What is a Golf Towel Used For?

What is a Golf Towel Used For?

So you might be new to golf and are wondering why you need a golf towel to play golf? What is a golf towel used for and how can it help you improve your golf? We also list the best 3 golf towels which will help your enjoyment of the game.

golf towel hanging from golf bag

What is a golf towel used for in golf?

A golf towel is a simple but one of the most important accessories in the golf bag. It has several uses in the course. It is used to dry sweaty hands to increase the stability and grip of the club. Golf towels are used to clean irons to get the mud and dirt out of the grooves. Keeping the clubs clean also helps to prevent rust building up over time. Wet and dirty balls are also dried with the towel which increases the spin and distance of the shot.

How big should a golf towel be?

Most golf towels are slightly bigger than hand towels. The optimum size of a golf towel should be 16”x22”. Unlike ordinary hand towels, these towels often have a clip for easy attachment to the golf bag. However, you can also use a medium-sized bath towel as well, you don’t need to spend big on a branded towel.

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Are golf towels worth it?

Golf towels can save your game. They are made up of microfiber which is useful for drying sweaty hands, dirty irons, and wet or dirty golf balls. Golf towels have a helpful clip so it can hang off your golf bag, which allows easy access for the player without too much hassle.

Why do people wet their golf towels?

Golfers should always soak ¼ of the golf towel. They use the wet area to clean the irons after shots. In hot weather it can be hard to clean the clubs with a dry towel, a wet part of the towel is much easier to use. Grooves are continuously cleaned to have a better contact of the ball and the club. Golf towels are also used to clean dirty balls. Wet golf towels clean the dimples of the golf balls meaning you’ll hit better shots every time!

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The Best 3 Golf Towels

These are my top choices for the best 3 golf towels to supercharge your game.

This towel is excellent as it has a helpful clip which can attach to your golf bag. As it is trifold it also saves space and can be opened out if you need a bigger part of the towel to use. I’m a massive fan of Callaway Golf so I like anything with their logo on!

best golf towel
Callaway Golf Trifold Towel

This is another great choice for a golf towel, it not only has an additional golf tool for cleaning your golf club grooves, but it’s also made of micro fiber. This means that it is excellent at absorbing water, perfect for those wet days on the golf course.

Best golf toel list with additional golf brush tool
Micro Fibre Golf Towel

This is a large sized TaylorMade golf towel. Perfect for hanging on your golf tour bag. Due to its size it can be used to clean clubs and even dry your hair of body off if you’re caught in wet weather. You’ll look a pro with this hanging from your golf bag!

TaylorMade Golf Towel

Where should I put my golf towel?

Golf towels have a clip that allows you to attach it to your golf bag or golf trolley. However, if you are using an ordinary towel, you can put it either on the top of the golf bag or place it in one of the compartments of the golf bag. Sometimes golfers even loop the towel inside the carry handle of the golf bag.

How do you wash a golf towel?

A golf towel is easily washable, chuck it in the washing machine after every round, usually on a medium temperature. You can also hand wash it with mild detergent and cold water. Ensure that you do not use bleach, a fabric softener, or hot water. It should be dried in a dryer or a low heat setting. Otherwise, its microfiber composition will be altered.

How many golf towels do I need?

That depends on the usage. Generally, one golf towel is enough. To be on the safer side you can carry an extra golf towel. A golf towel can be used for a maximum of two weeks. Afterward, it requires washing. Professional golfers carry two golf towels in their bags. If the weather is wet, I’ll have a towel on my bag, and carry another one inside my bag compartment to keep it dry.


I hope you’ve found this useful and that now you’re really clear on why golf towels can save your golf game. If you have a club that has dirty, muddy grooves and a golf ball with mud spots you won’t play your best game. I use the excellent golf towel from Callaway below, and I also have a groove brush to help clean away any dirt from the clubs.

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Which one do you think will suit your game best, let me know in the comments below?

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