Find Indoor Golf: The UK’s Best Venues Reviewed!

Find The UK’s Best Indoor Golf Venues Near You!

Indoor virtual golf is on the rise, with the unpredictable UK weather along with their amazing technology, (and the great fun you can have), indoor golf simulators have seen a huge increase in popularity! So how do you find indoor golf venues?

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How to find indoor golf?

Fun Golf are here to help, we have teamed up with a brand new search directory, dedicated to connecting the golfing community with the best indoor golf venues in the UK! No longer will you have to worry about searching ‘find indoor golf near me’, you’ll only have to visit their website!

Is Virtual Golf Any Good?

How do you know which are the best Indoor Golf Venues to visit? Which one’s have been highly rated by other golfers? What venues have trusted reviews which guarantee the best UK indoor golf simulator experience?

Well findindoorgolf will allow users to leave trusted reviews on their experiences, allowing other golfers to read and decide which one to visit. The higher the rating and review scored, the higher the venue will rank on the local search options visible to golfers. This way you can find the best virtual golf in the UK at the click of a button!

They have over 1000 indoor golf venues across the UK listed on their directory, and over time, with your help, these will be full of trusted reviews from golfers just like you – this way when you next go onto Google and type ‘find indoor golf’ you can trust the reviews from as they will have been completed by golfers just like you!

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Find Indoor Golf – Get in contact

They plan to go live mid-February so if you’re the owner of an indoor golf venue and are looking to increase your exposure on their website directory, and secure your premium listing, or if you simply looking for more information you just need to contact [email protected].

Make sure you let me know what you think when it’s up and running! I’ll be sure to update this article once the website is fully live and we’ll plan on featuring this and reviews of some of the early businesses that sign up to our Fun Golf community!

find indoor golf near me

Golf Simulator -FAQ’s

What golf simulator does Tiger Woods use?

Tiger Woods, 82X PGA Tour Champion, and 15X Major Champion, also recommends home golf simulators. Since 2015, the man has been using a home golf simulator from FULL SWING. Tiger said when interviewed, “What led me to FULL SWING was it simulated exactly what I was doing on the golf course in the confines of my own house“. 

tiger woods golf simulator

Can you putt on a golf simulator?

Putting with a golf simulator is possible. Today’s golf simulator contains mot sensors that enable golfers to putt. And mats also play an important role in this. In simple words, these simulators allow you to putt the same way you do on the golf course, this means if you want to find indoor golf you can practice your whole game from your indoor golf simulator.

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Do golf simulators improve your game? 

A golf simulator can help golfers in improving their game. These items are not only a great way to get out of boredom. But, with the right simulator, you can polish your shots without needing to get out on the field. Simulators like Foresight Sports GC2 SwingBay and Uneekor QED SwingBay are some of the simulators that will improve the game using easy to use UI and loaded features

How accurate are golf simulators?

Usually, premium simulators are as accurate as 90%. If the conditions mentioned by the manufacturer are upheld while setting up the simulator, accuracy increases to even 98%. A lot of professionals find indoor golf simulators can improve their gameplay. Tiger Woods, Rory Mcilroy, and Jordan Speith use Full Swing golf simulator which has almost 80 courses

How do golf simulators work?

Golf simulators are pretty simple in functioning. All you need is a golf mat, a tee box mat, a computer/laptop, and a projector screen. Once the setup is completed, you have to place the ball in the specified area and swing the club. Upon hitting the shot, the simulator will start to analyze your shot’s speed, spin, launch angle, trajectory, and distance in real-time and produce the output via software on your computer/laptop.

how do find indoor golf simulators work?

If you’ve looking for more ways to improve your golf indoors why not check out our article comparing Trackman vs Flightscope – which is better?

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