Do Golf Grips Really Make A Difference? Questions Answered!

Have Golfers always used golf grips?

Golf Grips have evolved a lot over the years, early adopters of golf would not have had a grip on the club at all. The early club shafts were made of wood and players would likely have worn gloves to provide some form of grip onto these wooden shafts.

As time progressed and players looked for more effective methods to improve their game primitive grips would have been used. Early grips were leather strips wrapped around the top of the shaft providing better contact for the golfer. In some instances, this remained in place for many years.

However, the modern grips are a single price of rubber/synthetic material which is secured over the top of the shaft using some form of glue or adhesive to hold it in place.

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Golf Grips Can Transform Your Game
What size Golf grip do I need?

Grip size depends on the glove size. The standard chart suggests the following:

–        Glove Size: S, Grip Size: Junior
–        Glove Size: M, Grip Size: Standard
–        Glove Size: L, Grip Size: Midsize
–        Glove Size: XL, Grip Size: Jumbo

What golf grips do the Pros use?

Most of the PGA tour professionals use Golf Pride grips. Among the Golf Pride grips, MCC grip and the Tour Velvet grips are mostly preferred. Rory Mcilroy and Tiger Woods use Tour Velvet grips on their irons and woods. Justin Thomas uses the Cement Gray Pistolero Plus. Jordan Speith and Sergio Garcia use SuperStroke grips.

Do Oversized Grips improve your game?

Mostly, oversized grips are used by golfers with larger hands. Oversized grips allow the golfers to support their wrist action and relax muscles. It is recommended to use them on drivers, woods, and hybrids. The inadequate grip sizes may offer a lesser area for the hands, and the golfer will have to strongly hold onto the grip. This will create extra pressure on the muscles, resulting in slicing the ball.

Who uses oversized grips?

The 2020 US Open Champion Bryson De-Chambeau, who is regarded for his scientific approach to the game uses extremely thick grips, Jumbo Max Grips, the largest grips commercially available.

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What is golf grip solvent?

Grip solvents are used to deactivate grip tapes so that new tapes could be installed before regripping. For this, grip solvent is poured into the new grip and then streamed out of it. This process activates the tape and the grip with extra tackiness. Commonly, denatured alcohol and acetone are used as grip solvent substitutes.

How to clean golf grips?

It’s pretty easy to clean old and greasy golf club grips. All you need is a solution of soap and lukewarm water. Wet a soft cloth and wipe it up and down on the grip. Then you will need sandpaper. Wipe the sandpaper up and down the grip. This process will remove dirt, grease, oil, and the worn-out layer of rubber from the grip.

How often should I replace my golf grips?

If you’re playing 1-2 times a week your grips will probably last up to 12 months, this will take a reasonable amount of practice time into consideration. If you’re playing 3-4 times a week you might need to change your grips after around 6 months. There are so many different types of golf grip available nowadays that it is well worth investigating which type of grip would assist you best with your game.

How to change golf club grips?

It’s a simple process. You would need to remove the old grip by cutting it with a blade. Upon removing the grip, you have to remove the grip tape from the club. Once the grip tape is removed, stick a new grip tape on the club. The next step is to stream through some water in the new grip and place it on the club, ensuring that the brand logo is in the right spot.

How big are Bryson’s golf grips?


The golf grip is continually evolving with modern golfers looking for ways to refine their game and look for marginal gains to improve. I hope this article has been helpful in helping you understand if golf grips can improve your game?

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