The Best Value Golf GPS Watches Reviewed (2024)

The Best Value Golf GPS Watches

If you’re on this page you are probably interested in finding the best golf GPS watch to improve your golf. However, the use of technology in the game of golf is something which divides opinion. Below we’ve reviewed the best value Golf GPS watches which we believe will supercharge your golf, read right to the bottom to get the exclusive discount code for 15% off!

There are those who are passionately against any tech being used in the modern game. Whereas there are others who are strong supporters of using anything which will help improve your enjoyment of the game, such as a golf watch. What is clear though is that the use of GPS technology (Global Positioning System) will definatley improve your golf.

The Best Value Golf GPS Watch Garmin S10
Garmin S10 Approach GPS Watch

In our research to find the best value golf GPS watches we surveyed a group of 123,000 golfers to find out which Golf GPS they would recommend, and ask for real-life feedback on the benefits of each type. In our research and responses there were 5 Golf GPS which came through as the best value options, we’ve listed these below.

What is the Best Value Golf Watch 2024?

My personal choice is the Shot Scope G5 GPS Watch I chose this due to it being very simple to use, extremely light weight (I hardly know I’m wearing it), its accuracy with distances and it’s ability to easily sync with your phone or PC – all for a great value price.

Shot Scope G5 GPS Golf Watch showcasing 12 interchangeable color straps, perfect tool for golf course navigation
Shot Scope G5 GPS Watch

The Best Value Golf GPS Watches – The Details

Shot Scope G5 gps watch : The Game-Changer Every Golfer Needs

The Shot Scope G5 GPS Watch is a game-changing gadget that is becoming indispensable for golfers. The watch offers a multitude of features designed to simplify the complexities of the sport. It is preloaded with over 36,000 golf courses and offers real-time GPS information for accurate measurements to the green, hazards, and doglegs.

Easy to set up straight out of the box, the G5 is user-friendly and ideal for tech novices as well. It comes with customizable watch straps and casings, adding a personal touch to your golfing experience. Lightweight at just 42 grams, it can also function as an everyday watch. Despite its premium functionality, the G5 is affordably priced at £149.99 and even offers a 15% discount code. It’s not just a tool but a smart companion that aims to enhance your golf game.

Shot Scope G5 gps watch : The Game-Changer Every Golfer Needs. the best gps watch

Key Features:

  • Preloaded with 36,000+ Golf Courses: Provides comprehensive information to help you plan your shots.
  • Real-Time GPS: Offers yardages to the front, middle, and back of the green, as well as hazard and dogleg distances.
  • Ease of Use: User-friendly interface, ready to use straight out of the box without the need for tedious setup or app syncing.
  • Customizability: Comes with 12 strap colors and two casing options for a personalized look.
  • Everyday Functionality: Can be used as a regular watch, lightweight at 42 grams with multiple clock faces.
  • Performance Metrics: Leverages Shot Scope’s heritage to offer useful game analytics.
  • Battery Life: Lasts up to 10 hours in GPS mode and weeks in regular watch mode.
  • Affordable Pricing: Costs £149.99, offers great value for its features and even has a 15% discount code available.

garmin s42

This is one of the best GPS golf watches available. It has so many features it can only help improve your game! It does lose some marks as as it is the most expensive on our list but read below and you’ll see some of the amazing features which make this worth every penny!

  • Very large watch face screen, this makes it really easy to see the details on of the hole you are playing.
  • The information displayed on the screen is very clear, such as bunker, or water hazard locations on the watch face.
  • After 5 rounds it learns what club selection is best for your game, with the use of their ‘Virtual Caddie’ it suggests clubs based on your typical distances – WOW!
  • One of the other cool features is that the face stays on, unlike the apple watch and some other GPS which turn off until you press the wake button.
  • Can be used as an everyday watch, with interchangeable straps.
  • You can also link a bank card to your Garmin S62 GPS watch, so if you need to pay for drinks after your round you don’t have to worry about hunting for your wallet!
  • Excellent battery life, this can easily last 3 rounds.
  • Finally the time to locate satellites at the start of your round is much quicker than other models. A real benefit, especially if your running late for your tee time!

best gps watches

This is a great value budget GPS golf watch option. Don’t be put off by the brand name. It has many of the features of the Garmin watches but at a much lower price – it is still a very effective Golf GPS watch.

