Golf Mitt UK: Quality Golf Gloves Delivered to Your Door

Who Are Golf Mitt UK?

If you’re a golfer looking for high-quality golf gloves that can be delivered straight to your door, Golf Mitt UK is an excellent option. Golf Mitt UK is a golf glove subscription service that offers a range of premium gloves designed to enhance your game. Their gloves are made with AAA grade cabretta leather and 4-way stretch material, providing a perfect fit and feel that is unmatched by other gloves on the market.

the best golf glove subscription. Golf Mitt UK

As a passionate golfer, I have tried several golf gloves over the years, but I was blown away by the quality of Golf Mitt UK’s gloves. When I tried them out for the last three rounds of golf, I couldn’t believe how comfortable they were. The cabretta leather material ensured that the gloves fit snugly and comfortably, with no loose material around my fingers. This perfect fit allowed me to maintain a consistent grip on my clubs, resulting in a smoother and more accurate swing.

Golf Mitt UK

The subscription options that Golf Mitt UK offers are another great feature. I opted for the Pro subscription, which provided me with a new glove every month. This was perfect for me since I play golf a few times a week, and having a new glove each month ensured that I always had a fresh pair of gloves to use. The Club membership is an excellent option for casual golfers who play once every couple of weeks, and it’s great to see that Golf Mitt UK has catered to the needs of different types of golfers. But lets look at the details of the glove.

Comfort and Fit:

When it comes to golf gloves, comfort and fit are essential. Golf Mitt UK’s gloves are designed with both of these factors in mind. The combination of cabretta leather and 4-way stretch material ensures that the gloves fit snugly and comfortably, without any loose material around your fingers. This perfect fit allows you to maintain a consistent grip on your clubs, which is crucial for a good swing.

Golf Mitt UK


In addition to comfort and fit, durability is another critical factor to consider when choosing a golf glove. Golf Mitt UK’s gloves are made with high-quality stitching and an index finger wrap-around construction, making them super durable. This means you can expect them to last for several rounds of golf, even with regular use. The pure white finish of the gloves with a muted light grey logo and a mint green looped label gives the gloves a stylish and professional appearance.

Golf Mitt UK Subscription Options:

Golf Mitt UK offers two subscription options: Club and Pro. The Club membership is suitable for casual golfers who play once every couple of weeks, and provides one glove every 3 months for £9.99, with a monthly cost of £3.66. The Pro membership is ideal for more frequent golfers who play at least a couple of times a week and offers one glove per month for £8.99, with a monthly cost of £9.99. These subscriptions offer excellent value for money, especially when compared to buying a golf glove from a local pro shop.

Golf Mitt UK


One of the most common concerns when ordering gloves online is finding the right size. Golf Mitt UK has made it easy for their customers to select the right size by benchmarking their gloves against other popular golf brands. They recommend going true to size with whatever glove size you have used in the past. This ensures that you can order with confidence, knowing that you will receive a glove that fits perfectly. I’m usually a small and these fit perfectly, my friend is a medium and the Mitt glove in medium also fit perfectly so you can trust the sizing.

Delivery and Packaging:

Golf Mitt UK’s delivery service is another area where they excel. They offer fast delivery within 48 hours and eco-friendly packaging. All deliveries are plastic-free and come in 100% FSC certified paper envelopes, making them an environmentally friendly option.

Conclusion: Are Golf Mitt UK Any Good?

Overall, I was extremely impressed with Golf Mitt UK’s gloves. Golf Mitt UK is an excellent option for golfers looking for high-quality gloves that offer both comfort and durability. Their subscription options provide a cost-effective way to ensure that you always have a new pair of gloves on hand.

Another thing I loved about Golf Mitt UK’s gloves was their durability. They are made with high-quality stitching and construction, which makes them super durable. Even after three rounds of golf, my gloves were still in excellent condition, with no signs of wear and tear. I was impressed by how well they held up, and it’s clear that Golf Mitt UK’s gloves are built to last.

With their fast delivery and eco-friendly packaging, Golf Mitt UK provides a convenient and environmentally friendly service that is hard to beat. If you’re looking for high-quality golf gloves that are delivered straight to your door, then I highly recommend Golf Mitt UK. You won’t be disappointed. Click here to find out more.

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