Shot Scope V3 GPS Watch Review – Is It Any Good?

Shot Scope V3 GPS Watch

So you’re looking for the best GPS watch for Golf? Here af Fun Golf we’re all about helping you find the best equipment to improve your game and help you have more fun playing golf. We’ve selected our best choice for Golf GPS 2022 which is the Shot Scope V3 GPS Watch.

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The Shot Scope V3 GPS Watch is an amazing piee of kit and allows you to not only have accurate information whilst your playing, but also to review your game post-round at home!

Shot Scope V3 GPS Watch Review

Now before you read this review, I actually use this GPS watch on a day-to-day basis, I bought one with my own money and I’m not being paid to give a good review – I just get asked a lot about this GPS watch and why I’ve bought this particular model.

Shot Scope are an amazing brand, and really forward thinking. They are based in Scotland and have produced a number of excellent distance measuring devices. Such as the G3, the PRO L1 rangefinder, and the new release PRO LX + which will be released in March – see below. This looks amazing and read here for more details.


When reviewing this GPS watch it is not the cheapest model. This is a very good GPS and the price comes in around £200. However, it is certainly worth the money and I’ll tell you why.

What’s the quality of the Shot Scope V3 GPS like?

So, in the box – you receive the GPS watch, you’ll also receive 16 tracking tags for the end of your club grips. These screw into the ends of your clubs and will be how you will monitor your shots and measure your data during your round, you can then see your on course performance.

Shot tracking via these tracking tags work automatically as you play and you don’t need to input anything during your round.

It’s chargeable via a USB cable and in my experience of playing twice a week I’ve found the battery life easily lasts 36 holes in a day. Some other models do struggle to hold the charge for two rounds of golf in one day.

But what I also like about this GPS is that is comes in a choice of different strap colours and comes in Red, Black, Grey and Teal.


Now it feels quite premium, and it has easy touch buttons on the side of the watch face. It’s not touch screen, but this is ok as I’ve read with some other models that they can be temperamental with some touch screens.

The watch is light and not too bulky, you don’t even know your wearing it once you get used to using the Shot Scope GPS watch.

Shot Scope V3 GPS Golf Watch - Automatic Shot Tracking - F/M/B + Hazard  Distances - Strokes Gained - iOS and Android Apps - 100+ Statistics,  36,000+ Pre-Loaded Worldwide Courses - No

What features doe the Shot Scope V3 have?

This Shot Scope V3 GPS comes packed with features, see below some of the key specifications.

USB ChargingUses 2x GPS antennas for accuracy
Pre-loaded – 35,000 courses Front/Middle/Back measurements
16 Tracking Tags IncludedComes in 5 strap colours
Shot Scope V3 GPS Key Features

The GPS watch comes with highly accurate measurements to the front, middle and back of the green. If you toggle the button on the side you can also see distances and measurements to lay-up positions on the course you’re playing. Such as bunkers the front of the green, or water hazards from your tee shot.

How accurate is the V3 GPS?

Now in all the reviews I watch they get really hung up on the accuracy of GPS watches, now the Shot Scope V3 GPS is highly accurate as is uses two GPS antennas rather than the one that other GPS watches rely on. This means that you can 100% rely on the measurements this watch gives you to the flag. However, I use a GPS watch to compliment my rangefinder, so after checking my watch, I usually just use my Shot Scope PRO L1 rangefinder to confirm the detailed yardages and give me a little bit more confidence when selecting the correct club.

So, for example when I’m aiming for a flag which is slightly further than middle but not quite back of the green, this is where a rangefinder can be really helpful to help dial in the specifics, particularly if the greens are very big.

I suppose if you’re a single figure handicapper, or better, you might need a rangefinder which you can really rely on. However, during my rounds when I checked the yardages against my GPS watch they seemed very accurate, and at my level of golf, as a mid-handicapper that’s fine with me.

How do GPS watches work?

Under the rules of golf GPS watches are legal to use in competition, as long as they only give a pure distance to the flag. This means that any technology they have which provides elevation adjustments, such as adaptive slope technology will make them illegal in your monthly medal.

Shot Scope V3 GPS & Tracking Golf Watch - Great Value


I genuinely believe this Shot Scope V3 GPS Watch can help improve your game, whether you use it on it’s own or to compliment your rangefinder it can help.

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Shot Scope V3 Smart GPS Watch from american golf

As I said earlier, I use this GPS watch and paid for it out of my own money, I’ve used it for over 12 months, and haven’t had any issues with performance. I wouldn’t pay over the odds for a GPS watch, but feel this V3 offers excellent value. After using this one, and I’d seriously recommend that you get yourself one of the best GPS for golf on the market.

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