Golf Lessons Near Me? – The Only Resource You’ll Ever Need!

Golf Lessons Near Me – The Only Resource You’ll Ever Need

In every top sport, world class players seek professional help and have a coach to help them with their game. Golf is not different, watch any practice range at a PGA tournament and you’ll see the pros spending time under the watchful eye of their golf coach. If it’s a good idea for the top players, then it’s definitely a good idea for the average golfer. The only challenge that most golfers ask is “How do I find Golf Lessons near me?” Well here at Fun Golf we’ve found the only place you’ll need to go to find the best local golf instructors, and the best golf lessons near your area. Read on to find out more about LocoPro.

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Should I take golf lessons?

The one thing every golfer on the course has in common is the desire to hit longer drives, strike more consistent shots, and shoot lower scores. In such a technical sport, with so many intricacies affecting the swing and the strike of the ball, if you want to improve your golf, taking a lesson can help you achieve this goal. 

Finding a local golf instructor and paying for professional golf lessons with a qualified coach not only means that you are  serious about your game, but it also means that you are almost guaranteed to improve your golf.

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How do I find a good golf instructor?

This is the challenge, particularly if your new to golf. How do you find a golf instructor near me and how do you know if they’re any good. The best advice would be to do your research, have a look on the internet and read the websites of the local golf instructors. You could also speak to your friends and get some word-of-mouth referrals. However, if you’re a new golfer how do you know what to look for, and if none of your friends play golf then you’ve no-one to ask!

At Fun Golf we’re all about helping golfers out and providing equipment reviews and advice, to ensure you get the most enjoyment from the game, after all golf should be fun!

The Best Putter for Beginners

This is why we wanted to recommend the excellent website It will transform your search for a local golf instructor. Thanks to this website you don’t need to frantically type into Google ‘Golf Lessons Near Me’ because this website does all of the hard work for you.

What is

Want to search for a golf coach in your local area? They have a huge database of the best golf instructors across the UK and Ireland. Not only do they provide a comprehensive list of recommended coaches, but they also allow you to filter to find one which suits your playing level and the amount you’d like to spend.

find the best golf coach near me

What we really liked about this website was that they also allow users to leave reviews of their experiences. Not only does this help the golf coach to improve their future business but it allows other golfers to have confidence in their options for local golf professionals.

They have some extremely experienced and well qualified local golf instructors offering golf lessons; I was really impressed with the profiles, some are even current playing professionals on tour.

Who are the top coaches on LocoPro?

LocoPro Golf ran a huge online survey getting thousands of votes from all golfers to vote for their top coach in the UK. Recently they announced their winner and runners up.

Top of the list was James McGilvray, based out of Knole Park Golf Club. James is an extremely experienced PGA certified coach, who has coached a variety of players from beginner to Professional.

James is a successful player on the PGA south region as well as competing on the Europro and Alps tour since turning Professional in 2012. He is PGA Qualified with a degree in sports management golf studies, and has attended Campbell University’s Professional Golf Management degree in North Carolina.

James McGilvray

The other Coaches voted for in the Coach of the Year survey were: Nathan Cook a PGA coach based in Southampton. Dean Beaver based at Shaw Hill Golf Resort. Also on the list was Jamie Crocker a PGA Professional based at the premium practice facility in Cornwall, Hayle Golf.

The list of top golf coaches in the UK was completed with Joe Macro who is the owner and founder of Macro Golf, a Golf Performance Coach who provides focused fitness and performance coaching to golfers of all abilities, all over the world!

Joe Macro Golf Fitness Expert

We at Fun Golf were particularly proud of this as Joe is also a guest contributor to our Golf Fitness category on this website. You can read more about Joe Macro and his articles by clicking the image above. Well done Joe!

A selection of other top golf coaches on the website that caught our eye were the following:

Steve Astle

golf lessons near me steve astle

Over 20 years experience, a UK Top 50 Instructor,  an England Regional Coach, and Head of Coaching at East Midlands Golf Academy

find local golf coach

Matt Williams:

Best Local golf coach Matt Williams

“Matt has competed across the world working with some of the games best coaches who are regularly seen working on the PGA and European Tours enhancing his performance and coaching knowledge.”

Matt Williams is an excellent PGA Qualified Golf Coach who also contributes on the Fun Golf website and recently produced an article and video to help golfers with a common query. How do I take my range game to the course? Why not get in contact with Matt and have a look at the video below to see if it can help your game.

Phil Edwards

Phil was the Midlands PGA Captain 2013/14 with 18 years experience. Phil is considered one of the leading coaches in the Region!

Alison Johns

best local golf coach Alison Johns

Alison is really experienced and has played on the Ladies European Tour. Alison now teaches at Woodhall Spa The National Golf Centre.

Mark Day

golf lessons near me mark day

England Golf National Girls Lead Coach since 2015

Why Local Golf Coaches need to take notice!

This is also a great opportunity for forward-thinking Golf Instructors wanting a steady stream of golf lessons. With the Summer on it’s way now is an amazing time to take advantage and help all of those beginner golfers!

Founders of LocoPro Tyler and Jack provide help with this, they offer a selection of packages which help promote the profile of golf instructors. This can range from a free profile, to subscribing for a Premium Account which has a growing list of benefits. These currently include being able to link your personal website along with social pages, as well as being boosted in the search results pages.

find a golf lesson near me

They’ve seen a huge surge in interest this year with golf professionals across the country signing up to join their search platform. Those that establish an early presence in under-represented parts of the UK have seen huge interest in booking golf lessons due to limited competition, this won’t last long though. If you’re a teaching professional, in my opinion, you want to get involved sooner rather than later.

