The 11 Best Golf Drivers for Beginners & High Handicappers (2023)

The Best Driver for Beginner Golfers

Best Golf Driver G400

The Definitive Guide to the Best Golf Drivers 2023

What are the best Golf Drivers in 2022 for beginners and high handicappers? With more sophisticated golf equipment on the market, the golf game has become even more interesting. Every year technology improves, so does the distance a golfer can hit the ball from the tee.

The golf driver is often the most exciting part of the golf game. We’ve seen a big increase in interest and spectators at events such as the World Long Drive Championship where competitors regularly hit the ball well over 400 yards.

PGA Touring Professionals often have to have more control over their drives and where the ball lands so don’t see such long distances covered. However, with this improvements in fitness and technology distances have significantly grown, but what do beginners and high handicappers need to know about the best golf drivers in 2022? Read on below for more information.

11 Best Golf Drivers for beginners and high handicappers in 2023

1. Callaway XR 16 Driver (Best Choice for Higher-Handicap Golfer)

Best Golf Driver xr 16

2. Ping G400 (Best Choice for Low-Handicap Golfer)

Best beginner Golf Driver G400

3. Wilson Staff D7 Driver (Best Choice for Senior or Beginner Golfer)

Best beginner Golf Driver d7

4. Cobra Golf Speedzone 2020 (Fun Golf Choice for Best Overall Driver 2020)

Best Golf Driver Cobra Speedzone

5. TaylorMade SIM Max Driver (Best Choice for Mid-Handicap Golfer)

Best Golf Driver SIM MAX

6. TaylorMade M6 Driver

7. Callaway Rogue Driver

8. MacGregor MACTEC X Driver (Best Budget Driver)

9. Mizuno ST200X Driver

10. Cobra LTD X Driver

11. Callaway Epic Flash Driver (Best Premium Driver)

The 11 Best Golf Drivers in 2023 – The detail:

1. Callaway XR 16 Driver (Best Choice for Higher-Handicap Golfer)

Callaway has redefined the way by making this masterpiece that is solely diverted towards maximum forgiveness. The company has teamed up with Boeing for creating an aerodynamic head, allowing golfers to strike the ball further from the tee. 

What we also love about the XR 16 is it is integrated with the R MOTO face that is 19% more thinner and lighter which leads towards more ball speed across the club face. If you are looking for something that offers maximum forgiveness, while ensuring amazing swing speeds, the XR driver is the one for you. And due to the specs offered by the driver, it makes it a perfect companion for a higher handicap golfer. 

2. Ping G400 (Best Choice for Low-Handicap Golfer)

Moving towards the second driver and keeping our low handicap golfers in mind, Ping G400 is one of those golf clubs that have upped the game by delivering improved ball swing with the help of 40% thinner face. The first thing that your will notice when going for this driver is the sole. Compared to long irons, the sole of the G400 is moderate in size. Another feature that has diverted the attention of many golfers is the offset of G400 and that makes it perfect GI/SGI.

Taking about the feel and sound of G400, it can be described easily. Solid and firm. Let’s talk about the performance of Ping G400. Due to the hydropearl chrome finish, the friction is reduced by almost 40% and that gives more ball flight. And due to the offering of 18% dispersion, golfers can get more forgiveness while taking the shot. The specs make Ping G400 a game-changer in golf courses. 

Best beginner Golf Driver G400

3. Wilson Staff D7 Driver (Best Choice for Senior or Beginner Golfer)

Wilson, a pioneer in developing forgiving golf drivers, have gained a lot of attention due to the latest lineup of its D7 clubs. The first reason for that is the new look! Compared to the older D300 models, D7 has an exposed carbon fiber that gives a sleek look. And in combination with royal blue accents and a sleek crown, the aesthetics are beyond imagination. In short, now with the new model, the head is more commanding, the clubface is taller, and the grey colour sits perfectly with the black body and looks really cool.

Jumping in the feel and sound of the club, the company designers have given a balanced feel during swing by integrating UST Mamiya Helium 46 gram shaft with a 192-gram head. Makers have infused an easy swing nature that makes it easy to hit. And with the new Dynamic Launch Control (adjustable loft), golfers can cover a larger sweet spot and have consistency from the tee.

4. Cobra Golf Speedzone (Fun Golf Choice for Best Overall Driver)

The matte crown on the Cobra Speedzone gives a neat look, and the infinity face creates a mesmerizing setup. Due to the modernized design, the club gives a ting sound that is suppressed with the slightly hollow tune. The best part is the clubhead feels stable when hitting the ball. The overall design of the clubhead is focused on more performance. 

