The 5 Best Value Golf Balls Tested (2023): Save Money

There are so many very expensive Golf Balls on the market at the moment, we’ve even written an article about the best golf balls. However, if you’re an average golfer you don’t need to spend a fortune when getting started. Here we’ve pulled together the Best 5 Value Golf balls to get you started and help improve your game so that you can save money with some high quality cheap golf balls.

Best beginner golf ball Callaway supersoft

What are the 5 best value golf balls?

So have a look below at our 5 best cheap golf balls list to see which one will suit your game. We would recommend any of the golf balls on the list as they all present great value and are genuinely excellent golf balls.

We’ve tested each one personally , we have some videos below, and if you need more information just click the link and you’ll be taken directly to the item in Amazon to see more info.

If you’re a beginner golfer, you might be looking for the best value golf balls to improve your game, but maybe your not 100% sure which ones to choose or whether they are any good. Fun Golf are here to help you answer some of the most common questions we’ve been asked by our community about the best cheap golf balls.

Also, don’t worry, when we say ‘cheap’ we actually mean ‘great value’. All of these golf balls will be just as effective but maybe from a less well known brand. So we’ve listed here the best budget golf balls. Keep reading for full details of the best cheap golf balls.

The Best Value Golf Balls – The Details

Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls

This is an amazing golf ball, it is certainly high in my list of recommendations. It has an Ionomer Cover that is thin and soft, this means it can still produce excellent spin allowing you to have good control on your shots around the green. Whilst Srixon say that these golf balls don’t compromise on distance. The balls core, being firmer around the perimeter, and the 338 dimple pattern which reduces drag both contribute to produce maximum distance.

srixon value golf balls
Srixon Soft Feel were excellent golf balls

When I tested this ball I found that it felt as soft as a Pro V1 in the feel it gave me, and I noticed no drop off in distance from the tee. The other benefit of this golf ball was how durable it performed. Even though it has a thinner cover it didn’t cut or scuff as easily as other balls I’ve used.

I would certainly recommend the Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls, they definatley deserve their place on the list of the best value golf balls. Click the link below to find out more information from Amazon.

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TaylorMade RBZ Soft Golf Balls

The TaylorMade RBZ has a Soft Ionomer cover which gives it a soft feel into the green helping your short game performance and helping improve your score where it counts.

best value golf balls

When testing this golf ball, given it was the cheapest on the value golf balls list I was really impressed with how soft it actually felt. On top of that the distance this golf ball gave from the tee was excellent. TaylorMade will say it’s to do with the ‘high energy react core’…I just think its one of the best value golf balls. If you’re on a budget this should be top of your list!

Callaway Golf Supersoft Golf Balls

I loved the Callaway Supersoft golf balls and used them over quite a few rounds of golf. I found no less distance off the tee, and still managed excellent control around the green.

The control was good around the greens because of the outer layer which is made with urethane which is usually only found in the more premium golf balls. I also found it had a longer carry and longer distance than some of the other value golf balls on the list. These are on the list because they are one of the best value golf balls but also because they have a soft outer core cover which increases the durability and they last much longer, if you don’t lose them first! 

Check out my YouTube review below to see more about the Callaway Supersoft, or click the link below to check the price on Amazon.

Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls Fun Golf YouTube Review:

Srixon AD333 Golf Balls

Don’t just take my word for it, with over 1700 5 star Amazon ratings this ball is excellent, and at less than £20 for a pack of 12 this golf ball easily makes its way onto the list of the best value golf balls.

Similar to the Srixon Soft Feel this ball is excellent for control around the greens with an even softer outer cover. Again as with the Soft Feel balls tere is no loss in distance from teh tee with 338 dimples designed with aerodynamics to reduce drag helping you drop bombs from the tee box like Mickelson!

Vice Golf PRO Plus Golf Balls

The Vice Pro Plus Golf Ball is designed with specs that provide maximum compression when hit, making it rebound with the greatest height. It’s been optimized for higher ball speed and tremendous driver distance.

If you are a new player and looking for a softer golf ball then Vice Pro golf ball is the choice for you. Its soft-core structure is perfect for practice and as well as for professional tournaments. The ball is infused with a compressed core that provides increased flight time and stable trajectory. 

The Vice Pro Plus is my value golf ball of choice and if you haven’t tried them out yet I would 100% recommend you give them a hit! You will feel the difference. Check out the link below to find out more from Amazon.

I actually cut this ball open to see what this inner core looked like. Check this out below.

