Do I need Custom Fitted Golf Clubs? Is it overrated?

Should a beginner get fitted for Golf Clubs?

It’s a common misunderstanding that only experienced players should get measured for custom fitted golf clubs, this is wrong. Anyone who wants to play the game and is going to invest in new clubs should get custom fitted. There is no way that you would go and choose a pair of running shoes without having your feet measured first. With everyone’s body shape being completely different why would you think that anything different applies to golf clubs. At Fun Golf we want you to enjoy the game, read more to find out why custom fitted golf clubs could dramatically improve your game.

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If you think any old golf clubs will do, you haven’t been on the course trying to compensate for a club that’s simply too long or two short. Besides making a mess of your golf game, ill-fitting clubs can leave your body aching after the game. If you’re spending all your time compensating for these clubs not fitting correctly, you probably aren’t shooting your best or even enjoying the time on the course.

At Fun Golf we want you to have fun on the course. While the best custom fitted golf clubs may be the answer to this problem, the bottom line is that most people are not going to be able to afford to spend hundreds on custom clubs, especially if they are just starting out in the game. Most people, especially beginners, are going to be able to find what they need from a good golf store.

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Every element of the golf swing is analysed during a custom fitting

Why should you get custom fitted golf clubs?

However, there are some things to keep in mind. There are many important factors to be aware of when choosing clubs:

1. We’re all different sizes: Not everyone is the same and we all swing the club differently, during the fitting process you can have your clubs specifically measured and with loft and lie angles to reflect your uniqueness.

2. Learn more about your playing style: During the fitting process you’ll be presented with lots of data about how you play and hit the ball, this information can help influence the best selection of clubs most suited to your game. Then in the process you’ll also learn more about your individual style of hitting the golf ball.

3. Boost of confidence: Some players after fitting have more confidence in their game, which helps improve their scores. Knowing that the clubs are individually fitted for your game can help you feel better when playing.

4. If you’re spending the money you might as well get fitted. If you’ve made the decision to spend big on new clubs, many outlets and shops offer free fitting services – so you might as well get fitted for them to suit your game!

What happens during a golf club fitting?

There are set things that will happen during your golf club fitting, buit some of the areas that the club fitter will look at are as follows. The length of the club is important, but it’s not everything. In fact, one of the things professionals say is that the size of your club’s grips is quite important, and that they should be comfortable in your hands. That’s why juniors and women often use clubs with a smaller grip.

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Golf Grips are just one important part of the fitting process

If you decide to spend big on these custom clubs, then there will be a process to follow. Buying custom clubs is not like buying a tailored suit. The point is not only to make the club reach from the point of your outstretched hand to the ground, but they must make use of your whole body and its strengths and weaknesses. So, don’t go for your custom golf club fitting session expecting to spread your arms and stand still while someone uses a tape measure. A good custom fit will involve you hitting quite a few shots on the indoor practice mats and involve more than just your arm length being measured. The best custom fit clubs will be tailored so that your swing is considered.

Are Custom Fitted Golf Clubs Expensive?

While some major golf club manufacturers will charge a lot for the actual “fitting,” many offer up this service for free, with your commitment to buy clubs from that company. Some custom fitted golf club services will range in price from £75 to £400 depending on the type of clubs you choose and the specifications of your fitting. Much like adding additional extras onto your new car at the garage, it depends on how much spec you add.

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While custom clubs are more expensive than clubs purchased “off the shelf” from your local golf supplier or even from an outlet store or individual, the results will probably show themselves right away on the golf course. Consider the shots that you may have been compensating for in all your years of playing golf. If you’re taller or shorter than the “typical” golfer, or even if you have some muscle strengths or weaknesses that make your game a bit more of a challenge, custom clubs can help you compensate. But what if you want the clubs immediately? Do you have to go with “off the shelf” clubs? Many manufacturers who provide custom golf clubs promise delivery within just a few days, a week or two at most.

Best custom fitted golf club gift
Fitted clubs make an excellent gift!

The only downside to getting fitted in our opinion will come down to the quality of the club fitter. Make sure that you’ve done your research before deciding on a club fitter. Read reviews and ask questions on local forums. If you get this wrong it could be a very expensive mistake. However, if you get it right it will be the best money you’ve ever spent on golf clubs! Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

How to measure golf club length?

To measure the length of a club, you have to bring it to the position of playing with the heel of the club head touching the ground. Fetch a measuring tape and start at the top of your grip to the heel of your club. Longer clubs offer more distance whereas shorter clubs offer lesser distance.

Where to get fitted for golf clubs?

For optimized performance in-game, golf club fitting should be done. Golf fittings include attributes of a club, which are shaft length, shaft weight, shaft material, and clubhead features. It can be done at Certified Golf Fitting Centers, renowned stores, local pro shops, and local professionals. All professional golfers get a fitting of their golf clubs.

What size golf grip do I need?

Grip size depends on the glove size. The standard chart suggests the following,
Glove Size: S, Grip Size: Junior
Glove Size: M, Grip Size: Standard
Glove Size: L, Grip Size: Midsize
Glove Size: XL, Grip Size: Jumbo
Right grip size can also be determined when your middle and ring fingers slightly touch your palm without your hand being bent.

How to change golf club grips?

It’s a simple process. You would need to remove the old grip by cutting it with a blade. Upon removing the grip, you have to remove the grip tape from the club. Once the grip tape is removed, stick a new grip tape on the club. The next step is to stream through some water in the new grip and place it on the club, ensuring that the brand logo is in the right spot.

How to make golf grips tacky?

For a tackier grip, prepare a solution of soap and lukewarm water. Take a towel and dip it in the solution and rinse the grip. Let it dry off. This will wipe away all of the dirt, grease, and oiliness. Take sandpaper and wipe it up and down on the grip. This will increase the tackiness. If your grips are too old, it is suggested to change them.

What golf grips to Pros use?

Most of the PGA tour professionals use Golf Pride grips. Among the Golf Pride grips, MCC grip and the Tour Velvet grips are mostly preferred. Rory Mcilroy and Tiger Woods use Tour Velvet grips on their irons and woods. Justin Thomas uses the Cement Gray Pistolero Plus. Jordan Speith and Sergio Garcia use SuperStroke grips.

Why do oversize golf grips improve your game?

Mostly, oversized grips are used by golfers with larger hands. Oversized grips allow the golfers to support their wrist action and relax muscles. It is recommended to use them on drivers, woods, and hybrids. The inadequate grip sizes may offer a lesser area for the hands, and the golfer will have to strongly hold onto the grip. This will create extra pressure on the muscles, resulting in slicing the ball.

How many golf clubs are in a set?

A standard golf club set has 12 clubs in it, and a custom-made golf set can have up to 14 clubs. A golf set consists of three woods, a wedge, and a putter. These include one Driver, one fairway 3-wood, and one fairway 5-wood. Sometimes there are either 7 irons or a hybrid with 6 irons. It also includes a wedge and a putter.


Only you can decide whether custom golf clubs are a good investment for you. If you’re going to spend a chunk of money for top of the range set of clubs, you may very well take the extra step to get custom clubs. American Golf are one of the recommended outlets for where to have your clubs custom fitted. There is no obligation to purchase and in many outlets they have a dedicated PGA Professional to assist your club fitting to ensure you get the most from your new clubs and get the most fun from golf. Why not check them out using this link and see if they can get you fitted for your next set of clubs.

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American Golf Custom Fitting Service

Now that you’ve got your irons sorted out why not take some time to read our other articles such as the best cheap rangefinders or the best golf drivers. Comment below on whether you feel fitting is a good idea or not?

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