Talking about the performance, in order to increase the clubhead speed, Cobra has infused its 360 Carbon Wrap technology that saves 25 grams of weight. And due to the reengineered aero shape, airflow is improved, ensuring minimum drag. The amazing thing is Cobra offers the Speedzone model in adjustable lofts, making it perfect for different games. 

5. TaylorMade SIM Max Driver (Best Choice for Mid-Handicap Golfer)

TaylorMade is changing the way we play golf. For a golfer, maximum forgiveness and ball swing matters a lot. And, that is what TaylorMade SIM. Max Driver provides. SIM Max is identical to the SIM model, but the difference here is SIM Max is slightly longer from front and back. And that design offers maximum forgiveness and consistency, compared to its predecessor (TaylorMade M6). SIM Max has no sliding weight and that makes it slightly louder than SIM. Other than that, SIM Max Driver is fuzzier and that is made to be a maximum forgiveness head. 

Diving into the performance, SIM Max is perfect for a low spin because of the latest addition of technology called Progressive Face Heights. TaylorMade has used the knowledge of the relationship between impact locations and handicapped and has designed the SIM Max family line-up, making it perfect for Mid-handicap golfers.

6. TaylorMade M6 Driver

The reason the TaylorMade M6 club is here is that it has moveable weights that allow maximum forgiveness. If you are a golfer that prefers simplicity, then TaylorMade M6 is for you. This driver is finished with matte black carbon fiber along with red lining, making it more mesmerizing to the eye. Compared to the famous M5, TaylorMade M6 is slightly louder and the feedback is below average. This is because the company has designed the club to be more forgiving.

The overall design structure makes the club a little bit draw bias. But, in terms of deep performance, there is no comparison. Speed Injected Twist Face and HammerHead 2.0 are two famous technologies of TaylorMade and these both are integrated into the M6. This overall adds more stability and ball flight when hitting the swing. At the end of the day, all these fancy words add up to is this driver provides maximum forgiveness. 

7. Callaway Rogue Driver

Callaway is here because of the tight dispersion and great ball speed. The designers have tweaked the Epic driver with Jailbreak technology and Rogue is born out of it. The MOI shape of the head provides improved accuracy and ball flight, allowing golfers to cover almost every inch of the golf course. As for looks, Rogue has a symmetrical triangular shape and is longer than the Epic. That adds up to more forgiveness. 

Callaway Rogue has a similar carbon fiber club head to the Epic. Moreover, the blue outlines on the Rogue make it more appealing to the eye. If you are into something that has aesthetically dialed in, the Rogue is for you. Callaway Rogue is very stable when talking about hitting the ball. And due to the stability, golfers will feel really confident over the ball on the tee.

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8. MacGregor MACTEC X Driver (Best Budget Golf Driver)

MacGregor MACTEC X Driver is packed with amazing perks that will redefine your game. Its sleek driver features an improved MOI design that enables more stability and a large sweet spot. Due to the mechanics, the club offers maximum forgiveness, while assuring outstanding ball flight. Center is gravity is catered in such a way that it makes it easy to hit. And the amazing thing is the loft is adjustable in numbers of 9°, 10.5°, and 12°. MACTEC X has a thinner face that helps in generating more ball speed.

Topped with that, THE graphite shaft further decreases the weight, making it lightweight than steel shafts clubs. For a comfortable grip, MacGregor has combined soft compounds and infused them together to make playing as comfortable as it can be. Very worthy of being on the list of the best golf drivers.

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9. Mizuno ST200X Driver

Mizuno ST200 is a new lineup that is made with teams from Mizuno Japan and Mizuno US. Together, the designers have engineered a way to crack the code of performance. The ST200X features an extremely lightweight design that enables higher ball swing and draw bias. The driver contains Mizuno’s own MFUSION 39g shaft that is capable of providing confidence. The model head is very unique in its own way and the addition of extra heel weight plus upright lie angle work together to provide distance coverage and higher flight. And the carbon composite crown allows weight to be moved low within the clubhead.

Beta Rich Forged Titanium is a Mizuno technology that contains layers of thickness and is used for increased ball speeds. This technology is infused in the ST200X. ST200X contains quick switch adaptor to help in launch optimization. For feedback, Mizuno has added harmonic impact technology, allowing an ideal feel.

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10. Cobra LTD X Driver

Another driver from Cobra is the LTD X Driver and the main reason it is here is that it has a carbon fiber head weight that helps in maintaining higher MOI for a mix of ball flight and maximum forgiveness. From the series of best drivers of all time, Cobra is preferred by a lot of golfers who want something that has a lightweight design.

