What Golf Accessories Do I Need?

Golf for beginners is particularly challenging and daunting. You’ve only just figured out how to play golf and chosen your clubs. Now you must figure out the best golf accessories you’ll need.

2021 is going to be an amazing year of golf and if you are taking up the game we need to ensure you have everything you’ll need. There are guidelines and instructions available to choose the right kit that suits you best. There are a variety of brands and companies that provide first-class golfing equipment based on the latest technologies.

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Why do I need Golf Accessories?

These items will not only build your confidence but also improve the standards of your game.

The best essential golf accessories - Golf Tee's and Golf Balls
It’s important to choose the right accessories

What are the best Golf Accessories?

Let’s take a look at some of the best equipment you’ll need in your Golf bag:

 Golf Glove
A Golf Glove is recommended when you are playing in golf. Wearing a glove helps create more grip between your hand and the golf club without having to grip the club too tightly. What hand do I wear a glove on? Wear it on your left hand if you hit the ball right handed and right if your left handed. Check out our page on the Complete Guide to Golf Gloves. I would certainly recommend a glove to any golfer, beginner or experienced. Its also really important to carry a good Rain Golf Glove for when you get caught in wet weather. Standard golf gloves don’t work when they’re wet. Check out our Guide to the Best Rain Golf Glove.

Why not have a look at my personal choice is this Callaway golf glove, and we think the black glove looks very cool!

Best golf glove

Golf Balls
This is one of the key accessories you’ll need to carry with you. Depending on how good you are will help you decide how many you need to keep in your bag. If you’re like me then you’ll need quite a few handy! Why not check out our Guide to the Best 10 Beginner Golf Balls. I advise practicing with older balls and playing tournaments with new ones, this is what pro golfers tend to do. I’ve recently bought some refurbished lake balls which are great quality, at a really reasonable price.

I also like the Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls which are perfect for the higher handicap golfer and topped our list.

Callaway Best beginner golf balls

Keep a towel in your golf bag. Keeping a couple of towels would be helpful. This is useful to keep your grips dry in the rain, also giving the club faces a wipe after each shot prevents a build-up of debris in the grooves and ensures a clean strike when you are ready to play your next shot. Find a selection of golf towels like the Callaway Golf Trifold Towel which comes with a useful hook to attach to your golf bag.

Best golf towel accessories

Pitchfork Repair Tool
If you’re planning on hitting the green with your approach shots you’ll probably need to repair pitch marks where your ball has landed and made an imprint in the putting green. It’s also good etiquette to repair the green for other players following you. There are some good ones which fit well in  your pocket and some come with a ball marker attached to it. Just like the Callaway divot repairer.

Golf Tees
You would use a wooden or plastic peg to place the golf ball and hit it. This is the golf tee. There are different tees available. Wooden tees are much cheaper than the plastic ones. The biggest disadvantage is that it breaks easily. Plastic tees do not break easily and last longer. They are, on the other hand, easy to lose unless you choose Hot Pink Tee’s like I do, they’re easier to find!

Pink Tee Accessories

Golf Shoe bag
The most important aspect is changing your shoes after your play, as you don’t want to carry the messy ones back to the car. The shoe bag would be important to help to keep your shoes safe without making a mess of your car.

Golf Alignment Sticks
In our list of the best essential golf accessories these sticks not only help in alignment but also improve the swing. Golfers have found this equipment extremely beneficial to check and fix the alignment when practicing. This will really support improvements in your game. Fun Golf would highly recommend investing in some beautiful hand-crafted ash alignment sticks from Scot Sticks. I think you’ll agree they look amazing!

Club Brush
Golf Clubs need to be cleaned as dirt in your grooves will impact the quality of your next shot. The best ones are the ones that are small enough to fit in the side pouch of your golf bag. A solid brush would help in this cleaning process. Clean the clubs after every shot or at least after every tournament. This will also increase the life span of clubs through proper maintenance. There are bristles of different kinds. Hard bristles will remove tough stains whereas soft ones remove water and small dust particles. There are sharp needles that remove dirt from every channel of the club.

Golf Club Brush
Golf Club Brush

This tool is important if you are playing competitive matches. Sharpie helps in marking the ball. This would help to identify that the ball is yours if retrieved from the bushes. You need to inform your opponents that your ball has a mark. This mark can be in the form of dots or designs. Even if the ball is changed, make sure that your opponents are aware of it.

Ball Sharpie Accessories

Golf Rangefinders
Rangefinders are a great tool which makes the most of modern technology to help improve your game. The best golf accessories should include this tool. It helps you calculate the correct yardage for your next shot, accurately estimating how far your ball is from the green or hole. We’ve put together a great list of the Best Cheap Golf Rangefinders which is well worth a look. However, if you’re budget is higher why not check out our Best 5 Golf Rangefinder article and start improving your golf game today.

Poulter Best cheap Rangefinder (with slope)

There are golf umbrellas that would perfectly fit into your golf kit. This will not only keep you, but also your equipment dry. Golf umbrellas become your essential equipment during rainy days, particularly if your playing Golf in the UK in Summer!

Water bottles and Snacks
Make sure that you keep hydrated with water and have energy bars or snacks to munch on, during your round. Keep extra snacks and chocolates as some games can be long. Why not choose some protein bars to keep your energy levels high.


This list of the best essential golf accessories will give you a great starting point for all of the top essential golfing accessories you’ll need as a beginner golfer. If you’re ready to transform your game why not look at our Best Drivers or the Best Putters. Probably the most important accessory you’ll need though is the golf ball, why not check out our guide to the best golf ball for beginner golfers. Guaranteed to transform your game!

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