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Airdrop best golf subscription box UK

The Best Golf Subscription Box UK? Embrace The Mystery!

Are golf subscription boxes are actually worth the money?? Also, what is the best golf subscription box for the money? I have been searching for the best golf subscription box in the UK and couldn’t find anywhere that actually reviewed the boxes, or told me what type of items I would get if I signed up.

Airdrop Subscription box Golf

To help me write this article I’ve been in contact with three top golf subscription box companies in the UK, Airdrop Golf, Tee Box Golf and Golfing 4 Golfers (G4G).

Below I’ll give you an overview of their subscription model and my overall opinion of their offer. Also read right to the bottom for a really interesting alternative to the traditional golf subscription box model from The Amateur Golf Collective. First though lets answer the big question a lot of people have asked…

Are subscription boxes a waste of money?

The only time a golf subscription box is a waste of money is when you look at the items on offer and think that you wouldn’t usually buy them in a month, or you don’t find the contents of the subscription box useful. Also, even if you do want to buy all the items on offer in the box you should calculate the estimated price of the items. If they add up to cost more than you’ve actually paid for the box, then you know you’ve got a really good deal and they are definitely worth the money.

In each of the boxes I’ve reviewed, Airdrop Golf Subscription Box, Tee Box Golf and Golfing 4 Golfers they include excellent items and, for me, are certainly worth the subscription price.

The Best Golf Subscription Boxes in the UK

Tee Box Golf

Tee Box Golf is a new entrant to the golf subscription box market. Based in the UK they aim to offer all of golf’s essentials as sustainably as possible.

Tee Box Golf Subscription Box UK

What’s in the Tee Box Subscription?

You can choose your box based on the golf balls you like (most of the UK’s most popular balls are available) and then opt for one of two ‘flavours’ – Just balls (exactly as it describes) or the complete box which also includes tees, a ball marker and a branded cotton valet bag, which everything is contained in. 

Golf Subscription Box UK

It’s worth noting that to stick with the sustainability theme, Tee Box Golf offers top grade lake balls at this time, not new balls. If there’s a large enough demand in the future though, the Tee Box Golf team have told me they’d love to start shipping new balls too.

Tee Box Subscription Tees

The box is easy to buy and you can customise how often you get your box delivered. A nice feature is the ability to skip a month and they also offer discount for committing to longer subscriptions. If you sign up before the end of a given calendar month, the boxes are dispatched the 15th of the next month and take 2-3 days to be delivered.

How much does it cost?

Tee Box Golf have subscription boxes starting from just £12.99 all the way up to £30.99 for premium golf balls.

Tee Box Subscription Markers

What did we think?

We really liked this subscription box idea and would recommend that you take some time to have a look and see which golf subscription box suits you best.

We’re pleased to be able to offer a special discount code for Fun Golf readers who visit Tee Box Golf, click this link and it will give you 10% off your first 6 boxes: TBGFUNGOLF10

Airdrop Golf

Airdrop Golf want to bring excitement to every golfer, the unique thing about Airdrop Golf in comparison to other golf subscription box companies is that they send members a box of tailored goods.

What’s in the Airbox Golf Subscription Box?

You have the option to choose a box of goods which are tailored to your own style. The different styles you can choose between are:

  • Loud and Proud (For those that like to stand out from the crowd)
  • Athletic (Styled for the athletic golfer with a cleaner look)
  • Traditional (Those golfers who prefer to blend in on the course with neutral and soft colours)
  • Mixed (This would suit golfers who don’t stick to one style)
Airdrop best golf subscription box UK

So, you can see there is excellent variety to choose from, not only this but Airdrop Golf also search the industry for the best and most stylish brands to deliver to their members in the golf subscription box. These brands include, Adidas, Callaway, Puma, Under Armour to name just a few.

How much does it cost? (Discount Code)

An Airdrop Golf Subscription Box costs £49.99 per month.  There are different options for when you receive your subscription boxes, these can be monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly and 6 monthly. This type of flexibility gets a big tick as this is really helpful – you can even pick which months you want to receive your box using their cool calendar feature. Why not use the Discount Code FUNGOLF10 for 10% off your first order with Airdrop Golf

Airdrop Golf Subscription Box

What did we think?

I liked Airdrop Golf a lot, I’ve had two subscription boxes from them now. One of the things I liked in particular is that they aim to tailor their golf subscription box contents around the golf seasons. Therefore, in the winter you might receive items suited to the colder weather such as a bobble hat or hand warmers. They even adapted their February subscription box to help golfers stuck in UK lockdown by supplying a pressure putt trainer for those not able to get on to the golf course. Very cool. Have a look at my Instagram post below to see the contents of my Airdrop subscription box.

You’ll see from my Instagram that the contents of my February and March golf subscription box were excellent, very good quality items and certainly worth the money. I would definitely recommend anyone to go and have a look at Airdrop Golf. Click the image below to find out more:

Airdrop Golf

Golfing 4 Golfers

The newest entry to the Golf Subscription Box world is Golfing 4 Golfers (G4G). This sounds like a really exciting subscription box and it launches in April.

G4G was founded by golf enthusiasts Jack, Callum and Charlie. They love the game, are excellent gofers, and set up G4G for golfers of all abilities.

G4G Subscription Box

What’s in the G4G Golf Subscription Box?

They offer monthly deliveries of all your favourite brands and products right to your doorstep. The golf subscription boxes are designed to suit all golfers – young, old, novices, experts – to help them get the best out of their golfing experience. The boxes will include, balls, tees, gloves, clothing, pitch mark repairers, and pens to name just a few options.

What sounds great about their offer is that they aim to make golf a stress-free sport by supporting all golfers in their own individual journeys and having flexible subscriptions.