Find local golf coach

To further support local golf instructors Locopro have recently partnered with the Golf Coaching Business. Top Golf Pro Steve Astle is the Head Consultant in this company and they provide support to those in the golf industry. They help them maximize their coaching income through marketing and business development support.

Find golf lessons near me!

What does this mean for golfers searching for ‘Golf lessons near me’? It means we can have our pick of the best local golf instructors to supercharge our game.

local golf instruction

So if you’re not sure where to start, have a look at the link below and see for yourself how easy it is to find local golf lessons. Comment below on who you eventually went for and make sure to leave a review on to help out other golfers looking for golf lessons online.

Tips on having a golf lesson

Golf lessons are essential if you want to play better golf. Not only do you receive one-on-one instruction from a golf coach who knows how to improve your golf swing, they can also help you pick out the right clubs, learn how to manage your short game, and get the ball in the hole.

local golf lessons

Tips to get the most from your golf lessons: 

  1. Decide what you want to achieve from your lessons. Is there a particular part of your game you want to improve, long game, short game, putting? If you plan this in advance you will get more out of your lessons. 
  1. Be honest with your instructor, don’t pretend that you’re better than you are. Firstly, they’ll tell straight away, and secondly the more honest you are with them the better your relationship will be. This will help both of you get the most out of your time together. 
  1. Be clear on what specific actions you should be working on following your lesson. Don’t let there be any ambiguity with what you should be practicing on in the time until your next lesson. 
  1. Finally, don’t take lessons from your friends, or your partner, it won’t end well!

How good are professional golfers?

Professional golfers are pretty good at what they do because they compete in different tournaments and climb their way up to the benchmark set up by the PGA. To draw a comparison, the average score of an amateur golfer is 90 whereas that of a pro is 70 or better on a par of 72 given that the PGA playing conditions are met.

How much better are tour professionals than scratch golfers?

Tour professionals are pretty consistent with their game. They keep on practicing with perseverance to improve their game, particularly short game. They are better players of short irons, wedges, and putters as compared to scratch golfers. Although a scratch golfer is on par to be professional with a zero handicap, tour professionals can lessen their strokes more often than scratch golfers.

How hard is it to be a professional golfer today?

Difficult, more than ever. But it is not impossible. The game of golf is gaining popularity around the world. The competition among the players is high. They have to compete in local and certain PGA tours and tournaments as amateurs and climb up the ladder to be professionals. Immense hard work, consistency, and perseverance are a starter pack to becoming a professional golfer. 

How to stop topping the golf ball?

There are few points to keep in mind. First is the ball position, which is mostly placed at the center of your body, neither too back nor too forward. Secondly, you need to have a correct swing with extended arms. The radius of the arms should not change during the swing. Weight shifting is also important, in the downswing, a golfer should shift his weight on the leading foot up to 80% during the transition. Finally, there should be a clear focus on the hitting point of the ball.

How to hold a golf club?

There are three main methods to hold a golf club; ten fingers, overlapping, and interlocking. In ten fingers grip, all ten fingers touch the grip like holding a cricket or a baseball bat, it is the easiest of all grips. In the overlapping grip, the little finger of the trailing hand overlaps on the index and middle finger of the leading hand. The interlocking grip is the most widely used grip by professionals. In this grip, a golfer interlocks their little finger of trailing hand with the index finger of the leading hand.

How to swing a golf club?

Place the ball and take your stance, start your swing with extended arms around your back body in such a way that your upper body rotates while keeping your feet stable on the ground. On top of the swing, your leading arm should be straight and your back arm should be bent. In the downswing, your trailing arm exerts the pressure downwards and you hit the ball while rotating your upper body and performing a proper follow-through.

How to hit a golf ball?

Place the ball according to your selected golf club and take your stance, start your swing with extended arms around your back body in such a way that your upper body rotates while keeping your feet stable on the ground. Weight shifting is also important. In the downswing, strike the middle of the club face on the ball for a straight trajectory shot with a proper follow-through. Changing the stance and face of the club will cause the ball to draw or fade.

How to draw a golf ball?

To draw a ball, you need to slightly adjust your stance. First off, you have to turn the club face slightly to the right of your aim. Then turn your shoulders and feet slightly more to the right than the club face. Now take your swing and hit the ball. You will notice that your club face is closed during the swing and your swing path turns inwards at impact. This will create a drawing trajectory.


I think you’ll agree that if you want to improve your golf you’ll need to take a lesson. We hope that through reading this article we’ve taken some of the fear out of finding the right local golf coach. If you’ve been sitting there searching for ‘golf lessons near me?‘ looking for the best pro to help improve your game, you can now relax knowing that provide access to some of the best golf coaches in the UK and Ireland.

Alternatively if you’re looking for the best online golf lessons through mobile golf app or mobile golf lessons from home why not have a read of my latest review of the Skillest golf app. I believe it’s the future of golf tuition, what do you think – comment below?

If you’re looking for more information on how to improve your game why not have a read of some other articles on the best golf balls for beginners, soft golf balls for seniors, or the best budget rangefinders.

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