The Best Golf Subscription Box UK – Top Choices for 2023 Reviewed

The Best Golf Subscription Box UK? Embrace The Mystery!

Are golf subscription boxes are actually worth the money?? Also, what is the best golf subscription box for the money? I have been searching for the best golf subscription box in the UK and couldn’t find anywhere that actually reviewed the boxes, or told me what type of items I would get if I signed up.

best golf subscription box uk airdrop golf

To help me write this article I’ve been in contact with five top golf subscription box companies in the UK, Airdrop Golf, Under Parcel Golf, The Sports Box, and Golf Mitt.

This year will be a big year for golf subscription boxes in the UK. We have new additions to the industry, each offering a unique perspective on the golf subscription box concept, we have an amazing brand designed especially for women, and we even have a box for junior golfers!

Below I’ll give you an overview of their subscription models and my overall opinion of their offer. First though lets answer the big question a lot of people have asked…

Are subscription boxes a waste of money?

The only time a golf subscription box is a waste of money is when you look at the items on offer and think that you wouldn’t usually buy them in a month, or you don’t find the contents of the subscription box useful. Also, even if you do want to buy all the items on offer in the box you should calculate the estimated price of the items. If they add up to cost more than you’ve actually paid for the box, then you know you’ve got a really good deal and they are definitely worth the money.

In each of the boxes I’ve reviewed, Airdrop Golf Subscription Box, Under Parcel Golf, The Sports Box and The Golf Box they include excellent items and, for me, are certainly worth the subscription price.

The Best Golf Subscription Boxes in the UK

Under Parcel Golf

Under Parcel Golf have a simple vision – To provide a premium golf subscription with excellent service, to cater for all golfers regardless of ability, at an affordable price. This sounds perfect to me, where do I sign up?!

I recently spoke to the owners at Under Parcel Golf, David and Richard, both passionate golfers based in Oldham. I took the chance to ask them some questions about their golf subscription box.

under parcel best golf subscription box uk

Under Parcel Golf: What’s in the box?

Under Parcel Golf have conducted extensive research into the golf subscription market and have received feedback from the golfing community. They realised that the golfing industry lacked a premium golf subscription service offering the latest in season products. This is the reason they launched Underparcel Golf.

They offer golfers a subscription box full of premium golf products. I think this sounds great, as one of the big concerns when choosing a box is with the quality of the products you get sent. Seeing the quality of the items I received it doesn’t sound like this will be a problem with Under Parcel Golf.

golf subscription box

At Underparcel Golf, they identify trends within the industry, and they only exclusively partner with a number of well-established brands to offer the best experience to all golfers. They’ve got some big premium brands on board. It was great to hear that Penguin will be one of the top golf brands to be featured in their subscription boxes.

Everything the subscriber receives within their subscription box will be a fraction of the price compared to the main high street and online retailers offering true RRP discounts. One thing they will promise to the Under Parcel Golf Box subscribers is to NEVER offer sale rack items within their subscription service.

Under Parcel Golf: What did we think?

This was an exciting entrant to the Golf Subscription Box world last year, I was really lucky to be one of their first recipients of a golf subscription box last year and I wasn’t disappointed.

In the box I received a really cool Penguin polo shirt, a Penguin golf towel, a sleeve of Srixon Z-Star golf balls, and a Srixon ball marker.

What I really liked when I spoke with Under Parcel was their commitment to sustainability and environmental concerns. All boxes will be recyclable, and the bags are fully biodegradable. They still look great though and haven’t compromised on the styling.

best golf subscription box uk

Click the image below to be taken to their website, or click here for their Instagram account. Make sure to let me know if you place an order!

under parcel golf subscription box

The Sports Box

The Sports Box is another new entrant to the Golf Subscription Box industry! They create personalised subscription boxes that help golfers reach their sporting ambitions. I spoke with Sophie from The Sports Box recently and what I was really impressed with was their environmental awareness. They are focused on supplying you with some of your favourite sporting brands, but also striving to make the planet a better place. Keep reading for a cool discount code!

They have a great selection. Not only do they offer golf subscription boxes for both women and men but their boxes also come in three styles, and will have a mixture of apparel, equipment, and accessories.

The styles to choose from in the Golf Subscription Box are:

  • Classic Traditional
  • Athletic Contemporary
  • Assorted (which is a mix of Classic and Athletic.)
best golf subscription box uk

The Sports Box: What’s in the box

They work with some amazing brands such as Callaway, Nike, Under Armour and Adidas. So you can expect to get some very high quality merch in your monthly golf subscription box!

I was able to test out their box this month and was not disappointed with the contents. You’ll see from the image below that I received a cool Under Armour top, with Titleist balls, some amazing On Par Nutrition flapjacks (I’m OPN’s biggest fan!), some Lucky Saint 0% Lager, tees, hand warmer gel pack, ball markers and some air flow practice balls.

best golf subscription box uk

I think you’ll agree this is quite a good selection of golfing items – but how much does this cost and is it cheaper to go to the shop and by it individually?

