The 9 Best Budget Golf Drivers – Under £200 (2021)

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The Best Budget Golf Drivers (Under £200)

The cost of golf today is so expensive, and the prices are not getting any lower. If you’re a high handicap golfer or a beginner golfer, or looking to play on a budget then it can be daunting task looking to invest in a golf driver. When you search Google its frustrating that these sites which talk about the best budget golf drivers only promote the same clubs every time, £300-£500 clubs – these are great, but not ideal for golfers on a budget.

Best Budget Golf Driver

Let’s get real, if you want the best budget golf drivers then for us that means under £200. You can get some amazing new clubs for this amount. Some even give the more expensive models a real challenge. So have a read below, we’ve found the best budget golf drivers under £200, these won’t compromise on quality, and more importantly won’t embarrass you in front of your golf buddies – read below and click the images for more information:

The 9 Best Budget Golf Drivers

The Best Budget Golf Drivers under £200

The Best Budget Golf Drivers under £200

The Best Budget Golf Drivers under £200

The Best Budget Golf Drivers under £200

The Best Budget Golf Drivers under £200

The Best Budget Golf Drivers under £200

The Best Budget Golf Drivers under £200

The Best Budget Golf Drivers under £200

The Best Budget Golf Drivers under £200

Best Budget Golf Drivers – Buying Tips

When buying a new golf driver particularly if your a beginner or high handicap golfer, there are some tips which can help you get the best choice and the best value for money to find the best budget golf drivers.

  1. We would advise having a club fitting with a trained club fitter or your local golf professional. These are often free and can be really useful. When buying the best budget golf drivers this is particularly important. If you’re new to the game your swing speed and plane can change a lot as you improve strength and flexibility.
  2. Think about the weight balance of the golf driver. Many drivers today offer clubs with weights towards the back of the clubhead. Think about what type of shot you would like to get from your club as putting more weight in the back of the clubhead increases launch and spin.
  3. Used can be a money saver but the performance might have dipped. You’ll have seen many great deals on Ebay or Golfbidder with second-hand clubs for sale. These can be excellent when looking for a cheap golf driver but remember when your choosing the best budget golf drivers these clubs are used, and their performance might not be as high as the latest gear.
best budget golf driver Guide

How far should I hit my golf clubs?

To help you in your choice of finding the best budget golf drivers have a look at the below chart to see how far the average golfer hits each club:

Driver Yardage Chart

What size of driver Club head do I need?

A beginner golfer or high handicap golfer should use a driver with a large 460cc club head; this is the maximum permissible size in the USGA and R&A rules of golf. Drivers with bigger clubheads can help you improve your golf due to the ‘sweet spot’ being larger and providing a better chance of the ball going in the right direction. Therefore when choosing the best budget golf drivers you should choose a larger club head. The law of averages will say that the bigger the sweet spot, the more likely you are to hit it therefore improving your game!

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Is a higher loft easier to hit?

A higher loft is easier to hit, this is because the club loft angle helps project the ball at a higher angle from impact with the club face. If you are a beginner golfer or high handicap golfer you should choose a driver with a high loft because this will make it easier to get the ball airborne. The lower loft clubs are generally harder for new golfers. If the ball flies higher and straighter from the tee your game will further improve. When choosing your best budget golf drivers bear in mind that the average PGA touring professionals driver loft in 2020 averaged between 9.5 to 10.5 degrees.

golf swing budget drivers


So I hope we’ve shown you today that you don’t need to spend hundreds on a new golf driver, particularly if you are a beginner or new to golf. Out of all of our best budget golf drivers we have to say that our top choice was the Wilson Staff D7 Driver. Not only is this amazing value for money, it also looks really stylish, and it’s performance was outstanding with greater carry and feel off the tee.

If you’re still looking to improve your golf on a budget why not check out our other article on the best cheap golf rangefinders, or have a look at our best golf balls for beginner golfers. We also review the best golf simulators to help improve your golf whilst at home.

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