How To Look After Your Golf Shoes! (5 Top Tips)

Top tips for making your winter golf shoes last longer

A decent pair of golf shoes is a must-have for all golfers and should provide comfort, stability, and grip.

However, much like anything else, your footwear will soon get dirty during a round of golf – especially in the winter months when the ground conditions are wet.

So, what can you do to look after your golf shoes and keep your winter golf shoes in tip-top condition, despite the weather conditions that will ensue?

Let’s take a look…

5 Top Tips to extend the life of your winter golf shoes

1 Take good care of them

The price you’ll pay for golf shoes can vary between £50 and hundreds of pounds, depending on the brand.

After spending a significant amount of money on your footwear, it’s only right that you want to look after your golf shoes and make them last as long as possible. Keeping them clean and presentable is a sure-fire way to do just that, as is storing them safely in a shoe bag between rounds and during transport.

how to keep your winter golf shoes clean

2 Don’t leave them to fester

As tempting as it might be to keep your shoes stowed in a locker in the changing room at your clubhouse – so they’re ready for next time – it’s not recommended.

You might consider leaving them in the boot of your car instead, along with your golf clubs. However, you need to look after your golf shoes when playing in the winter, as your footwear is likely to get wet and end up covered in grass and mud. Leaving this to build up will affect the grip and your performance on the links.

Our best advice is to never dump your winter golf shoes in the clubhouse or your car. Get into the habit of taking them into the house and giving them a thorough clean after a round of golf. Once dry, pop them in your shoe bag and keep them in a safe place (i.e. the garage or with the rest of your golf equipment).

how to clean you golf shoes

3 Untie the laces and use a shoehorn

We’re probably all guilty of slipping our golf shoes on and off without untying the laces when we’re in a rush – but to look after your golf shoes this can actually damage the heels and make them less comfortable.

With that said, it’s a sensible idea to use a shoehorn to preserve the heel of your winter golf shoes. Always remember to untie the laces before putting them on and taking them off – it literally takes a couple of seconds.

How to look after your golf shoes

4 Periodically check your cleats

Your feet shouldn’t slide around in your spiked winter golf shoes when you take your shot and swing your club. If they do, it’s a clear indication that you need new cleats.

As much as we’d love to say cleats last a lifetime, they gradually lose their bite over time and will need replacing at some point. So, next time you’re cleaning your golf shoes, be sure to check the cleats and make sure that they are in good shape.

Replacement cleats are widely available online for an affordable price, as are the wrenches that are required to tighten and remove them.

how to change your golf cleats

5 Have a spare pair and alternate between them

Golf shoes don’t come cheap – we know – you need to look after your golf shoes, but having a spare pair to change into will allow you to get the most out of your favourites.

After playing in the rain the day before, you won’t need to fret about what you’ll wear on your feet the next day. Simply leave the wet pair to dry completely and don your other pair.

Winter golf shoes are also available in an assortment of colourways, meaning you can pick a pair that will complement your different outfits – ensuring a stylish look.

If you could do with an extra pair of golf shoes for winter, be sure to visit Clarkes’ Golf Centre. They provide men’s winter golf shoes and boots in a variety of sizes, ranging from a UK 7 to a UK 11 (including half sizes). You’ll also find a selection of ladies’ winter boots online at some of the most affordable prices around. They also do an excellent range of electric golf trolleys.

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