The clubhead of this model is also made from carbon fiber and that saves around 10-11 grams of weight. The driver contains PWR ridges that help in squaring the target every time. For additional support, LTD X contains weight in the back as well as in the heel, enabling users to make a stable shot. The overall weight of 270grams makes this driver perfect for golfers who have just started out. Definatley deserves to be on the list of the best golf drivers!

11. Callaway Epic Flash Driver (Best Premium Driver)

Ending the list with Callaway again, now it is Epic Flash Driver. Epic is known for its forgiveness and that is all because of the new face, Jailbreak technology, and the use of carbon fiber in the clubhead. The face known as Flash Face is designed using AI, allowing Callaway to test ball hitting scenarios. Epic Flash is the child of the famous Epic and the Rogue. The means it has all the features seen in their other drivers. The change here is it is made for beginners, allowing them to get a feel of higher-end models. 

Epic Flash contains a black carbon fiber backdrop that contains green outlines, making it mesmerizing to the eyes. And how can we forget the sleek look. Epic Flash has set the bar to high due to the implementations used here. To be honest, it is hard to find faults in this one which is why we’ve listed this as our best premium driver!

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Who is the longest golf driver of all time?

Below that we’ve tracked the longest drive distances of the top PGA pros since 1980 through to 2020. You can see how choosing the right equipment can dramatically improve the length you can hit the ball from the tee.

It’s clear to see that over time distance has become more and more important. With the longest PGA golfers regularly driving the ball over 315 yards. Whether you are a beginner golfer or more experienced you can’t deny that hitting the ball longer with a driver is critical if you want to improve your game and reduce your handicap. 

The longest club you will have in your golf bag is the golf driver. The golf driver is as old as the game of golf itself. The foremost material of its production was the wood. Hickory and Persimmon’s woods were the woods commonly used in making golf drivers in the past.

History records that golf drivers were also known and called woods. This club also used to be called the ‘1 wood’. However nowadays it is commonly known as the driver.  Today drivers are now made of diverse materials ranging from steel, graphite and titanium, etc. 

Best Driver for Beginner Golfers

The best golf drivers is mostly used for making shots in the Tee box. Though many golfers also use a golf iron for the tee shot, experts say that the golf driver is the best club for taking shots in the Tee box. The first golf club beginners should know how to use effectively is the golf driver.

Should high handicappers use a golf driver?

Yes. The main use of the golf driver is taking shots inside the tee box. Due to the long length golf drivers possess,the ball will cover extremely long distances when shot with the best golf drivers. The longer, and more accurately, you can hit the ball from the tee, the easier and shorter your next shot will be. Therefore for the beginner golfer, making your next shots easier is a clear way to improve your golf. 

Beginners often try to buy golf drivers without aiming for the best golf drivers that make their game better, or testing them out first. We will show you the best golf driver that will improve your game and increase your enjoyment of golf. 

When golfers are in the tee box, the length you can achieve with the driver is an advantage. This is why to make a shot on Par 4 or Par 5 from the tee box, the drivers are the best golf clubs for beginners and professionals.

Best Driver for Golfers

How far should I be hitting my best golf drivers?

The amateur golfer hits the driver on average around 220 yards, whereas some more experienced golfers can hit in excess of 280 yards on a regular basis. The graphic above shows that the longest PGA professional golfer currently hits their drives in excess of 320 yards. 

How far should I hit my golf clubs?
How far should you hit your clubs?

What do I need to know before I buy a New Driver?

To purchase the best golf driver for beginners, it is always good to put the following into consideration.

Club Head 

It is very important to consider the head of the golf driver as a beginner. The driver’s heads are measured by volume in cubic centimeters. Golf drivers with a head size of 440cc and 460cc are the best golf drivers for beginners. The shape of the driver’s head varies depending on the vertical and horizontal depth of the head. 

Does a bigger head make a difference to distance?

Yes. It will generally mean that there is more margin for error, meaning you’ll hit the sweet spot of the club face more consistently. If the club face is bigger its sweet spot will also be larger. It won’t suit everyone though so best to try a few different types out before making a purchase. 

Beginner Driver golf

Club Loft

The loft is the distance of inclination between the face of the driver head to the driver shaft. Simply put, the loft is the angle between the face of the driver’s head and the shaft. The best Golf drivers with loft in the range of 8.5 to 15 degrees are the best golf drivers for beginners. However, the loft of a driver can sometimes be 10.5 to 12 degrees. The world’s longest driver competitors regularly use drivers which have loft of only 3 degrees. This is not suitable for the average golfer and these golfers are regularly driving the ball over 400 yards!