  • Very accurate with the measurements when tested against other models.
  • We liked how clear the hazard identification was to judge and understand easily calculating how far you had to lay up to a green side bunker or water hazard.
  • Lightweight and comfortable, I hardly knew I was wearing it on the course.
  • Battery life was good but it will require charging in between rounds. Also, the battery will last a long time, but it isn’t changeable.
  • It did take some time to find the GPS satellites when on the 1st Tee, take this into consideration if you’re late to the course which is reflected in our rating.
  • Excellent price on Amazon, and with UK tech support should you have any problems this is one of the best value golf GPS watches.

garmin s10 best gps watch  list

I personally use this watch so I might be a bit biased, however, if you are looking for a really simple, easy to use, lightweight GPS watch option look no further than the Garmin S10 Approach Watch.

  • Although the screen display is smaller than other models listed, it is still a very clear, high-resolution display. It can also be seen even in sunlight.
  • The accuracy of the Garmin S10 Approach was excellent, we tested it against other GPS watches and golf rangefinders and found it to be accurate within 1 yard of the most expensive model.
  • Hazards analysis and lay-up points on the course are very easy to see. By easily scanning through the hole you can see where the sand and water hazards are located you can accurately chose the bet shot.
  • This GPS watch syncs with the Garmin Golf app on your phone so that you can upload your round after your game. It can also be synced with you PC or laptop to provide further analysis and keeping a record of your improvement progress.
  • There is sometimes a short delay in reaching the satellites to bear this in mind, however, when they have been located you can easily navigate to the correct course – even if there are other nearby courses.
  • Finally in my own use I easily played 3 rounds of golf before charging the watch – I could probably have played a 4th and it would have still lasted, this is great battery life.
  • As I said, I use this each round so I’m a bit biased but for me it does everything I need, and all costing just over £100 this is why it made the list of one of the best value golf GPS watches.

garmin s42

The Garmin S20 is an excellent mid-range GPS watch. It covers all of the features of the lower priced models, whilst having smoe of the features of the top priced GPS watches. All for a mid-range price.

  • Screen display is excellent, and has lots of features which are really easy to navigate.
  • It tells you which hole you’re on, tells you where you are on the hole, keeps your score, tells you how far you’ve hit a shot, also how far to hazards and allows you to analyse your game once you have finished your round and downloaded the details.
  • It has 40,000 courses in it so, wherever you are in the world it is likely to have that course in it. It takes about a minute to acquire satellites to get its position so you need to switch it on a little before stepping onto the tee.
  • Battery life very good, lasts nearly a week – and charges very quickly. On the watch you can also use the fitness step counter to help track your activity fitness goals.
  • Finally it comes with 3 x Approach CT10 Sensors which automatically track every shot, distance and location. It allows you to see how far you typically hit each club so you can choose the correct club for increased distance accuracy. This is a great feature to have but unlike the Shot Scope which provides 15 sensors, this watch only comes with 3 which you will have to interchange.
  • All of this means that it was certain to make it onto the list of the best value golf GPS watches.

What is better a golf GPS or rangefinder?

With a GPS watch you only need to glance down at your wrist for the yardages to the green. While with a rangefinder you need to take it out from its case, hold it to your eye and focus on the pin. The GPS watch is definatley the quicker option for many golfers. However, if you want accurate yardages to the pin, sometimes that little extra time taken to get a specific measurement can help you have the best approach shot and improve your score. The Fun Golf choice however is both, for us there are situations where both will come in useful, and why should we compromise in aiming to shoot our best score! What do you think – comment below?

Why not have a look at our article of the Best Cheap Rangefinders to see if this is a better option for your game?


I hope you found this useful, to conclude my personal choice is the Shot Scope G3 GPS Watch I find that this does just enough without distracting me too much from actually having to hit the ball – ha ha!

What is the best golf watch 2024?

My choice for the best golf watch is the Shot Scope G5. In our research of our Facebook group of the hundreds of responses this one came through loud and clear as the most popular model – the features, technology and price were excellent and meant that this golf watch covered all of the requirements for the best GPS golf watch.

Use the exclusive discount code FUNGOLF for 15% off Shot Scope products!

Let me know which one you chose in the comments below. If you’re looking to further improve your golf score why not have a look at our best golf ball article or if you’re undecided have a read of our best budget golf rangefinders article. You might even need a golf trolley to help you around the course – we’ve listed the best electric golf trolley options for you here!

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