The Best Golf Gifts – Non-Golfers Buying Guide (2023)

What Do You Buy A Golfer?

Buying gifts for anyone who is a golfer is always a challenge – particularly if you don’t play the game (or have any interest in golf!) So Fun Golf are here to help you, we’ve put together our curated list of The Best Golf Gifts. So let us take the worry away and simply have a scroll through our guide, which is helpfully ordered by price, and choose the best gift ever!

Personalized Golf Gift Set £19.99

Best golf christmas gifts

Made by Crew Golf they personally embroider every tri-fold golf towel in their UK based workshop. Not only does it have a stunning embroidered towel, it also comes with a pitch fork, ball marker, golf ball and golf tees in a cool gift box. If you’re looking for a quality gift for that golf lover – they will definatley love this.

Shot Scope PRO L1 Rangefinder

best golf rangefinder

A rangefinder is an amazing gift for a golfer – it helps tell the distance from the ball to the target. The Shot Scope brand is a high quality brand and have a variety of devices to help improve a players golf game. They also have GPS watches (see below). The Shot Scope Rangefinder is packed full of extras and is a really reasonable price.

Use code FUNGOLF for 15% off the Shot Scope Laser Rangefinder

Premium Golf Leather Scorecard Holder & Yardage Book Cover by TORRO £39.99

TORRO make high quality premium leather accessories, here at Fun Golf we especially love their leather scorecard holder and think it can make one of the best golf gifts. This is perfect for a golfer as not only does it look really cool, its going to be very durable and last a long time. You could also add on additional matching items from the TORRO range if you wanted to buy additional gifts as well.

Worlds Best Dad Golf Ball Gift Set £11.99

First on the list of best golf gifts is this excellent gift which any dad would love, it comes with three personalised golf balls, golf tee’s (which are very useful for golfers), and a ball marker all in a nice display box! Perfect for a golfers gift!

Funky Golf Socks £12.99

What dad wouldn’t appreciate a pair of socks as a gift? These will be appreciated, especially if they’re also a golfer. These quite rightly earn their place on the best golf gifts list, they will knock your socks off! (sorry bad Dad joke…).

Bamboo Golf Tees From £5.99

We should all be more environmentally friendly when playing golf, one way you can play your part is by choosing to ditch the plastic tees – if you haven’t tried Bamboo Golf Tees yet you’re missing out. They are extremely durable and the designs from Green Swing Golf are very cool. If you use discount code FUNGOLFUK at checkout you’ll even get an extra discount on your order – any golfer will be happy to receive some golf tees for a gift!

Golf The Complete Manual £12.36

Who doesn’t enjoy a good book as a gift? This book takes the reader through the complete swing, from tee shot to putting. The author also devotes an entire section to common golf faults and offers suggestions on how to fix them, perfect for a golfer of any level.

This is actually one of the best selling golf books on Amazon, click the image to have a closer look.

I’ve also curated the Best Golf Books in a helpful article that you can read by clicking the button below – be sure to return to this page an continue to the end of this list though!

PGA Tour 3 Piece Golf Pen Gift Set £7.95

best golf gifts

We love this pen gift set. Not only is it an official PGA tour product (the PGA Tour is where the top golfers play each week), it also comes in three different colours, red, black and blue. If you’re looking for the best golf gift these would be perfect stocking filler for a golfer to put in their golf bag and write down their scores with.

Callaway Golf Glove £17.00

best golf gift callaway golf glove

In a recent article our best choice for golf glove was the Callaway Golf Dawn Patrol Golf Glove. We found this not only excellent value, but it was comfortable, very durable, provided excellent grip and looks stylish. So if you know a golfer who loves the game this would make a perfect birthday present. Just remember if your buying for a right handed golfer, they wear the glove on the opposite hand, so a righty would need a glove for their left hand.

The Golf Father Coffee/Tea Mug £8.99

best golf gifts mug

This is a very popular design that golfers will be familiar with. An excellent choice for a golf gift as if you can’t be the Godfather like the famous movie, the next best thing is the Golf Father!

Callaway Golf Magnet Cap £14.95

best golf gifts

Callaway is one of the top brands in the world of golf, and this cap is an excellent choice for the best golf gifts. No only is it a high quality cap, which is extremely comfortable, it also has a unique magnet feature. The peak of the cap has a golf ball marker, which golfers use on every hole, on a magnet which attaches to the cap. This is good because its easy to find and golfers won’t have to rummage through their pockets on every hole to find their marker. We at Fun Golf would be really happy to receive this as a golf gift!

Novelty Golf Ball Beer Glass £17.99

best golf gifts personalised golf pint glass

Check out this very unique handmade golf ball pint glass. Perfect for any golfers who like beer and golf! What we especially liked about this item was that they use a genuine golf ball in the glass, not a plastic fake ball, and it really adds to the uniqueness of this item. Made in the UK it comes with a quick delivery. Brilliant for the last minute birthday present!

Personalised Golf Tees & Ball Gift Set £12.99

best golf gifts personalised tees

These personalised golf tee’s are not designed to be used as they’re made of metal. Also why would you want to use a lovely engraved golf tee like this on the course, you might risk losing it! This is a really classy gift set which any golfer would love, the ball is not engraved but the tee’s can have names on them with up to 8 characters.

6 Pack Sh*tty Golf Balls £9.99

best golf gifts

This is one of my favorite golf gifts, it’s hilarious and would be loved by any golfer – whether they are a sh*tty golfer or not! These can be played with on the course but are really designed for a bit of a joke and should be kept well away from the course where none of your playing partners can see them. Click the link below to find out more information.

More Expensive Best Golf Gifts:

Pro V1x Golf Balls £44.00

best golf gifts pro v1x

The Pro V1x golf ball is the most popular golf ball among professional golfers, if you’re looking for the best golf gifts you can’t go wrong with these Titleist golf balls. Yes they’re really expensive but the technology within these golf balls is amazing and well worth the money. They not only help you hit the ball further, but they also improve your shorter shots as well. If you know a golfer, they would love this gift, trust me!

Shot Scope V3 GPS Golf Watch £169.95

best golf gifts shot scope v3

This was recently voted my choice for the best golf watch 2022, the Shot Scope V3. In my research of our Facebook group of the hundreds of responses this one came through loud and clear as the most popular model – the features, technology and price were excellent and meant that this golf watch covered all of the requirements for the best GPS golf watch. Not only does it have loads of technology, it can also improve the golfers game, and even better than that – it looks really cool to wear as an accessory!

Use discount code FUNGOLF for 15% off Shot Scope GPS Watches!

Blue Tees Golf Rangefinder Series 2 £188

blue tees rangefinder best cheap

Why not have a look at the Blue Tee Golf Rangefinder which would make one of the best ever golf gifts! The Series 3 Max rangefinder looks awesome, I’ve got one on order to test out and can’t wait. It has pin lock, with vibrate assist, you can switch the slope on and off, the display is also crystal clear. (All of this means it’s an excellent rangefinder for a passionate golfer). If this is over your budget, why not have a look at my article on the best cheap golf rangefinders.


I hope you’ve enjoyed our guide to the best golf gifts for non-golfers. We’ve tried to present a variety of different types of gifts for different prices.

If you’re buying for a golfer and need some more ideas why not check out our other articles on the best value golf balls, or the best golf drivers under £200.

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