The Best Golf Bags 2022 – Beginners Guide: Everything Explained!

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Beginners guide to the Best Golf Bags

A golf bag is not just another piece of equipment, but it’s a companion, it supports you in all of your matches! The best golf bags keep all your golfing gear safe and organized. Moreover, the bags are also personal equipment organized to the player’s requirement. So how you will organize your golfing bag will differ from another golfer’s.

So, when you buy a golf bag, you must keep in mind your requirements and choose a bag accordingly. We’ve helped you here in this article with the most frequently asked questions – keep reading to have everything answered…

There are four golf bags available in the market:

  • Tour Bags
  • Stand Bags
  • Cart Bags
  • Pencil Bags.

The type of bag you purchase will also depend on the level you are playing the sport. Fun Golf have pulled together all of the essential features of golf bags and everything you need to know about golf bags below:

What is a golf bag?

It wasn’t until around the late nineteenth century that someone invented the bag to carry golfing gear. The first bag that was made was merely thirty-five inches tall. However, the golf bag began to gain importance with the game’s progress after World War II. 

Beginner golf trolley

George May is the person who was one of the most significant promoters of different types of bags. He is known for popularizing the game in the 1940s and 1950s. May is also known to be the first to allow golf cart in tournaments, which later became bags of various types.

What are the best golf bags to carry?

The best bag to carry will depend on what you need and how you play. Some of the bags that you could consider purchasing are as follows:

  • Tour Bag: These are bigger golfing bags and are used predominately by pro golfers. These are spacious bags and are usually carried by caddies. Usually, these bags are heavy, even the smallest tour bag weighs more than ten pounds, so if you are planning to go on several golfing tours, you need to purchase a tour bag.
Tour Bag
  • Stand Bag: A stand bag is much lighter compared to a tour bag. A standard stand bag weighs less than five pounds and can be carried easily by the golfer. Such a bag has two stands that allow the bag to stand upright. Even though the bag is small, it is quite spacious.
Golf Stand Bag
  • Pencil Bag: A pencil golfing bag is ideal for keeping your golf clubs. The zipped pouches prevent the clubs from falling out when you sling the bag on your shoulder. Being lightweight, you can easily carry this slim bag across a golf course. 
Pencil Golf Bag
  • Cart Bag: Cart or trolley golf bags are distinctive bags as these bags are designed to be used on a golf trolley. You can quickly push or pull the bag across the golf course. However, these bags are significant and are quite heavy. So, if you are a professional golfer and prefer walking along the golf course, you can purchase a cart bag with a non-slip base.
Cart Bag

Thus, purchasing this type of bag will depend on the seriousness with which you pursue the sport and the level you play. If you are a pro golfer, then you could consider purchasing a cart or a tour bag. If you are a trainee and want a certain amount of freedom of movement on the golf course, opt for a pencil or a stand bag.

What are the best bags to carry for golf? 

When you purchase a golf bag, it is essential to ensure that it is lightweight and easy to carry. This is especially true for pencil bags and stands bags as you will carry them around the golf course. Additionally, these should come with zipped pockets so that the items inside do not keep falling out of the bag when you sling it across or back or carry it on your shoulder.

Ogio Golf bag

The OGIO Shadow Fuse Stand Bag is one of the best when it comes to lightweight stand bag. It features adjustable double straps to effectively distribute the weight when being carried. You can also check out Sun Mountain 4.5 LS 14-Way Stand Bag.

Sun Mountain Bag

This is a little more expensive but also comes with a double strap making it suitable to be carried on both shoulders and only weighs 2.8kg.

Otherwise, you can also purchase the NCAA Fairway Stand Bag if you are still a trainee, this brand is slightly heavier at 3.18kg but come in a variety of styles and colours.

arizona golf bag

Therefore, depending on your budget and your experience, you can purchase an amazing bag.

Who makes the best carry bags?

Callaway is one of the best-known retailers of golfing gear. If you are looking for bags, clubs, gloves, and balls, this is one of the best brands. If you check out Callaway’s website, you will find that all the golfing equipment is divided under various headings suitable for men, women, and children.

Callaway is one of the best manufacturers to carry on bags. The carry-on stand bag by Callaway comes in various price ranges, and hence, you can easily find one that suits your budget. The company also retails Hyperlite bags, which are ideal for trainee golfers. 

Hyperlite golf bag

Which are the best waterproof golf bags?

The STA-DRY 100% Waterproof Cart Bag is one of the best for waterproof bags. You can easily take this bag across the golf course even in the heaviest rain. Perfect for a golf cart it is ideal for keeping your golfing gear safe. There is also an additional loop to keep an umbrella.

The golf bag itself is lightweight at 2.5kg and easy to handle, given the fact that it is a waterproof bag and consists of a fourteen-way divider with waterproof pockets. This means the bag is quite spacious and can hold several golf clubs, apparel, and complete golfing gear without making the bag significantly heavy. 

waterproof bag

Who makes the lightest golf bag?

Callaway’s Hyperlite Zero golf bag is one that is genuinely lightweight and practical. The bag itself is made with the unique ripstop fabric, and the stands are made of lightweight carbon fibre. Thus, the bag is made of lightweight material and only weights 1.4kg.

Hyperlite golf bag

When you place your golfing gear in the Hyperlite Zero bag, you do not have to account for the bag weight. All you need take into consideration is the weight of your gear and equipment.

What golf bag does Tiger Woods use?

