The Best Golf Balls for A Powerful Drive

Volvik Distance Golf Ball

How to choose the right golf ball for longer drives

Golfers value distance over all other aspects of the game, there’s no better feeling than hitting a long drive down the middle of the fairway. If you’re like me you’re always searching for extra distance with your drives you’re in the right place. I’ve selected my favorite golf balls for a powerful drive. You might be surprised with my choices but I hope this can open your eyes to a different option.

Use Pro V1X for Powerful Drives

My top choice for the best golf ball for distance is the Pro V1X. This ball was introduced in 2003 as an alternative to the popular Pro V1. There have been many upgrades and adaptions, but these remain the most popular golf balls on the PGA Tour.

Pro V1X golf balls for a longer drive

The reason it is the best for distance is due to its design. It is a four-piece construction golf ball, which is one more than the Pro V1, the additional casing helps further increase ball speed. In 2019 the Pro V1X introduced an upgraded core the ‘2.0 ZG Process Core’ which allows increased distance.

Together with a 17% thinner outer cover this core upgrade helps generate faster ball speed and maximises the golfers’ distance. The other difference the Pro V1X presents, which helps increase distance is that it has fewer dimples than the Pro V1. Only 328 dimples vs 352 in the Pro V1.

Pro V1X

This is a great choice for a golf ball for a powerful drive. If you want to hit the ball further, the Pro V1X is an amazing choice and is widely regarded as one of the best balls for adding distance. The added benefit is that these balls are also amazing around the green.

Volvik Crystal Golf Balls for a Powerful Drive?

This lesser known model of golf ball is the secret to hitting longer drives. The Volvik has been produced since 2010 in South Korea, and they are gaining much popularity today. They are one of the best golf balls for distance for several reasons.

Volvik Crystal Golf Balls for a powerful drive
Volvik Crystal Golf Balls for Distance

The design of the ball is a three-piece construction, with a very hard inner core, which together with a softer outer, core generates less spin and supports excellent distance from the tee.

The Crystal golf balls has a patented dimple design of only 322 dimples which enhances flight time and distance. Also, due to this being a hard ball, it has the potential to roll further distances on hard ground over and above the ball carry it generates.

Golf balls for a powerful drive Volvik

The Volvik golf ball not only comes in some amazing bright colours which they say increases ball focus, but it has also sponsored the World Long Drive competitions since 2017.

To further support their case for being the best golf balls for distance, in the 2019 World Long Drive Competition event, both male and female winners used Volvik golf balls and achieved distances of 320 yards and 380 yards respectively. See the clip below which shows Kyle Berkshire smashing his drive on his way to the World Long Drive Championship 2019!

The bright golf balls might not be to everyone’s taste but I think they look amazing, and are rapidly gaining popularity. If it works for the world long drive champions, I’m sure it can work for other golfers looking for golf balls for a powerful drive as well.

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Let me know below if you buy either of the balls above please let me know in the comments section below.

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