The Best Golf Simulator 2023 – Trackman vs Flightscope

What is a home golf simulator?

If you’re looking to improve your golf in 2032 and have the space a home golf simulator is a must. This equipment creates the real-life scenario of playing golf but indoors. The system comprises an impact screen, mats, nets, and a simulator. Together the combinations work to give a golfer the comfort of playing golf in their home. Some golf simulators allow golfers to virtually play some of the best golf courses in the world.

In this article we will help guide you through some of the common questions to do with setting up your own home simulator, and provide you with some useful links to the recommended products you’ll need.

best home golf simulator

How much does an in-home golf simulator cost?

Due to the advancement in technology, golfers can play golf in their homes using these golf simulators on a low budget. For example, an entry-level setup costs under £1000. Moreover, if you are looking for something that is more professional, then keep a figure of £10,000 – £30,000 in mind.

If money is not the issue and you are looking for a state of the art home golf simulator, then it can go above £30,000. In the end, the more money you put in, the better equipment you get. Why not check out who are based in Manchester. They offer everything you’ll need and you could even get a set up like the one pictured below from their Instagram page!

How do I set up a cheap Home Simulator?

If your a golfer on a budget but are determined to set up a home golf simulator don’t worry with a few basic pieces of equipment you can easily set up an amazing home set-up.

What do I need for a budget home golf simulator?

The essential peices of equipment you’ll need for the best budget home golf simulator are as follows:

So you’ll see that you are able to set up a very basic system at home with only a few pieces of kit, at a really reasonable price. The Swing Caddie launch monitor for example is a great alternative. Not only does it measure carry distance, swing speed, ball speed and SMASH factor, it’s also portable so can also be taken to the golf course or driving range.

Best Golf launch monitor

A reasonably priced golf hitting mat can also be found easily on Amazon, have a look at the mat below which is large enough to stand on and can be used for all types of golf shot.

Best Golf Simulator

The final piece of equipment in our budget home golf set-up is a practice net. There are lots to choose from on Amazon and these can be delivered really quickly, my favorite was the Ram Golf Extra Large Hitting Net, as it is a good size, big enough to catch any stray shots, and is portable so can be taken with you anywhere.

indoor golf studio equipment

What is the best home golf simulator?

Indoor golf is gaining a lot of attention due to the current lockdown in many countries, also for those golfers short on time the simulators allow them to play the game with more flexibility. Home simulators with launch monitors previously would have been out of many golfers price ranges, in excess of £20000, more recently you can get a good set up for under £10,000. The best thing is, there is no need to visit a shop. You can get these systems delivered to your doorstep.

Our top choice for the best home golf simulator:

Virtual Golf 2 by Trackman

This simulator from Trackman delivers an immersive experience that redefines the playing agenda. The system uses state of the art technologies to deliver the true feeling of the game. Moreover, the simulator measures essential data like club and ball parameters to pinpoint accuracy. 

Trackman launch monitor best golf simulator


Virtual Golf 2 comprises of features that are designed to make the game more fun and informative. Pebble Beach Golf Course has recently been added to their simulator.

Indoor accuracy

The system uses Trackman combined radar technology to make the experience as accurate as it can be. The ball flight model is redesigned to produce true ball behaviour. 

Stunning graphics

Virtual Golf 2 is based on the latest gaming engine that provides realistic atmospheric effects. This allows golfers to enjoy the game at a real level. 

Improved UI

The courses available in the game are mapped using LIDAR drone technology. This improves the level of accuracy when compared to standard satellite mapping. Moreover, these courses are based on real-life scenarios. You will get real tee names, distances, and slope ratings. 

Best Golf launch monitor

Are home golf simulators worth it?

Every golfer dreams of playing golf in their home. And it is now possible to do that with the help of home golf simulators. These types of equipment enable users to play games without worrying about bad weather. Plus, these are real money-savers because they diminish the need to book the golf ground as you can practice at the home. 

