The Best Budget Hybrid Golf Clubs – (2021 Update)

Fazer XR2 Best budget hybrid golf club

The Best Budget Hybrid Golf Clubs

Hybrid golf clubs are revolutionizing the way golfers play games. These items have gained a lot of attention in recent years as a great alternative to fairway woods, and easier to hit than standard long irons without losing accuracy. Nowadays, every golfer carries at least one hybrid club in their bag not only due to their versatility, but these items are also appealing to golfer because of the performance improvements. However, you shouldn’t have to pay hundreds for the top brands. So here we have compiled The complete guide to the best budget hybrid golf clubs that will help you in purchasing the right one in 2021, for the best price.

Fazer best budget Hybrid golf club
Fazer XR2 Hybrid

The Top 5 Budget Hybrid Golf Clubs

The Top 5 Budget Hybrid Golf Clubs for 2021 are here, they are all priced under £110 with the gold Wazaki Hybrid coming in at the most expensive, it does look awesome though!

best budget hybrid golf wazaki Japan WL-III Mx Steel Adjustable Hybrid

They all have excellent reviews and will improve your game at a budget price.

What is a hybrid golf club?

A hybrid golf club is a club that matches the swing mechanics of an iron club with the distance of a wood club. It is specially made for golfers who find it difficult to hit their fairway woods or long irons. They are longer than the equivalent iron with the same loft but have shorter shafts than fairway woods. This makes them easier to hit. Due to the modern designs, they can get the club airborne more easily, particularly from difficult lies. Due to the smooth edges and larger sole, they are also easier to hit from the fairway than traditional wood clubs.

The best budget hybrid golf club

How far can you hit a Hybrid Golf Club?

Hybrid golf clubs distances are in-between iron and wood clubs. If you’re planning on buying the best budget hybrid golf club, but don’t know the distances then have a look through this table below:

Loft (degrees)Men (yards)Women (yards)

How to choose a budget Hybrid Golf Club?

Here are our three tips to buy the best budget Hybrid Golf Club:

  • Loft. Hybrid golf clubs tend to travel further than irons with similar loft due to the lighter, longer shafts and more forgiving club face. Make sure you test them out before buying to make sure you have the right club for your requirements.
  • Shot type. Think about where you will be using your hybrid club. Will it mostly be off the tee on long par three’s, or will it be from the fairway? Some hybrids are better designed for each of these circumstances, with shallow faces to suit fairways, or taller ones to better suit tee shots.
  • What clubs your already have. If you decide on carrying two hybrid clubs you can then choose to only start your irons from the 5-iron. So think about what distance gap you have in your bag and decide which one will suit your requirements.

Is a hybrid hard to hit?

More than 80% of golfers find hybrid easier to hit and the amazing thing is it is more accurate than a long iron. The reason for that is hybrid golf club has a length of two long iron clubs and it has a larger shape head than a fairway wood. Together, these qualities make it easier to hit.

The video below shows how easy the best budget hybrid Fazer XR2 is to hit, shared from the Fun Golf Instagram page.

Should high handicappers use hybrids?

If you are a high handicapper then a budget hybrid will benefit you in terms of price and forgiveness. Hybrids are designed in such a way that they help high handicappers in getting the long-range shots. They are an easier alternative and less daunting to hitting those tricky long iron shots. It also gives higher handicap golfers a better chance of reaching long par 3’s and maybe even reaching par 5’s in two shots!

Do pros use hybrid golf clubs?

Many professionals are opting for hybrid golf clubs over long iron and have done for a number of years. In a recent study it was found that over 80% of Pro golfers now carry at least one Hybrid club in their bag, Phil Mickelson carries at least one hybrid clubs in their bag, with many opting for 2 hybrids.

Do hybrids hit further than irons?

The main thing that contributes to the game is the accuracy and consistency of the club and in that hybrid takes the lead. Hybrids almost travel 8-12 yards more than corresponding iron clubs. This is due to the smoother longer soles on the hybrid clubs make these more forgiving and therefore for many golfers, this allows for extra distance in comparison to irons.

The best budget hybrid golf club

Why use a hybrid golf club instead of an iron?

Hybrids are twice as effective as compared to long iron due to the way they are designed. We’ve chosen the best budget hybrids in this article. Many models come with fixed sole weights which help with club head balance and they can also help get the ball airborne easier. Long irons on the other hand are not as well balanced and can sometimes get caught on twist in the grass on impact when hitting your shot, particularly from difficult lies. The smoother edges and longer base help prevent this in hybrid clubs. So, for me, this makes hybrid a perfect partner in games. 

What are Hybrid golf clubs used for?

As the name is self-explanatory, a hybrid is a mix of iron and wood. The shaft of the hybrid is of iron and the clubhead is of wood. The main purpose of a hybrid club is to provide stability and distance to the shot. Hybrids are replacements of irons. For example, 3-hybrid is a replacement of 3-iron, with additional distance and higher trajectory.

What are rescue clubs used for in Golf?

Rescue clubs and hybrids are quite similar, except for the fact that rescues offer a wood feel whereas hybrids offer an iron feel because of shaft difference. Both are used in difficult and unplayable lies because of their design and deep center of gravity. Rescue clubs are more forgiving. Many PGA professionals use rescue clubs in the rough and bunkers.

When to use a 3-wood golf club?

3-wood is a useful club. It can be used off the tee and in the fairway. It is particularly used in shorter par 5’s and par 4’s. 3-wood can cover a distance of 240-300 yards. It is pretty handy on par 5’s to get up to the green in two shots. They are also useful in eliminating hazards out of the play and helpful in dog-leg-shaped holes.

Conclusion – The Best Budget Hybrid Golf Club

So I think you’ll agree that Hybrid clubs are a real asset to your game, they can help you find a way our of tricky situations on the course, and give you the perfect distance for those long par three’s.

Our overall recommendation was the Fazer Hybrid as the best budget hybrid golf club. Let me know in the comments below what you think?

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