What Should Men Wear To Golf? (Expert Tips) 2023

What Should Men Wear To Golf?

So, you need to know what to wear to golf for men? Although attitudes are changing, golf is a very traditional sport, with a conservative attitude to the dress code. To ensure you don’t make any mistakes follow our simple guide, and keep reading to the bottom for some expert guidance on the dos and don’ts for golf attire for men!

Although some rules for golf fashion have changed over the years, many golf courses still have a strict dress code in place for visitors and members. In many private golf courses this can be even stricter with players even being refused entry onto the course unless they dress correctly!  Many clubs have these rules in place as they are a part of golf tradition, and the history of the game.

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How should you dress for golf?

Typically, golfers will be expected to wear a collared shirt, which can be long or short sleeved, but it must be tucked in. Don’t ever turn up at a golf course with an untucked shirt – no-one wants to be told to tuck themselves in as an adult!

Men should also wear golf trousers which could be bought from any popular sports shop. If this isn’t possible then chinos or smart trousers are also acceptable, but make sure that they are comfortable as you will be playing golf in them and will be walking and moving a lot.

If it is a hot day, then shorts are also permitted to be worn on the golf course. You should always wear sports socks with shorts. Shorts should be tailored and come to just above the knee – no longer than the knee, and definitely not too short, and not too tight. No one wants to see a grown man play golf in hot pants! Also, whether wearing trousers or shorts, you should always wear a belt.

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Can I wear jeans to golf?

Denim jeans and shorts are not allowed by golf courses, this is a very strict point of a golf courses dress code. Even black jeans are not permitted. Not only are they against the dress code of many clubs and courses, they also can be uncomfortable to play in particularly on a hot day.

Colour of clothing isn’t usually in the dress code rules for clubs, however, you want to look good so try and keep your colours neutral. Unless you’re a PGA professional steer clear of white trousers, it’s just not a good look!

Whilst we’re talking of what should men wear to golf – it’s also not a good idea to wear a white belt. It’s very mid-1990’s and is just an outdated fashion in golf.

Do I need to wear golf shoes for golfing?

If you’re worried about what shoes to wear to golf, we can help with this. Ideally golf shoes bought from a golf shop like the ones listed below would be ideal. However, if you don’t own golf shoes then you can wear trainers or running shoes. You should make sure that they have a good grip on the sole – you will be playing on grass which can sometimes get slippery when wet. Also make sure that they are comfortable, as you will be doing a lot of walking.

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Why not have a look our article on the best golf shoes to find out which ones would be the perfect choice for you.

What to wear to golf for men? Top Tips

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading our guide on what to wear to golf for men. In my research I also received some expert advice from the guys over at Gentleman Golf, here’s their top tips:

“We think men should wear smart but breathable material like our products at Gentleman Golf. The fabric used ensures no redirection when swinging and keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer.”

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Do – wear a nice smart polo with a non-restricting 1/4 zip or hoodie over the top for the spring and autumn months.

Do – wear a breathable fabric polo in summer and a windproof/showerproof jacket in the winter.

Don’t – wear cotton fabric material as this makes you sweat a lot and does not allow air to flow through the material. We don’t want sweat patches on the golf course!

During the Summer keep stocked on breathable smart polos, and always have a mid-layer in the golf bag for the summer evenings.

During the Winter it is essential to have a 1/4 zip or hoodie on at all times, ours at gentleman golf are designed to not restrict your swing at all and keeping the smart look throughout.

Gentleman Golf
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I think you’ll agree that not only does their advice make a lot of sense, but their items of clothing look excellent. I’ve personally tested out the polo and ¼ zip tops, and the quality and detailing is excellent!

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You can check them out by clicking here, or by tapping on the Gentleman Golf logo below.

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We hope you enjoyed this what should men wear to golf article. If you’re looking to further improve your game then why not take some time to check out our suggestions for the best mid handicapper golf irons, or the best putters Finally if you’re looking for the best golf equipment and accessories maybe consider a golf subscription box, or a budget rangefinder, we’ve sumarised some of the best in our article here.

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