How to set up a Home Golf Simulator

If you’re interested in setting up a home golf simulator and want to do this with less fuss we would recommend the Foresight range from American Golf. Click the link below to find out more information. This is the best all-in-one set-ups that we found. Foresight Sports Launch monitor & Simulator Frame & Screen comes as a complete package for one price. This includes a turf hitting mat and a HD projector. What an amazing bundle of products.

foresight golf simulator

So now you’ve seen which one is our recommendation what do you need to know about setting up the home golf simulator. We’ve answered some common question below.

How tall should an indoor golf simulator be?

Ideally, a mid-range simulator comes with an average height of 8.5 feet. This figure makes it perfect for a golfer to swing clubs freely. To prevent any mishaps, make sure you are placing the simulator in a 10 feet tall room.

Have a look at this YouTube video from Rick Shiels where he shows off his new home golf simulator! I’m sure it will give you some ideas.

Where do you put a golf simulator?

The key thing when placing a golf simulator is the amount of space. Consider these measurement tips when putting a simulator into a room. 


When talking about the width of the room, consider whether lefties will be playing or do you have enough place to protect the wall. If there are both lefties and righties, then consider a room that is 15 feet wide. 


According to the scales, if you want to get the most out of the simulator, try to place the simulator in a room that is 15 feet deep. This is for the camera-based simulators. If you are going for radar system simulators from Trackman, consider a room of 25 feet in depth. 


A ceiling of 10 feet is considered safe for playing golf on the simulator. The factor entirely depends on your height and how vertical your swing is. A ceiling with 8 feet also works, but for the safe side, go for a 10 feet room. 

Can you use real golf balls on a simulator?

There are plenty of simulators that offer the capability to play with a real golf ball. But, with a real golf ball, there is an essential need to buy an impact screen. These screens are made with durable material that allows maximum protection. OptiShot is one of the simulators that offer this feature. With that, you can play with a real ball, a foam ball, and no ball at all. 

What is the best projector for a golf simulator?

As you’ll see above, the Foresight range comes with a projector, but if you’re looking to build your own then there are plenty of projectors are available to use on your simulators. Some of them have good quality, some are optimum for beginners. some are perfect for professionals. Other than that, you will also find the expensive ones. Here are some of the best projectors for golf simulators. 

What is the best golf simulator for the money?

The important thing to consider when buying a golf simulator is a low budget yet maximum features. And in that category, only FlightScope Xi Tour takes the lead. With this item, you can save money without compromising the quality. Moreover, its portable size makes it perfect for small places like garages and attic. However, for an all-in-one golf simulator we would personally recommend the Foresight range as they come as a complete package and include everything you’ll need for the perfect home set up. Click this link to read more about the Foresight golf simulators.

Best Golf launch monitor

What golf simulator does Tiger Woods use?

Tiger Woods, 82X PGA Tour Champion, and 15X Major Champion, also recommends home golf simulators. Since 2015, the man has been using a home golf simulator from FULL SWING. Tiger said when interviewed, “What led me to FULL SWING was it simulated exactly what I was doing on the golf course in the confines of my own house“. 

Tiger Woods golf simulator
Tiger Woods uses Full Swing Golf Simulators

Can you putt on a golf simulator?

Putting with a golf simulator is possible. Today’s golf simulator contains mot sensors that enable golfers to putt. And mats also play an important role in this. In simple words, these simulators allow you to putt the same way you do on the golf course, this means you can practice your whole game from your home golf simulator.

Do golf simulators improve your game? 

A golf simulator can help golfers in improving their game. These items are not only a great way to get out of boredom. But, with the right simulator, you can polish your shots without needing to get out on the field. Simulators like Foresight Sports GC2 SwingBay and Uneekor QED SwingBay are some of the simulators that will improve the game using easy to use UI and loaded features. 

What is the cheapest golf simulator?

The market contains tons of golf simulators from different manufacturers. If you are looking for a simulator that is light on the pocket, yet provides maximum results, then go for the Flightscope Mevo. This is portable and can measure the following data to help improve your game.

