How To Improve At Home Putting During Lockdown

Best home putting mat

The Best Indoor Putting Mats

So your stuck at home and missing the golf course, you know you want to improve your putting but are unable to get out of the house to practice. That’s where we can help you in this article. Let us guide you through the best indoor putting mats currently available, we will highlight the benefits of each style of mat so that you can make the best choice with confidence to improve your home putting. So if you want to be ready to shoot your best score ever once the courses open again carry on reading.

How can I practice putting at home?

This is a common question asked by many golfers, ‘I don’t have any specialist putting equipment at home how can I practice putting effectively?’. Don’t worry, if you have zero budget you can simply putt on the carpet, across the hallway or landing area. Place the ball on the carpet or rug and putt towards a target in the distance. What if you don’t have a carpeted house and only have wooden flooring – this can be a difficult surface to putt on! Again, fear not, you could simply lay a large bath sheet or towel on the floor and putt on this surface.

Don’t get wrapped up in having to have the most sophisticated indoor putting mat, sometimes keeping it simple is just as effective. Let’s not forget that as a young boy growing up, Seve Ballesteros only had an old 3 iron with which to practice, he would spend his days hitting balls around the local beach at Pedrena. This didn’t stop him becoming one of the greatest ever golfers and shot makers! Be creative and improvise to keep your game sharp during your time away from the course.

The Best At Home Putting Mats

The Explanar Putting Mat

Explanar best home putting mat

The Explanar putting mat is available in 3-metre and 4-metre versions, it has been designed to help you develop a consistent and repeatable putting stroke, as well as fix the most common and destructive faults. Being made from high quality materials with a True Velour surface it runs just like a real green at 10.5 on the Stimpmeter. The angled sight lines help cure pushed and pulled putts, and the multicoloured lines on the mat are designed to improve your aim and putter face alignment.

luther blacklock

Luther Blacklock Master PGA teaching professional Luther invented the Explanar to help beginners learn how to play golf. He says that learning to play golf can be likened to learning how to ride a bike, and this concept is the basis for the Explanar’s teaching methods. It has been endorsed by many players and experts including Tour Coach Pete Cowen and Dr Paul Hurrion from the Quintic Consultancy

Luther was the Head Professional at Woburn since 1984, and now operates from his state-of-the-art golf studio in Milton Keynes. Ranked a Top 25 Teacher in Great Britain by Golf Monthly magazine, he’s renowned for his magazine articles and golfing tips on SKY TV and the Golf Channel. Luther has developed a style of coaching over the years that majors on the highest level of pre-shot routine, with emphasis on shot making and ball control; a fusion of classic fundamentals and contemporary psychology.

Not only has Luther has taught several PGA European Tour players he was also awarded PGA Master Status in 2007, something only a select group of professionals in the country have achieved. In my opinion this makes Luther expertly qualified, and if he has developed a putting mat, then it’s something worth taking seriously.

Golf Practice

To support the Explanar putting mat Luther has also provided a 30 minute video guide to explain the main principles of the mat. This is far more than any of the other putting mats on the market and can definatley improve your home putting. Have a watch below:

Pure 2 Improve 5.0 Putting Mat

home putting

The Pure 2 Improve mat features visual aids which help you practice distance control, aim and has alignment aids to help you square up at address position. The various dots situated around the surface help practice different angles of approach, and it also has a target hole.

FORB 10ft Dual Speed Putting Mat

best home putting mat

This includes a ball return system, with a 10ft long putting mat and a rubber base which extends and rolls away, perfect for easy storage. It’s very light and easy to move. The dual-speed aspect of the mat is great as it gives you two different speeds of mat on which to practice your putting. This is a good value option for a home putting mat.

Sumptuous Golf Putting Mat Putting

best home putting mat

This home putting mat is portable and made of a good quality artificial grass, it’s lightweight and rolls up making it easy to store and to carry. The mat is rubber backed, the 2 hole mat with ball return system means you don’t need to walk around to pick up the ball during practice. Finally being made of wood this is a very durable putting mat, not as easy to store as other models but will certainly support your home putting practice.

How can I be a better putter at home?

Read below for three helpful tips for anyone to try at home, these are designed for anyone whether you have an expensive putting mat or not. These tips can be performed with items you can find around the house or in your golf bag, all you will need is a putter and a golf ball.

Putting Exercise #1

This exercise will help you to practice controlling the speed and pace of your putts. In your home putting, find a sheet of A4 paper (this can be a utility bill or envelope), and place it on the floor, approximately 6-8 feet from where you will be putting from.

The challenge in this exercise is to putt so that the ball comes to rest on the sheet of paper. It doesn’t necessarily matter on which part of the paper; this is more to practice judging speed. The reason we choose a sheet of paper is that this will provide a difficult surface on which to stop the ball. After you’ve mastered this in your own home you will be an expert at judging distances once you get back onto the course again.

Putting Exercise #2

This exercise will help you to ensure you gain confidence over those tricky short putts. You will need a coffee cup a putter and a golf ball. Place the coffee cup as a target 2-3 feet from where you are putting from. Your exercise is to hit this coffee cup 50 times in a row without missing, each time you hit the cup you should hear the satisfying ‘ding’ sound which tells you you’ve been on target. If you miss one, stat your count from the beginning again until you’ve had 50 putts non-stop. Good luck!

Putting Exercise #3

In this final exercise for home putting you will not need a putter at all, just a wedge. This was made famous by Tiger Woods but has been used by many golfers over the years. To ensure you get the ball rolling the technique for his exercise is to ‘blade’ your putts with the bottom of the wedge so that you are hitting the centre of the ball with the wedge. So the exercise is to aim towards a target using the wedge to hit the ball and ensure you get it on a good roll towards your target.


So if you’re looking to improve your golf during lockdown or time away from the course then the home putting aids listed above can definatley support you. Our personal recommendation is the Explanar Putting Mat, this is an excellent product developed by a real expert using many years of experience to support golfers to improve. As Luther would say, Practice makes permanent, and what better way to practice than on an Explanar home putting mat.

explanar best putting mat

If you’re interested in improving other areas of your game then why not check out our other excellent articles on the best mid handicap irons, the best putters and the best golf balls. We’ve even reviewed the best golf simulators for you to use at home.

Comment below with your comments on which putting mat you have chosen to purchase.

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