What is the Fastest Way To Add Golf Swing Speed? (Expert Opinion)

What is the Fastest Way To Add Golf Swing Speed?

If you spoke to a group of amateur and professional golfers and offered them the chance to add golf swing speed, most of them would be happy to take it. With the tour professionals showing us every week that speed and distance is ultimately a great determining factor of success, it is not a surprise that golfers at all ends of the game are looking for ways to pick up the pace.
Unfortunately, as is human nature, we want everything now.

Which leads us on to the question: What is the fastest way to add speed to your golf swing?

Quick Answer – Swing Faster

Now I’m not saying that this is the best way to add speed to your swing. I’m also not saying that this is the best long term approach. Or the safest. But what I am going to share with you now, is for sure, the fastest. 

Joe Macro Golf Fitness Expert

The answer to add golf swing speed is actually very simple…..swing faster. 
I know you might sarcastically say to yourself, ‘Yeh, great insight there Joe’. But how often do you actually swing as fast as you can? And do you ever measure it?
I have seen it with many players myself, other coaches report the same and I have even seen it in my own swing. 

How to get a faster golf swing?

Swinging as fast as you can with instant feedback is the fastest way to get quicker. The process can be done with your golf club, speed stick, with or without a ball but in simple terms here’s how it works. You swing as fast as you can and you get instant feedback. You then try and beat that number. Your body is free to find whatever it needs, to give you an extra mph here or there. Eventually, after 15 minutes or so you are swinging at a significantly higher speed than you started, this is where you really add golf swing speed.

swing faster in golf bryson hitting golf ball

The extra speed comes from a few aspects, but essentially you are releasing your body’s current capability. Some players will alter their swing mechanics, some will just swing harder in their current technique but ultimately you just need to do whatever you can to get that number moving up. 
You can easily see a 10% increase in your speed just by following this simple process.

This is the reason why you see people sharing incredible gains in speed just 1 week into their new speed stick training program. The issue is, you often don’t see that person posting their progress from week 6 to week 7. Probably because there isn’t any. 
The thing when you add golf swing speed quickly, is you plateau out early. Think of this style of overspeed training as low hanging fruit. It’s easy to grab and tastes delicious. But to keep on eating eventually you’re going to have to climb the tree. 

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To break these plateaus you need to be serious about your journey and this is where we separate the speed hunters from the long term successors. This type of speed training might show what your current body is capable of, but to make a real change and add golf swing speed, you need to increase the potential of your body. This is where methods like strength training, mobility, power exercises etc are required. Unfortunately this stuff is hard, and it takes time.

How to get a 120 mph swing speed?

The answer to add golf swing speed that is sustainable in the long term and gives you the opportunity to still get faster years down the line is to combine these two elements; Increase your body’s capability to swing faster and swing near that top end speed regularly. This way you will be on your way to that 120 mph swing speed.
The issue with avoiding the aspects that will improve your capability, is you can end up creating an imbalance between how fast you are swinging and what your body can withstand. Swinging regularly at high velocities will put enormous strain on your whole system. Without building a structure to withstand these loads,  you put yourself at high risk of developing injuries and other issues. 


In summary, there is an opportunity to gain speed simply by swinging faster. I recommend that all golfers give this method a try to fully understand what their body is capable of. However, if you are serious about gaining real speed, follow the correct process for improving your body’s ability to swing harder and withstand the pressure. Remember, if it was easy, everyone would be doing it. 

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