Find The Best Local Golf Simulator Near Me?

The Best Local Golf Simulator Near Me? – (Tuition|Practice|Social)

If you’re looking for the best local golf simulator, you should look no further than The Virtual Golf Lounge. The Virtual Golf Lounge has recently opened in Fulmer, Buckinghamshire. It is quite possibly one of the best local golf simulators!

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The Virtual Golf Lounge

If you’re a keen golfer, I’ve heard from many golf professionals that you can significantly improve your game through using an indoor golf simulator. Not only does a venue like The Virtual Golf Lounge allow you the opportunity to practice in any weather. It also has the best Trackman 4 technology to ensure that you can get accurate feedback on all elements of your game!  

The Virtual Golf Lounge

The new Virtual Golf Lounge is an excellent indoor golf venue. In the grounds of the well-known pub and restaurant ‘The Black Horse’, in Fulmer. It has 3 high quality screens with Trackman 4 technology. The Trackman studios provide 26 data points for the ball and club head, which accurately trace every movement, and every impact of all your shots.

Many of the world’s top PGA professionals regularly use indoor golf simulators to help improve their golf, most top professionals even have them installed in their own homes! If it’s good enough for the likes of Rory McIlroy, then it’s probably good enough for everyone else! At The Virtual Golf Lounge, you can book 1-2-1 lessons with Trackman Certified Professionals, you can even join group sessions to help improve your golf.

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How accurate are Golf Simulators?

Golf simulator technology accurately monitors balls spin and distances, with very true to life shot shapes – unfortunately for some golfers it’s even highly accurate on your misses! This ensures that you get the best, most accurate data to help take your golf game to the next level!

At The Virtual Golf Lounge, they have the brand-new Titleist RCT golf balls on order. These balls have been developed in partnership with Trackman and provide the most accurate data for indoor golf venues!

So, the next time your hitting poor quality balls at the driving range, which don’t accurately reflect your true distances, just think you could be at VGL using the best indoor golf facilities and taking your game to the next level!

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Can you play Indoor Golf with friends?

At Virtual Golf Lounge they have some of the finest golf courses in the world! There are over 120 courses to choose from on their simulators. In recent years this has become an excellent social event, and it is growing in popularity!

The best thing about an indoor golf simulator is that they can be a really fun activity to play with friends. You can play in groups, and there are a variety of different fun formats and games to play. Why not try it out for yourself?

The Virtual Golf Lounge – What did we think?

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This is an excellent indoor golf venue; I was really impressed with their high-quality facilities. The Trackman technology is amazing. They have a relaxed atmosphere and serve a large range of drinks! If you’re looking to improve your golf, or looking to have a fun day out with friends, this is a great choice.

You can even make use of the waitress service from The Black Horse keep you fueled during your session – what more could you need!

They have split their pricing into three categories, Peak, Off-Peak and Monday Specials.

Their golf bays are booked by the hour and start from as little as £10 on Mondays, through to £40 per hour at peak times, you should definitely give this indoor golf simulator venue a try.

Two golfers can play 18 holes in around one hour. They have also hosted business events, children’s parties, and golf societies!  

Simply click the button below to find out more information, or to book directly to play at The Virtual Golf Lounge. We would certainly recommend a visit!

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Find A Golf Simulator Near Me?

So how do I find the best indoor golf simulator near me? I’ve seen some on Instagram and Facebook, I’ve even seen some on Google. The only problem is I don’t know if they’re any good or if other golfers would recommend the venue. Well lucky for me there is a golfing community resource called this website lists the best indoor golf venues in the UK. Whether they are crazy golf, mini golf, indoor golf with multiple screens, or a private studio that can be hired out, they list them all. What I really like about this website is that they also have trusted reviews from other golfers just like me. So, the next time I’m frantically searching the web for a golf simulator near me, I only need to visit

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