Flightscope Mevo Golf Simulator Launch monitor
  • Vertical Launch Angle
  • Horizontal Launch Angle
  • Spin Axis and Spin
  • Angle of Attack
  • Spin Loft
  • Club Speed Profile
  • Club Acceleration Profile
  • Shot Dispersion

Priced just under £700 you get amazing information at excellent value.

Is Trackman better than Flightscope?

Both Trackman and Flightscope uses modernized radar technology to calculate the parameters. This the only similarity in both items. In terms of the difference, Trackman is better than Flightscope because it contains the latest software, is good in terms of accuracy, and has more games. Moreover, Trackman is very easy to set up compared to Flightscope. Golfers can play over 100 courses in Trackman and that is not available in Flightscope.  

Why is Trackman so expensive?

The reason Trackman is expensive is that it comprises a lightweight body that is packed with the latest technology. The body makes the system easy to carry. And due to the UI, any golfer can set up the system without any technical knowledge which makes it a really popular product for players.

Is Trackman the best golf simulator?

Trackman is the most accurate piece of technology that is available out there. The equipment is solely designed to improve your golf swing. Due to the features, Trackman is recommended by PGA tour professionals. Trackman 4 is the most used equipment by the people who make their living from golf. Although Flightscope do also stack up very well, the Flightscope Mevo is a great alternative to the Trackman.

Flightscope Mevo Golf Simulator Launch monitor

How much does the Trackman range cost?

Trackman range tracks multiple shots made by players through the help of small radars placed all over the course. The system is linked with mobile through the app that provides live data. Trackman range starts from $19,995 and goes up to $49,995 depending on the features and perks. 

How much does a golf simulator cost?

There are several golf simulators in the market. Their price varies from $1000-$70,000. Cheaper simulators offer fewer features as compared to expensive ones. A golf simulator mainly offers data such as speed, distance, launch angle, shot trajectory, and spin on the ball. Premium simulators offer more features and higher accuracy. SkyTrak SwingBay and Uneekor Eye XO SwingBay are the best among them. You also need a computer/laptop for the simulation software.

How accurate are golf simulators?

Usually, premium simulators are as accurate as 90%. If the conditions mentioned by the manufacturer are upheld while setting up the simulator, accuracy increases to even 98%. A lot of professionals use golf simulators to improve their gameplay. Tiger Woods, Rory Mcilroy, and Jordan Speith use Full Swing golf simulator which has almost 80 courses.

How do golf simulators work?

Golf simulators are pretty simple in functioning. All you need is a golf mat, a tee box mat, a computer/laptop, and a projector screen. Once the setup is completed, you have to place the ball in the specified area and swing the club. Upon hitting the shot, the simulator will start to analyze your shot’s speed, spin, launch angle, trajectory, and distance in real-time and produce the output via software on your computer/laptop.

How much room do you need for a golf simulator?

Several factors play a part here. Golfers’ physique and club-set size. Recommended space is 10ft W x 15ft L x 10ft H. If you intend to use your irons only, 10ft W x 10ft L x 8.5ft H will work fine for you. But, if you want to use your driver and woods, it is advised that you follow the recommended space requirements with higher ceilings.

How do you putt on a golf simulator?

Putting on the simulator is quite tricky. You will most certainly require additional software. The player would have to remove the tee box mat and place the ball near the tracking sensor. Pick a target and adjust it on the simulator. Hit the ball with the putter and it will start to analyze your shot. In 1-2 seconds, it will simulate on the projector. Accuracy might vary sometimes.


Buying a golf simulator is a huge decision and investment. There are multiple golf simulators available in the market and all of them offer different features. Yes, this makes it very confusing when selecting the right product. Our top choice was the Foresight range, as this offers an all-in-one simulator which can be purchased from one place at a very reasonable price. I hope we have added useful information that will help you in buying the best golf simulator to supercharge your game!

If you’re still looking to improve your game why not check out our other articles on the Best Golf Balls, or the best golf gloves. Alternatively check out or equipment reviews with the best golf irons and the best drivers.

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