The Sports Box: How much does it cost?

The cost of a tailored Monthly Golf subscription Box is £44.99, and the cost of a one-off box is £49.99.

If you use the code FUNGOLF15 at checkout you’ll receive an additional 15% off all boxes, whether it’s for yourself, or for someone else!

The boxes can be bought for you or as a gift, so an amazing idea for a birthday gift for a golfer, we know they’re hard to buy for !

The Sports Box: What did we think?

I really liked the items in my box, I was not disappointed with the contents. The air flow balls were really helpful as I’m doing a lot of indoor golf practice due to the weather at the moment. Also, the golf balls, although not my usual type are great, and you can’t ever be disappointed with Titleist golf balls! Overall, I would definitely order this golf subscription box again.

However, what do you think, have you ordered from them yet? Be sure to let me know how you got on and what you thought?

best golf subscription box uk

If you like the look be sure to check out their website here, or by clicking the image below.

Be sure to let me know how you got on and what you thought?

best golf subscription box uk

How many women play golf?

Golf participation by Women in 2020 more than tripled, and a report by SMS in The Golf Business showed that during the Pandemic nearly 1.5 million women played at least one full round of golf.

Golf has always been seen and a traditionally male dominated sport with the stereotypical image of courses run by stuffy, white middle class retired men. So it was good to see in 2020 the UK golf participation statistics changed dramatically!

Female golfers now make up 28% of the golf population in the British Isles! In 2020 the number of women playing golf grew from just over 400,000 to over 1.4 million!

This is an amazing step forwards in the progression of the sport, and there are female golfers leading the way championing the sport for other women, such as @getbackgolfing and @jazzygolfer so that more women start playing this amazing game!

Therefore, it was great that there are now golf subscription boxes offering golf boxes for women if you keep reading.

Airdrop Golf

Market leaders in the UK Golf Subscription Box industry, Airdrop Golf want to bring excitement to every golfer, the unique thing about Airdrop Golf in comparison to other golf subscription box companies is that they send members a box of tailored goods.

They offer a variety of golf subscription boxes for men, women and juniors.

There is the Birdie Mystery Box which offers a variety of golf products each month focusing on a specific brand, delivered straight to your door. Then there is the Women’s Mystery Box. Both of these are priced at £54.99. You do have the option of a men’s premium box Eagle Mystery Box which includes higher prices and more exclusive items which is priced at £74.99

Finally, and what I’m most excited about for my son is the Junior Subscription Box featuring specially selected items designed for junior golfers – my son who is 9 will love this!

Best of all with the Airdrop subscriptions is that you can choose to take a box or skip a month. Also you have the ability to choose from monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or 6 monthly plans. They have a cancel anytime policy so there is no risk of being locked into a long contract.

What’s in the Airdrop Golf Subscription Box?

You have the option to choose a box of goods which are tailored to your own style. The different styles you can choose between are:

  • Loud and Proud (For those that like to stand out from the crowd)
  • Athletic (Styled for the athletic golfer with a cleaner look)
  • Traditional (Those golfers who prefer to blend in on the course with neutral and soft colours)
  • Mixed (This would suit golfers who don’t stick to one style)
Airdrop best golf subscription box UK

So, you can see there is excellent variety to choose from, not only this but Airdrop Golf also search the industry for the best and most stylish brands to deliver to their members in the golf subscription box. These brands include, Adidas, Nike Golf, Puma, Callaway and Mizuno to name just a few.

Airdrop Golf: How much does it cost? (Discount Code)

An Airdrop Golf Subscription Box starts from £39.99 per month. or a £54.99 one time purchase. There are different options for when you receive your subscription boxes, these can be monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly and 6 monthly. This type of flexibility gets a big tick as this is really helpful – you can even pick which months you want to receive your box using their cool calendar feature. Why not use the Discount Code FUNGOLF15 for 15% off your first order with Airdrop Golf

Airdrop Golf Subscription Box

Men’s Style Box: New For 2023

Airdrop Golf are excited to share with you a new service that will keep your golf wardrobe looking fresh and on-trend.

Simply choose the Style Box’ for just £39.99, you can sign up for a monthly delivery of a single apparel item, handpicked to match your style by industry experts who stay on top of the latest trends. The items could be a golf polo, shorts, trousers, or a pullover, and you’ll receive one item per month.

They work closely with the top brands to find out what the hottest trends will be in golf and ensure these are the items included in your box.

The best part? You’ll be guaranteed to receive a top brand like Adidas, Puma, Nike, Penguin, or Callaway. While you won’t know exactly which item you’ll receive, you’ll be told which brand is coming in advance so you can skip the month if it’s not for you. With this service, you’ll always be dressed to impress on the course without the hassle of searching for the latest styles yourself.

airdrop golf subscription

What did we think?

