Buying A Golf Rangefinder: Don’t Make This Mistake [2023]

Buying A Golf Rangefinder – 3 Tips

If you’re thinking of buying a golf rangefinder, I have three buying tips that you NEED to know before you spend ANY money – make sure you stick around for number three – because if you get this one wrong you could end up getting disqualified from your next monthly medal!

If you’re a beginner golfer, you might have heard about golf rangefinders, or perhaps you’ve been playing a while and you’re not quite sure what they do or how they can help your game.  

Well don’t worry I’m Craig from Fun Golf and I’m here to make sure that you know exactly what they are and how to make the right decisions when, and if, you make that purchase!

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rangefinder buying guide
I’ve tested out a lot of rangefinders

How Does A Rangefinder Work?

Well, there are two different types of rangefinders which are used in golf, Laser Rangefinders and GPS Rangefinders.

Laser Rangefinders are the most popular and work by emitting a laser towards an object on the golf course such as the flag. The laser then hits the flag and returns to the rangefinder which then calculates the time taken to return which gives you a distance measurement on the display.

Rangefinder Buying Guide
Image from RangefindersPro

GPS Rangefinders work by downloading golf course information onto the rangefinder and providing you with distance information depending on where you are on the course. GPS rangefinders can be quicker to give distances, but they might not be as accurate.

Buying a golf rangefinder tip number 1:

Make sure you buy a laser rangefinder; these are by far the most accurate in comparison to GPS rangefinders. Isn’t this why you’ve bought a rangefinder after all – you want accurate measurements for your next shot when buying a golf rangefinder?

The GPS rangefinders are very similar to GPS watches that they only provide distances to certain parts of the golf course, such as the green front, middle and back, or general layup distances.

But laser rangefinders are highly accurate usually within plus or minus  yard and can be targeted to aim at any fixed object that you need to measure towards, such as a tree, a stake or even your playing partner.

So, if you’re like me and have hit your golf ball into the trees AGAIN, you can accurately determine how far you need to punch out to try and get back on the fairway!

So, to recap, tip number 1, buy a laser rangefinder!

What is Pinseeker Technology?

The next most important feature to get when buying a golf rangefinder is to make sure that it has pin seeker technology with a vibrate function, like in this image from the Peakpulse model.

pinseeker tech buying guide

How does Pinseeker technology work? Now, the name of this function will change depending on how different rangefinder companies explain it, but in essence it’s the name for the technology that lets you know you’ve locked onto your target and not other objects in the background.

So, for example if you’re trying to get a distance to the flag and there are lots of trees around the back of the green then this technology helps the rangefinder to focus in on the flag to provide a quick and accurate reading.

Some more expensive models have an additional feature which locks onto the target to give even better accuracy. But when buying a golf rangefinder, at the most basic level, pin seeker and vibrate functions will be absolutely fine.

Buying a golf rangefinder tip number 2

Find a rangefinder that will vibrate when you have fixed on your target.

I’ve been watching in some other reviews, and when buying a golf rangefinder they’ve got really hung up on the time different models take to return a measurement, now in the majority of models I’ve tried there’s no real delay but if you’re concerned its probably worth checking the reviews of the model you’re interested in.

Most recently I’ve tested out the Peakpulse Rangefinder and the Shot Scope PRO L1 which were really good, and both returned a reading straight away.

Buying A Golf Rangefinder

If you’re interested in my review of this Shot Scope Rangefinder have a look at this video next, BUT not until you’ve read the third and most important rangefinder buying tip!

What is slope technology?

Most good golf rangefinders will have a function where you can accurately calculate the distance to the target, taking any slopes into consideration.

Buying a golf rangefinder Tip Number 3

Make sure when buying a golf rangefinder you choose one with Slope Function. But why is this the most important buying tip I hear you ask?

Well, you MUST be aware that using this function in golf competitions is illegal under the rules of golf,

If you use it in your monthly medal, you could get disqualified!

Therefore, the most important part of this rangefinder buying guide, tip number three is that any rangefinder you buy must have the ability to switch slope on and off.

slope lock buying guide Buying A Golf Rangefinder

This way it will be fine to use in practice and in competitions as you can switch it on and off for the different types of games you play!

Tip number three, your rangefinder MUST have Slope Technology!

Golf Rangefinder – My Top Recommendation

My top recommendation for a Golf Rangefinder is the Peakpulse Laser Rangefinder. It’s packed with features, and has all three of these important points. Also I’ve used it for the last year and it hasn’t let me down at all- I’ve only had to change the battery once!

Buying A Golf Rangefinder
Peakpulse Laser Rangefinder

Click on the image below to be taken to Amazon which is where Peakpulse primarily sell their rangefinder. Also I’ve written a review on this golf rangefinder if you wanted to find out some more information first.

Are rangefinders legal in golf?

The Rules of Golf were updated in 2019 and a local amendment was able to be made to allow rangefinders to be used legally.

Now you might have heard about rangefinders being used by PGA Tour Players last year in competitions. Well In February 2021 the PGA of America announced it would allow the use of rangefinder measuring devices during its major championships.

rangefinder buying guide lefty
Phil used a rangefinder at the PGA in 2021

This was a major change to golf at a professional level, for some purists it was an uncomfortable rules update.

However, for the more progressive golfers it was simply a natural step towards embracing technology in the modern game.

We’ll watch with interest to see how these changes progress.

What do you think? Should they be allowed in competition? Comment below and let me know?

I hope you’ve enjoyed these rangefinder buying tips, if you’re looking for more tips on how to improve your golf why not check out out best beginner golf balls article, or the best cheap rangefinders with slope article. Use Discount Code FUNGOLF for an additional 15% off the Shot Scope Rangefinder by clicking here!

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