Where is the US Masters golf tournament held? Answered!

Where is the US Masters golf tournament held?

One of the most common questions asked by many people is “where is the US Masters golf tournament held?”. The answer is: ‘the US Masters is held at the Augusta National Golf Club’. This is one of the most prestigious golf clubs in the world. It is known by some other names, such as the National, or just simply Augusta. It is so famous you don’t have to use its full name.

The Augusta National Golf Club is based in Augusta, Georgia. This is in the United States of America. Augusta Golf Club is one of the most private golf courses in the world with membership strictly controlled and the members list not disclosed. It opened in 1932 and was designed By Bobby Jones and Alister MacKenzie. Bobby Jones and Clifford Roberts founded the golf club and the US Masters tournament has been played at the club since 1934.

Where is the US Masters golf tournament held?

One of America’s top 100 golf courses, Augusta National Golf Club also has one of the most famous driveways leading up to the famous clubhouse – it is called Magnolia Lane. It covers the distance from the entrance gate all the way to the clubhouse. It gets its name ‘Magnolia Lane’ due to the huge magnolia trees that line along each side of the 330-yard road. It was reported to have been constructed in 1947 and fills everyone with awe who visits this famous golf club.

Where is the US Masters golf tournament held?

So the next time you are asked ‘Where is the US Masters golf tournament held’, you can now confidently say Augusta National Golf Club!

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