Tiger Woods uses a bag made by the luxury brand Vessel. The company is an exclusive and only makes items for professional athletes. Tiger Woods’ golf bag is robust and made from the finest materials. It is said to have eight pockets and even has a separate pocket to hold an umbrella. The bag is made of luxurious micro-suede backed synthetic leather, making it resistant to heat and wind. The entire bag is waterproof, making it ideal for storing all the golfing equipment of the world’s leading golfer. Off the shelf bags are priced around the $600 mark so it certainly is a luxury bag!

What should I look for when buying a golf bag?

When you purchase a golfing bag, the first thing that you should consider is the material. It is essential to ensure that the bag is lightweight so that you can easily carry it around the golf course.

You don’t want to purchase a heavy and cumbersome bag, which will be difficult to be carried and you will always need a caddy or golf trolley to help you out. Additionally, you must evaluate your expertise level while purchasing a bag. If you are a trainee golfer, you could purchase a simple pencil bag or a cart bag. If you are a pro-golfer, then you could consider purchasing a more significant and professional bag.

However, when you purchase a bag, check the durability and the functionality of the bag. These are the main factors that you should consider while purchasing a golf bag.

Beginner Golf Equipment - best golf bags

Should your golf bag match your clubs?

You don’t need to purchase the bag and the golf clubs from the same company. The club you purchase should depend on your comfort level with playing the game. The bag is to help you move the clubs with ease across the course. Thus, unless you are a professional golfer who is being paid to promote the company, there is no need to purchase the golf clubs and the same company’s bag.

When you purchase the bag, your priority should be utility and durability of the bag, whereas when you purchase golf clubs, it is to ensure that you play the best match.

Some manufacturers provider complete sets for beginner golfers which include irons, driver hybrid, putter and golf bag all with the same brand. One such golf set is the Callaway Strata Ultimate set. These are great for the beginner golfer but its not a requirement to have all clubs by the same company.

What is the difference between a cart bag and a stand bag?

A cart golf bag is designed to be pushed on a golf trolley, while a stand bag is designed to be carried and has two stands against which the bag stands when placed on the ground.

The cart bag makes it easy for the golfer to push the bag across the golf course. The stand golf bag is ideal for a golfer who wants to carry the bag straddled across their shoulder.

Best golf bags - Cart vs Stand Bags
Should I buy a cart bag or a stand bag?

Both bags are suited to keep all golfing equipment like golf clubs, gloves, golf balls, and other similar gear. However, a stand bag is usually lighter than a cart bag. Golfers carry stand bags, and hence these are made of lightweight fabrics.

Is carrying a golf bag bad for you?

When you carry a golf bag, you should remember how you are carrying the bag. Even if the bag itself is lightweight, once you have the gear in the bag, it will become quite heavy.

Hence, it would help if you carried the bag on both your shoulders like a backpack, and not just sling it on a single shoulder. If you straddle the bag across you back, you will avoid straining the muscles of your shoulder. Moreover, you will be distributing the weight of the bag on your back and not on your shoulder.

Bad back from Golf - best golf bags to prevent bad back

Most modern carry bags are designed to be exceptionally light and the large majority come with two straps to carry. Thus, carrying a bag is not bad for you unless you carry it the wrong way. So try carrying the bag on your back instead of on a single shoulder.

Which is better push or pull golf cart?

It is always better to push the golf cart. One of the reasons for this is that when you push your golf cart, you will be using both your hands and hence chances of injuring your shoulder will be reduced.

When you pull a golf cart, you will naturally be doing so with your dominant arm, thereby increasing your dominant arm’s chances of injuring, or pulling a muscle.

If you are pulling your cart up a hill, then your muscles will get fatigued unnecessarily, and you will tire yourself. Therefore, it is always better to push your cart as you can control the cart and reduce injury chances.

There are some excellent golf carts available and the ones like the Qwik-Fold are designed with three wheels, extremely quick to set up and fold up compact enough to easily fit in the boot of your car.


To conclude, there are four main types of bags to choose from, your choice will depend on your skill level and how often you play. Some more experienced golfers have more than one bag. They may have a practice bag, which is either a pencil or stand bag. Then for tournaments they use a cart or tour bag. Our recommendation for a beginner golfer would be to purchase a good quality, lightweight sand bag.

The Sun Mountain bag is a great choice in our opinion, lightweight and excellent quality.

Now that you’ve chosen your perfect golf bag, why not take some time to check out our guides to golf clubs. Let us help you get started with our best choices for putters, irons and drivers. If you choose a tour bag these can be extremely heavy to carry, you’ll definatley need a golf trolley to help you around the 18 holes. If you are looking for the best travel bag then make sure to have a look at this article here.

Why not comment below and let us know what your choice is for the best bag. If we’ve missed one off the list please comment below and let us know.

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Craig is a golf enthusiast. Having played the game for over 30 years he has always been passionate about the game. Today Craig offers golf advice and golf tips to beginner golfers through his popular website, social media and best selling Golf Instruction book. Craig spent many years working at Woburn Golf Club in his younger years. Seeing how the team of PGA professionals helped so many golfers improve and get so much enjoyment from the game from golf instruction, he was inspired to see how he could do the same. Fun Golf came from, a desire to help golfers have fun and improve their game.

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Craig is a golf enthusiast. Having played the game for over 30 years he has always been passionate about the game. Today Craig offers golf advice and golf tips to beginner golfers through his popular website, social media and best selling Golf Instruction book. Craig spent many years working at Woburn Golf Club in his younger years. Seeing how the team of PGA professionals helped so many golfers improve and get so much enjoyment from the game from golf instruction, he was inspired to see how he could do the same. Fun Golf came from, a desire to help golfers have fun and improve their game.