I liked Airdrop Golf a lot, I’ve had three subscription boxes from them now. One of the things I liked in particular is that they aim to tailor their golf subscription box contents around the golf seasons. Therefore, in the winter you might receive items suited to the colder weather such as a bobble hat or hand warmers. They even adapted a previous winter subscription box to help golfers stuck indoors though poor weather by supplying a pressure putt trainer. Very cool. Have a look at my Instagram post below to see the contents of my Airdrop subscription box.

You’ll see from my Instagram that the contents of my golf subscription box were excellent, very good quality items and certainly worth the money. I would definitely recommend anyone to go and have a look at Airdrop Golf.

What I really liked about Airdrop apart from their excellent subscription boxes was their commitment to supporting good causes. As part of their mission to help every golfer play with pride, they also donate 7 days of clean water to a family in Kenya for every box they sell. This is excellent and makes a real difference.

They’ve got lots of really exciting things planned for 2023 so make sure you stay in touch with them so that you don’t miss anything. Click the image below to find out more:

Airdrop Golf

Golf Glove Subscription: Golf Mitt UK

mitt golf uk subscription glove

Golf Mitt UK is a golf glove subscription service that offers high-quality gloves made with AAA grade cabretta leather and 4-way stretch material. The gloves provide a perfect fit and feel that enhances your game, making it an excellent option for golfers who are looking for comfortable and durable gloves.

golf mitt uk subscription golf gloves

Golf Mitt UK: What Did I Think?

I really liked Golf Mitt UK’s gloves They were really comfortable, well fitting and have lasted for numerous rounds. The cabretta leather and 4-way stretch material combination ensure that the gloves fit snugly and comfortably, providing a consistent grip on your clubs, which is crucial for a good swing.

Golf Mitt UK’s gloves are made with high-quality stitching and an index finger wrap-around construction, making them super durable. They can last for several rounds of golf, even with regular use. The gloves’ pure white finish with a muted light grey logo and a mint green looped label also gives them a stylish and professional appearance.

golf subscription golf gloves

Golf Mitt UK: Subscription Options:

Golf Mitt UK offers two subscription options: Club and Pro. The Club membership provides one glove every three months for £9.99, with a monthly cost of £3.66, suitable for casual golfers who play once every couple of weeks. The Pro membership offers one glove per month for £8.99, with a monthly cost of £9.99, ideal for frequent golfers who play at least a couple of times a week. These subscriptions offer excellent value for money compared to buying a golf glove from a local pro shop.

golf gloves subscription box

Golf Mitt UK: Conclusion:

Overall, Golf Mitt UK’s gloves are an excellent option for golfers who are looking for high-quality and durable gloves that offer both comfort and fit. The subscription options provide a cost-effective way to ensure that you always have a new pair of gloves on hand, and their fast delivery and eco-friendly packaging make them a convenient and environmentally friendly choice. If you’re in the market for new golf gloves, we highly recommend checking out Golf Mitt UK.

Click the image below to go directly to their website, and be sure to comment below when you’ve tried them out!

Golf Magazine Monthly Subscription

If you’re not sure if you should get a Golf Subscription Box then why not sign up for a Golf Monthly Magazine Subscription instead. You can sign up to receive a print version or why not click the link below to sign up for 28-day free trial of the digital magazine.

Golf Subscription Magazine - golf monthly

You can read up on the latest news, advice and equipment reviews. This way when you are ready to subscribe to a golf subscription box you’ll have all of the latest information on which golf equipment and golf clothing you should be wearing!

If Golf Monthly is not for you don’t worry, there’s another option available, you can also sign up for Today’s Golfer Magazine. This is also available on a 28-day free trial, simply click on the image below to go directly to find out more information.

Golf Magazine Subscription Today's Golfer Magazine.


There’s been a recent increase in popularity for subscription boxes. We’ve seen boxes for fashion, beauty, geek, sci-fi and TV memorabilia, even socks! Why the appeal when we can all go and buy the items individually ourselves? For me it’s the mystery and surprise we crave, the feeling of enjoying the unknown. I signed up for the Golf Monthly subscription and have been alternating between the other boxes for the last few months, this way I can get the best of all of these excellent golf subscription box companies.

I recently read a book by Luna and Renninger called ‘Embrace the Unpredictable and Engineer the Unexpected’. The authors show the readers how we should embrace mystery and surprise. Surprise to them can turn a typical life event into a meaningful experience.

Some people try to avoid surprises at all costs. However, in parts of our lives, whether it’s a long-term relationship or the workplace, injecting some element of surprise can be really beneficial to our health and well-being. This is why the authors encourage us all to invite more surprise into our lives. 

When considering a golf subscription box it could be easy to just choose Amazon or go to American Golf, but for me when the package arrived on my doorstep, and not really knowing what to expect, this felt fun. I think you should all inject some surprise and mystery into your life, why not do this with a golf subscription box!

Surprise can bring more vitality to your lives!

Craig – FunGolf

If you’re looking to further improve your game why not have a look at our other articles and reviews of equipment such as the best beginner golf balls or the best budget rangefinders. We also review the best golf insurance companies in our article here.

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