G4G will offer a flexible tier system, focused on quality and size. Each box will have it’s own unique personality and amazing products, with each customer being able to have their individual preferences taken into consideration when choosing the most suitable golf subscription box. So depending on your specific skill level, the amount of golf you play, your golfing style and your budget they will have a subscription box to suit.

How much does it cost?

There will be boxes with a different level of quality and number of products. These will range from £25 to £70 giving you full control of the quality of products. So, if you choose the Tour Box for example, it will contain high-quality entry-level products such as 2 sleeves of 3 balls, a golf glove, some wooden golf tees (tee length able to be customized) and 2 protein bars, which I think is a great idea. In addition to these amazing accessories, you would also receive a high-quality piece of clothing, along with some vouchers and potentially discounts off top courses within the UK. You can even choose not to have an item of clothing in the box in some months to allow you to tailor your subscription box just how you would like it!

All of this sounds excellent, what I really liked was that on top of this, there was also a ‘mystery product’ included in the golf subscription box each month, everyone loves a bit of mystery! The mystery item in my box was a really cool scorecard holder which is really helpful as it fits nicely in my back pocket.

G4G Subscription Box

What did we think?

Fun Golf would be happy to endorse these guys, who are super passionate about golf, they have a genuine desire to supply golfers with the best equipment and accessories, in an efficient and convenient way for all golfers.

I really liked the items in my box which I received in April, I had a high quality Callaway t-shirt, some excellent TaylorMade golf balls and a very nice Cobra golf glove. Have a look below at the contents of my subscription box.

Golf Subscription Box

Why not have a look at their website by clicking here and see how they can style you for your perfect golf subscription box.

Golf Magazine Monthly Subscription

If you’re not sure if you should get a Golf Subscription Box then why not sign up for a Golf Monthly Magazine Subscription instead. You can sign up to receive a print version or why not click the link below to sign up for 28-day free trial of the digital magazine.

Golf Subscription Magazine - golf monthly

You can read up on the latest news, advice and equipment reviews. This way when you are ready to subscribe to a golf subscription box you’ll have all of the latest information on which golf equipment and golf clothing you should be wearing!

If Golf Monthly is not for you don’t worry, there’s another option available, you can also sign up for Today’s Golfer Magazine. This is also available on a 28-day free trial, simply click on the image below to go directly to find out more information.

Golf Magazine Subscription Today's Golfer Magazine.

The Box – An alternative Option

Looking for an alternative to the traditional ‘subscription box’ model? Why not check out ‘The Box’ from The Amateur Golf Collective.

AGC Logo subscription box uk

The AGC offer an alternative golf subscription box, and they differ in a few ways from traditional models:

Firstly it’s not a subscription box. There will only be 4 releases each year. The first one ‘Augusta’ launches this month with a US Masters theme.

Secondly, each box is exclusive with only 50 on sale and offering the opportunity to own limited edition apparel and accessories.

Finally, you won’t find any Nike or Adidas in The Box…they only work with independent golf brands, and these are some of the hottest and freshest bands in golf such as Northern Ball Markers, Green Golf, Seventeen Golf, Open Tee and Fescue & Dunes. The latest Box on sale now is ‘Sandwich’ in honor of the upcoming British Open. Have a look at the Instagram Post below and visit their website for more information.

I love the idea of this business model, they’ve created a platform to showcase the best and most exclusive independent bands around at the moment. The Amateur Golf Collective came from a love of grassroots golf. It is all about encouraging Golfers to come together to share content, showcase independent brands and advance this game we love.

What do you get in ‘The Box’?

The Augusta was priced at £99.95 and sold out in record time. Included in ‘The Box’ you can expect to find the following:

An exclusive collection of 2x apparel,

1x wearable accessory

5x Accessories

1x Piece of Exclusive Artwork

The Augusta edition also included a TPI screening from @joemacrogolf

It also included a 12 month membership to Open Tee which is worth £49.95 on it’s own!

To make sure you don’t miss the next edition of ‘The Box’ when it is released you must follow them on Instagram and check out their website  

What makes this even better is their support for charities through ‘The Box’, the featured charity in the Augusta Box will be The Golf Trust. This is an amazing charity that encourages participation of the game for people who would never usually have the opportunity to play golf, helping them progress as players and people.


Best of luck to Jay and everyone involved in The Amateur Golf Collective, definitely one to watch for 2021 and beyond!


There’s been a recent increase in popularity for subscription boxes. We’ve seen boxes for fashion, beauty, geek, sci-fi and TV memorabilia, even socks! Why the appeal when we can all go and buy the items individually ourselves? For me it’s the mystery and surprise we crave, the feeling of enjoying the unknown. I signed up for the Golf Monthly subscription and have been alternating between the other boxes for the last few months, this way I can get the best of all of these excellent golf subscription box companies.

I recently read a book by Luna and Renninger called ‘Embrace the Unpredictable and Engineer the Unexpected’. The authors show the readers how we should embrace mystery and surprise. Surprise to them can turn a typical life event into a meaningful experience.

Some people try to avoid surprises at all costs. However, in parts of our lives, whether it’s a long-term relationship or the workplace, injecting some element of surprise can be really beneficial to our health and well-being. This is why the authors encourage us all to invite more surprise into our lives. 

When considering a golf subscription box it could be easy to just choose Amazon or go to American Golf, but for me when the package arrived on my doorstep, and not really knowing what to expect, this felt fun. I think you should all inject some surprise and mystery into your life, why not do this with a golf subscription box!

Surprise can bring more vitality to your lives!

Craig – FunGolf

If you’re looking to further improve your game why not have a look at our other articles and reviews of equipment such as the best beginner golf balls or the best budget rangefinders.

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