The Best Golf Shoes 2021 – Spiked or Spikeless Golf Shoes

best golf shoes

The Best Guide to Golf Shoes 2021

If you want a powerful golf swing it all starts from having a solid base, the golf shoe is the most important part of this solid base. Having the best golf shoes 2021 will transform your game and could send you on your way to those 300 yard drives you’ve been dreaming of.

If you want a ticket to unlimited power then you must start from the ground up, there’s a lot you need to know about buying the best golf shoes in 2021 but let us guide you in finding the perfect model for you and your game.

Our Choice for Best Golf Shoes 2021

We review the top attributes of these best golf shoes below but here’s our list for 2021:

These look amazing and come in a choice of colours (charcoal/white) or (black/silver). Our personal favorite is the black/silver, it looks very cool!


+ 100% Waterproof
+ StratoFoam Cushioning technology for amazing comfort
+ WRAPID fit technology for extreme stability 

It includes an all-new StratoFoam cushioning system designed to maximize energy return and reduce walking fatigue. It has an OptiFlex outsole design which allows your foot to flex naturally with each step and add extra torsion control through your swing. Best of all it is designed with a breathable 100% waterproof membrane, perfect for any weather.

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The Best Golf Shoes 2021

We’ve listed below our top 5 best golf shoes for 2021. There is a good selection both spiked and spikeless, have a look and for further information click the button to find out more.

Footjoy dryjoy best golf shoes spiked 2021
Our top classic look golf shoe


+ Cushioned fit for amazing comfort
+ Soft spikes (cyclone spikes)
+ Fully waterproof

Best golf shoes puma PWRADAPT
Puma Ignite top for looks and styling


+ Foam cushioning for comfort
+ Disc lacing for tight fit
+ Designed for excellent mid-sole support

Best spikeless golf shoe Nike Air Max 1 G
Are Nike the coolest Golf Shoes?


+ Excellent breathability
+ Spikeless soles
+ Comfortable and stable sole

Best golf shoes, footjoy dryjoy tour
Classic style of the Footjoy Dryjoy


+ Cushioned fit with shock dampening in-soles
+ Soft Spikes
+ 100% Waterproof

Best spikeless golf shoes Ecco Biom  blue and white.
Are ECCO the most comfortable shoes?


+ 100% Waterproof
+ Leather Outer Material
+ Extremely Comfortable

Our lightest Golf Shoe reviewed


+ Lightweight
+ Extremely comfortable
+ Water resistant

What are the different types of golf shoe?

The best golf shoes 2021 can be generally split into two types. Cleated or spikeless. Spikeless shoes are increasingly popular because not only do they offer excellent grip and comfort, but they can also be worn off the course and in the clubhouse after your round. Golf shoes can be further broken down into categories such as having a structured, ridged design for stability, or a softer more flexible design for comfort and mobility.

best golf shoe swing

Are you wearing the wrong golf shoes?

It’s vitally important that if you want to improve your golf in 2021 you must start with your feet. However, how do you know if you are wearing the right golf shoes?

Don’t worry, we’ve got a handy 4-point check list below to make sure you get it right and buy the best golf shoes 2021:

1. If you have a faster swing, it’s a good idea to have a more stable shoe with good traction as they will use the ground more efficiently to support your 200mph swings!

2. Spikeless shoes look amazing, but they are usually more suitable for summer and off the course wear, choose some cleated shoes which will allow you all year-round performance and control.

3. Some golf shoe manufacturers offer the option of laceless closure, using a disc style lace up device also know as the BOA lacing system. These can seem efficient, but our advice would be to stick to laces, they stay laced up for longer and don’t require tightening during your round.

4. This is probably the most important point in the checklist, get your feet measured. When was the last time you had your feet measured? Did you know your foot length and width changes as you get older, also, each foot could be a different size too. Furthermore, if like me, you’ve put on more weight over the years this could have had an impact on your foot size. Having correctly fitted shoes could be critical to ensuring optimum performance on the course this year.

Big Brand Golf Shoes Sale

There are some amazing offers to be found on Scottsdale Golf shoes, they have excellent offers on some of the previous seasons shoes. Check them out while stocks last.

Do pros wear spikeless golf shoes?

Many professional golfers still wear spiked golf shoes, with a large percentage still choosing to wear old fashioned metal spikes. These are still legal to wear on the PGA Tour and in golfs Majors. Although you’ll find most club courses have banned these due to the damage they make to the course, particularly when the spikes scrape across the greens. Spikeless shoes produce considerably less damage.

Puma Golf Shoes are one of the most stylish golf shoes on the market in 2021. They regularly post amazing photos of their newest models on Instagram, well worth checking them out.

Bryson De-Chambeau top PGA Professional wears Puma golf shoes. The Puma Ignite PWRADAPT Caged Wings Shoes, these have several features. Such as adjustable shoelaces for a snug fit, an Ultra-thin thermoplastic polyurethane frame on the inside and outside of the instep, which helps with stability. It also comes with Puma’s proprietary new sole system which creates grip and cushioning in all directions and provides additional comfort. Overall, these have been designed to be lightweight and stable, the design and style also look really cool.

best golf shoes puma

Do beginner golfers need golf shoes?

Golf shoes are critical to your game if you intend to take the sport seriously. If you are a beginner golfer, you will need to ensure you have the correct equipment to play the game. You will be able to get away with visiting the driving range in your old trainers for a while, but very soon, if you intend to improve, you’ll need to invest in some golf shoes. These don’t necessarily need to be spiked, or expensive, but they do need to be fit for purpose.

What is the difference between Spiked and Spikeless golf shoes?

This great video explains what both spiked and spikeless shoes are and in which circumstances you would need them. If you are a beginner, or just want to understand more about shoes then have a look.

What golf shoes does Tiger Woods wear?

Tiger Woods wears the Nike TW20s, he has been directly involved in the creation of these shoes with the team at Nike. It features a soft foam midsole which softens every step but also ensures it remains its stability to allow for his powerful swing. The best thing I like is the Tiger logo branding which shows you it is a Tiger shoe but also creates a stylish yet functional golf shoe.

These are a really similar design:

best golf shoes nike


Our top recommendation for the best golf shoes 2021 is the Puma Men’s Ignite Pwradapt. Not only does this look amazing, and come in a variety of colours . It also had excellent reviews for how comfortable and light they were. They are ideal for playing in the summer and if you want to be free to walk straight into the clubhouse after your round then these are just the shoes for you. Also don’t forget the 2020 US PGA Champion also wore them on his way to victory, so they could also help your game improve!

best golf shoes
Best golf shoes spiked spikeless

We strongly recommend that you follow our 4-point check list to ensure you wear the best golf shoes 2021. If you’re serious about improving your golf this year you must invest in the correct footwear. This year so much is being spoken about swing speed and distance, if you are intent on increasing your swing speed and flexibility you should probably wear spikeless shoes to allow greater foot mobility. However, if you’re happy with your 105mph swing (and there’s nothing wrong with that) they I would advise investing in some stylish cleated golf shoes which look amazing.

What did you decide was the best shoe for you? Comment below and let me know, I use cleated shoes, Callaway golf shoes. The weather in the UK is usually wet and I know I can wear these all year round. We’ve selected the best home putting mats for you to choose from in this article here, why not test out your new golf shes whilst putting at home?

If you’re looking to further improve your game then why not take some time to check out our suggestions for the best mid handicapper golf irons 2021, or the best putters 2021. Finally if you’re looking for the best golf equipment and accessories maybe consider a golf subscription box, or a budget rangefinder, we’ve sumarised some of the best in our article here.

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