Golf Gloves the Complete Guide (2021 Update)

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The Best Golf Gloves for Beginners

What are the best Golf Gloves 2021? We can’t discuss golf without discussing the most important equipment, gloves. Gloves are as important to a golfer as boots are to a footballer. Find out everything you need to know, including whether the all time best golfer Tiger Woods wears a golf glove?

Do you really need a Golf Glove?

The golf glove is worn to enhance the grip of the iron golf club. The last thing you want when you’re swinging the club is for the grip to slip out of your hand. Gloves also help to prevent the golf club from causing blisters to the hands of the player. This is sometimes caused by the sweating hands of the golfer, or by water from rainfall during games under the rain. Gloves help to enhance friction and firmness between the grip and the gloved hand. In the rain it is definatley recommended to wear a glove, check out our guide to the best golf rain gloves to ensure your hands never slip off the grip.

Do all Pro Golfers wear gloves?

Do you need to wear golf gloves
Fred Couples famously never wore a Golf glove

Some golfers prefer to play the game without gloves because it helps improve the feeling of the swing. This helps with the feeling and ensures a firm contact. However, most modern Pro golfers would strongly recommend that a glove is worn to provide better grip. This is the reason why golfers use one glove during a golf game, one hand provides grip, and the other provides the feel of the club. Fred Couples who was a Major Winner never wore a glove as he claimed it gave him a better feel of the club. In fact it is reported that 15 time Golf Major winner Tiger Woods has a preference of not wearing a golf glove for chipping as he claims it helps with the feel of the club for shorter shots. See below a video of Tiger Woods golf glove missing for chip shot practice.

What hand do I wear my Golf glove on?

Due to the fact that golf gloves are worn only, on one hand, there is a need for beginners to know which hand to wear their glove on. If you’re a beginner golfer you at least want to ‘look the part’ on the course. 

Recommendations from experts is that the golf glove should be worn on the weak hand by the golfer. For a left-handed golfer, his glove should be worn on the right hand which is considered as his weak hand of the game. While for a right-handed golfer, his glove should be worn on the left hand this is considered as his weak hand of the game.

Is it OK to wear two golf gloves?

In wet weather it is acceptable to wear two gloves, playing in the rain isn’t fun, its even less fun if your club keeps slipping out of your hands. To counter this golfers use rain gloves like Footjoy Raingrip Gloves. Why not have a look at our article on the best golf rain gloves to improve your game. Another time when it is common to wear two gloves is in extreme cold weather. If your hands are cold in Golf you will struggle to grip the club effectively and this will impact your ability to shape the perfect shot into the green. If you’re playing in the cold you could have a look at the Callaway thermal grip gloves, these are thin and light but also come with a thermal fleece lining to keep your hands warm. 

What size Golf glove should I wear?

It’s a cliche but a golf glove should ‘fit like a glove’. It should be tight, it needs to be snug around your palm like another layer of skin. There should be no loose material at the ends of your fingers as this will distract and affect your grip, and your swing. Footjoy are one of the leading brands in golf equipment and they specialize in Gloves. Have a look at the link below where they provide a really useful guide for how to fit your glove correctly.

Footjoy Glove Fitting Guide, Click here!

Why do golfers take their glove off while putting?

As mentioned above a golf glove helps to hold the grip when swinging the club. Given that pro golfers generate a lot of clubhead speed this is particularly important. When putting due to the slower swing speed over a short distance there is no need to wear a glove. A lot of golfers also like to ‘feel’ the shot they take and this is especially true when putting. It’s a general feeling among golfers that they get a better feel of the shot when not wearing a glove. 

What type of Golf glove does Tiger Woods wear?

Tiger Woods, who has multi million dollar endorsements with Nike wears an all white Dry-Fit golf glove. Interestingly as we mentioned earlier, Tiger Woods golf glove isn’t regularly worn whilst chipping as he claims it gives him a better feel for the shot. If you would like to look at a similar glove to the Tiger Woods golf glove 2020 check out the Nike Golf Glove Mens Tour Classic White glove from Amazon. 

Tiger Woods Golf Glove 2020
tiger woods golf glove 2020
Tiger Woods Golf Glove 2020

What are the different types of Golf Glove?

Gloves for golf are made with leather, synthetic and hybrid materials.

Are Leather Golf Gloves any good?

The most used type of gloves is the leather glove. Leather gloves are in high supply in the market today. These types of gloves always remain soft and smooth this helps to reduce friction. Little wonder why it is used in many other sports and they can serve as the best gloves for beginners. Leather gloves can be used many times.

tiger woods Golf Glove

What are Synthetic Golf Gloves?

If you are in need of flexible golf gloves, then Synthetic gloves are your best bet. These gloves are more flexible than leather gloves and they are also more durable. Synthetic gloves are made with synthetic leather. This is what makes the gloves look like real leather. These gloves last longer and are more flexible, they often do not allow air to pass through them owing to the nature of their material. Synthetic gloves have proven to be more cheap and durable.

What are Hybrid golf Gloves

Like the name, the hybrid golf glove is a combination of leather and synthetic materials. With this type of glove, golf players get to experience quality, comfort, and ease. No doubts, this type of golf glove is also among the best for beginners.

What are the best golf Gloves to buy?

We’ve listed below our top 5 to buy. See what you think and if you want to go straight to the product simply click the link in the description. 

Fun Golf Overall Choice:

TITLEIST 2015 Players Regular Golf Glove Left Large Pearl 6613

Best Golf Glove for the Average Golfer:

PUMA Golf Male 2018 Men’s Flexlite Golf Glove 2018

Best Golf Glove for the Senior Golfer:

Callaway Golf Men’s Syntech Glove 2019

Best Golf Glove for Women Golfers:

Footjoy Women’s Golf Glove

Best Golf Glove for Junior Golfers:

FINGER TEN 2018 Junior Golf Gloves Extra Value 2 Pack 

Don’t forget to learn everything you need to know about Rain Golf Gloves so that your game doesn’t get ruined when it gets wet. If your ready to take you game to the next level why not have a look at our Best 5 Golf Irons for 2021. Upgrading your clubs can help make serious improvements to your game.

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Comment below with what your favorite glove is and what type you wear? What do you think of the Tiger Woods Golf Glove? Do you even wear a glove? We’d love to find out.

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