play a complete round using all elements of your game.  

best indoor golf simulator

One of the things which really impressed me was they technology in the hitting mat. This is not like hitting the ball at the range, this is a moving swing plate. With their state-of-the-art moving hydraulic floor plate, it automatically adjusts to uphill, downhill, and side hill lies depending on where you’ve hit your ball. This is amazing, and although it can take some getting used to, it’s a great way to accurately simulate the course slopes when you’re playing.

What courses can you play on a golf simulator?

At Warwickshire Golf Sim they have some of the finest golf courses in the world available to play on their indoor golf simulator! Some of the courses which caught my attention were Pebble Beach, Spyglass, Quail Hollow, St Andrews, Celtic Manor 2010, Turnberry and Valderrama! Wow, what an amazing list of courses, and there are lots more to choose from all over the world.

best indoor golf simulator

Do Professional Golfers use indoor golf simulators?

When I met Tony at the Warwickshire Golf Sim he explained that indoor golf simulators can be excellent for high quality golfers, and even professionals. They have many top-quality golfers visiting to practice, and to also complete a gapping session – this is where you can learn exactly how far you hit, and carry, every club in your bag.

Tony best indoor golf simulator

Can Indoor Golf be played with friends?

The best thing about an indoor golf simulator near me is that they can be a really fun activity to play with friends. At the Warwickshire Golf Sim, you can play in groups of up to six players. Also, there are a variety of different fun formats such as better-ball or scramble. When I visited there were a group of 6 players, of all abilities, from single figures, to complete beginners, having a great time playing Pebble Beach!

best indoor golf simulator

Warwickshire Golf Sim – What did we think?

This is an excellent indoor golf simulator, I was really impressed with their high-quality facilities, they even have a state-of-the-art practice putting green. If you’re looking to improve your golf or looking to have a fun day out with friends, this is a great choice. With a licenced bar offering food and snacks to keep you fueled during your session, along with golf club hire and Sky Sports on the TV – what more could you need!

best indoor golf simulator

With Sim hire prices starting from just £8.33 per golfer per hour, you should definitely give this indoor golf simulator venue a try. If you do decide to book, be sure to use the exclusive introductory offer code MGWGS21 to receive 20% discount on all sim hire charges. Click here to book, or simply click on the image below:

Find Indoor Golf Near Me?

So how do I find the best indoor golf simulator near me? I’ve seen some on Instagram and Facebook, I’ve even seen some on Google. The only problem is I don’t know if they’re any good or if other golfers would recommend the venue. Well lucky for me there is a golfing community resource called this website lists the best indoor golf venues in the UK. Whether they are crazy golf, mini golf, indoor golf with multiple screens, or a private studio that can be hired out, they list them all. What I really like about this website is that they also have trusted reviews from other golfers just like me. So, the next time I’m frantically searching the web for a golf simulator near me, I only need to visit

find indoor golf near me

What do you think, have you tried out this website yet? Are there any venues which are not included on their list who should be featured? Be sure to comment below!

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