Is a higher loft driver easier to hit?

Golfers who have a slower swing speed would generally be better to use a driver with 11 degrees of loft. Therefore as newer golfers tend to have slower swings, in the main a higher loft will be easier to hit. It has been reported in studies though that lower lofts of around 9 degrees are longer off the tee than those of higher lofts. 

Best beginner golf driver
The TaylorMade M3 uses modern technology to improve shot accuracy

Club Material and Shaft

The shaft is the long, tapered tube that connects the hands of the golfer to the head of the golf driver. 

The shaft of golf drivers is made from the variety of different materials available. Manufacturers use stainless steel, titanium, or alloy to make shafts. This choice solely depends on a buyer’s preference. However, beginners need to note that the material used in manufacture can greatly influence the weight and cost of the golf driver. 

The best Golf drivers, and irons, all come in different types of shaft flex. The specific flex you require will depend on your swing speed. 

Does shaft flex make a difference?

Yes, it can make a huge difference. If you want to ensure that you max out on distance and accuracy you need to make sure you have the correct shaft flex in your driver. If you had a shaft which was too stiff you might find that you slice the ball or push it out to the right. 

What shaft flex do I need?

The below chart shows a brief illustration of the different types of shaft recommendations depending on your swing speed. It is always recommended to get your swing speed measured by a professional and find the perfect shaft type for your game:

Shot DistanceClubhead SpeedShaft Flex
180 to 200 yards75 to 85 mphSenior
200 to 240 yards85 to 95 mphRegular
240 to 275 yards95 to 110 mphStiff/Firm
Selecting the correct shaft flex can improve your golf game

Club Length and Weight

The length of a golf driver greatly affects the results of the shot because the longer the shaft, the further the head of the driver travels. This action causes more shot speed and thus amazing results. For beginner golfers the ideal length should be a length of 45 inches. 

What’s the average length of a golf driver?

Drivers average between 43-46 inches, with graphite clubs generally slightly longer as they weigh less than steel shafts. The average driver length off the shelf is 45.5 inches. On the PGA the average length of driver shafts is 44.75 inches long.

best beginner golf driver
When should you change your driver?

When should I change my driver?

The best Golf drivers which are used fairly regularly should last up to 5 years, this is for golfers playing at least a round a week including driving range practice. Therefore is you are a regular golfer and you find that your drives have lost pop it could be time to change your driver. The average golfer though tends to change their driver after 4 years. With technology changing so often, if you can afford to, it would certainly help your game to use a more modern driver as they are so advanced today. 

What makes a driver illegal?

Most illegal drivers will have a larger oversized head, or be offset to prevent slicing of the ball. There are strict rules associated with drivers clearly explaining what features they can and cannot have. You will not be able to use an illegal golf club in competitions. Check out this definitive summary to see which are the best illegal golf drivers.

best driver for a beginner golfer?
Whats the Best Driver for a beginner Golfer?

What is the best golf drivers for an amateur golfer?

The amateur golfer will require the best golf drivers first and foremost that they feel comfortable standing over. If you have negative thoughts about the type of shot you’re going to play before you take your back swing you will not enjoy your game. The driver should have a flex which matches your swing speed, with a grip that is comfortable to hold, not too big or small. The length of the club should be suitable dependent on your height, not too long if you are below average height. Then finally the clunhead should not feel too big or too small, too big and it will feeel like you’re swinging a saucepan and too small you’ll be reducing the forgiveness you get from larger clubs.


We’ll give you our choices for which drivers we feel make the best choice for an amateur golfer in our guide to the best drivers to improve your game. Have a read and let us know in the comments section your top choice for the perfect driver.

When you’ve chosen not also check out our guide to the best Putters you’ll need to improve your game. Also, don’t under-estimate how choosing the best golf balls can help how far you hit with the driver. Why not have a look at our guide to the best 10 beginner golf balls.

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Craig is a golf enthusiast. Having played the game for over 30 years he has always been passionate about the game. Today Craig offers golf advice and golf tips to beginner golfers through his popular website, social media and best selling Golf Instruction book. Craig spent many years working at Woburn Golf Club in his younger years. Seeing how the team of PGA professionals helped so many golfers improve and get so much enjoyment from the game from golf instruction, he was inspired to see how he could do the same. Fun Golf came from, a desire to help golfers have fun and improve their game.