Vice Golf Balls Fun Golf YouTube Review:

Do Expensive Golf Balls make a difference?

In our review and research of the best cheap golf balls, we found that there seemed to be little difference in the distances gained between the premium and value golf balls. Studies have shown that there is little to be shown in actual yardages. The main difference found between expensive golf balls and the best value golf balls was the amount of spin they generate, and therefore the amount of control advanced players can generate with these types of balls.

Do golf ball covers make a difference?

There are three main types of cover on golf balls and depending on which type of covering you have this will determine how your golf ball reacts when hit with a club – and also how expensive your golf ball will cost.

The three main types of covering on a golf ball are:

  • Urethane
  • Surlyn
  • Ionomer

The Urethane cover is found in the premium golf balls. These are designed to be softer which allow more advanced players to have a better feel when playing with them. This covering will provide more spin and can generate better control with a golfer’s short game.

“The cover material on a golf ball is important because urethane allows the grooves of a golf club to bite into the golf ball to create maximum friction.”

The downside to the softer cover is that they won’t be as durable, and are likely to cut and scuff more easily. Therefore using these types of golf ball can work out particularly expensive.

The Surlyn and Ionomer covers are more durable than the Urethane covered golf balls, and therefore are usually cheaper in price. Out of these two types of cover the Surlyn produces less spin, so often found in ‘distance’ golf balls such as the Volvik Crystal. Also the less a ball spins the less likely it has to produce side spin which could add to your slice or hook shots – meaning they are sometimes the better choice for higher handicap golfers. The Surlyn cover is one of the most popular type of golf ball cover.

Therefore, if you are a high, or mid handicapper, you will see very little negative impact with using the best value golf balls in our list.

Check out this really helpful video in helping decide if expensive golf balls make a difference:

Do soft golf balls go further?

Soft golf balls, due to their soft urethane cover, makes them easier to control for better players. This means that they can be controlled more easily around the green and spin is generated on the ball. The benefit for players with a slower swing, and newer golfers, is that greater distance can be achieved with soft golf balls. They are also considered more forgiving than higher compression golf balls, which are generally better for more experienced players. 

What makes a golf ball illegal?

Golf balls which are deemed illegal are those which have been specifically designed to breach the rules of golf governed by the USGA and R&A. In most cases the ball shave been made smaller and heavier, which makes them travel further (producing less drag through the air). In other cases, the dimples have been designed to be smoother to produce less wind resistance (less likely to turn the ball into a hook or a slice) which in turn produces a much straighter flight through the air.


Balls Allowed in Play of Round

(1)  Conforming Ball Must Be Played.  In making each stroke, a player must use a ball that conforms to the requirements in the Equipment Rules.

A player may get a conforming ball to play from anyone else, including another player on the course.

(2)  Deliberately Altered Ball Must Not Be Played.  A player must not make a stroke at a ball whose performance characteristics have been deliberately altered, such as by scuffing or heating the ball or by applying any substance (other than in cleaning it).

USGA and R&A Rules of Golf

What should I look for when choosing a golf ball?

There are many features which are listed by golf ball  brands as being vitally important and giving reasons why their ball is better than every other ball on the market. However in the best cheap golf ball guide guide we would recommend you try as many as you can when buying a budget golf rangefinder:

What Golf Ball do I use?

My personal choice is the Vice Golf PRO Plus Golf Balls, I really like how this golf ball feels around the green, I’m not a pro, but I can get good control with these on my short game. I also think that these give me more distance from the tee from the golf balls I’ve tried. However, take your time and try a few of these best value golf balls before choosing your golf ball.

best value golf balls

Do I need Golf Insurance?

Don’t forget if you play regular golf you probably need to consider getting golf insurance. You don’t want to get injured after being hit by a golf ball – and even worse injure someone else. Read our guide on the best choices for golf insurance UK.


Are best value golf balls any good?

The best value golf balls listed in this article are great value, we were really surprised with the quality of golf balls we could find for a really great price. We hope that you can find the right one for your game, and budget. Our top choice was the Vice Pro Plus golf balls which was top because of its great price and amazing feel around the green due to its covering and how well it competes with the Titleist Pro V1 but for much less money!

If you’re ready to take your golf game to the next level as a beginner why not check out our guides to the best drivers, or Wedges and Golf Rangefinders, or putt for dough with our list of the best putters. We even review the best golf insurance offers. Fun Golf is all about putting the fun back into your game, let us be your guide for all you need to know about golf.

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