The 5 Best Mid Handicap Irons We Love In 2020!

Best Mid handicap irons

What are the Best Mid Handicap Irons

The most common question I’ve been asked is what are the best mid handicap irons, and which are the most forgiving iron set? So we’ve researched the best irons and put together the definitive list of the best irons for a mid handicapper that we love, and which will help take your game to the next level.

mid handicap irons

Who is considered a mid handicapper?

In 2018 the USGA reviewed all official handicaps in their system and said that the average handicap was 15. The mid handicap golfer is categorized as having a handicap of between 8 and 18. Those golfers who are technically able, but lack consistency. So if you fall into this category keep reading, we can show you the best, most forgiving, and best mid handicap irons to improve your game.

How long do golf irons last?

Some golfers keep the same irons for over ten years! However, did you know that this can be hurting your game and blocking your progress. Over time your irons will lose performance for a number of reasons. Research has shown that one reason for this could be a result of your practice. Hitting a hard driving range mat repeatedly can have a negative effect on your clubs. Striking the range mat is reported to affect the loft and lie angle of your irons over time. This could be a reason why your not hitting it as far as you used to, and perhaps affecting your accuracy. So this year if you’re serious about reducing your handicap and haven’t upgraded your irons for a while you should really think again.

Average golfer irons

The Best Mid Handicap Irons that we love!

The below list will help you improve your game. Take some time to read below our suggestions of the best iron sets for a mid handicapper:

Callaway Mavrik

Mavrik Irons

This is an amazing set of irons, Callaway have used tungsten-infused weights in each iron to improve the balance of the clubs. These clubs also produce amazing launch and ball flight whilst being extremely forgiving. They have strong lofts to hit your irons further, and can be custom fit to your specific lie angle requirements. A great choice for the best mid handicap irons.

TaylorMade SIM Max

Sim Max Irons

We’ve been very impressed with these irons, they use Speed Bridge technology which supports excellent distance and forgiveness whilst improving the sound and feel. Through the speed pocket technology TaylorMade have also been able to increase ball speed. With the thin face and cone technology they’ve enhanced the sweet spot for better distance and improved forgiveness.

Callaway Apex Iron Set

Apex Irons

Very cool looking, grey smoke finish, which offers a soft feel, and amazing sound. The unique carbon steel body generates fast ball speed for on-center and off-center strikes. This means you’ll generate brilliant distance from these irons even is you miss-hit your shot.

Callaway Golf Men’s Rogue X

Rogue X irons

Callaway Rogue X irons have been designed to produce maximum distance. Also, with the wide sole and tungsten weighting promotes optimum launch and precision with your shots. These are in our list as the best mid handicap irons due to their great price.

Cobra Golf 2020 Speedzone

Cobra Speedzone Irons

Cobra Golf have introduced lightweight carbon fibre into the topline and underneath to deliver ultra-low CG and greater ball speeds. This provides a performance iron that is both forgiving and accurate. The 4-6 irons have v-grooves to reduce spin for more distance performance, and the 7-PW are utilised with u grooves which generate more spin for control where you need it the most. 

What are the best irons for a mid handicapper

The best mid handicap irons are ones which offer a lot of forgiveness in the shots which miss the sweet spot. They should be cavity backed irons, over-sized heads are preferable. This means there is a bigger area with which to hit the ball, and generally the sweet spot will be larger, leading to more consistency. Look for light weight shafts, or well balanced clubs to make them easier to swing. This will also support better ball flight, ball speed and distance.

mid handicap irons and balls

Golfers in our community ask for help with their iron approach shots. They generally struggle with consistency, and require more forgiveness with miss-hits during their round. If this is a part of your game which is causing you the most pain, it might be time to upgrade your clubs. We’re fortunate today that technology is on our side, the modern irons being released are designed to be more forgiving and support the ball travelling further. Improving your score, and the fun you can have playing!

Top Choice

  • Very forgiving

  • Well balanced

  • AI Tech

  • Ultra thin face

  • Very forgiving

  • Excellent distance

  • Cool smoke finish

  • Soft feel

  • Very forgiving

Budget Choice

  • Great feel

  • Brilliant distance

  • Great ball speed

  • Exceptional feel

  • Very forgiving

  • Large sweetspot


Our top choice for the best mid handicap irons was a tough decision, we were torn between the Cobra Speedzone and the Callaway Mavrik. Both offer amazing feel, brilliant balance. However after testing out both sets the feel, balance, distance and ball speed we were able to generate with the Callaway Mavrik Irons took this set to the top of our list.

Mavrik Irons

What set do you think should top the list, which sets have we missed off our list? Why don’t you comment below and let us know.

Now that you’re closer to choosing the best mid handicap irons why not spend some time to check out our other articles and choose from our list of best putters, or max out on your drives with our top suggestions for the best drivers.

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