How To Book Golf Without Membership? (Become A Nomadic Golfer!)

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How To Book Golf Without Membership?

With golf participation at an all-time high in 2021, and visitor rounds over 100% up versus 2019 participation figures, now is a great time for golf clubs to be creative, and agile, in how they ensure they continue to capitalise on this footfall. In a recent interview in The Golf Business the head of BRS Golf stated that ‘Clubs need to be agile and adapt to retain the new customers sent their way during the pandemic. Trends among BRS Golf customers show golf clubs are embracing technology that makes it easy for golfers to engage on their own terms.’ So if you’re looking for how to book golf without membership easily, keep reading!

One of the ways that golf clubs are embracing new technology is through partnerships designed to attract independent golfers who are not members at any particular club. These are also known as nomadic golfers. Within the nomadic golf community there are huge numbers of golfers looking for a flexible way to play golf seven days a week, that do not want to be tied down to membership at just one club. However the big issue faced is how to book golf without membership?

What is a nomadic golfer?

A nomadic golfer is one who has no official affiliation to a golf club, they aren’t paid members. Instead they prefer the flexibility that they get from being independent golfers. They are able to play any course they choose, not tied down to one specific club. The downsides can be that access is difficult during busy time of the year or on weekends.

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Research shows that a lot of regular golfers are searching online each week for a course to play, frantically typing in to google “how can I book golf without membership?” I can tell you from my own experience, trying to do this can be a real frustration. In many cases when you manage to find a great local course, only then to click through to the booking section of the website and find out that there are either no times available for non-members, or you must phone the pro shop to book. In today’s modern age why can’t this simple task be more straight-forward?

Who are Open House Golf?

It was really refreshing to hear of Open House Golf. They provide nomadic golfers with easy access to some great courses, they also offer the ability to book online, and this all comes at a really affordable price.

Here at Fun Golf, we had a good look across their website, and it was great to see that you can access some amazing local courses, play unlimited golf, 7 days a week and all for less than £1.50 a day!

I’ve seen similar offers previously, but they usually tie you into year long expensive subscriptions, which end up being a waste of money. With Open House Golf you get flexibility on booking, using their live booking tool, at any time of the day. You even have the ability to subscribe to Adult, Junior or Family membership. (Under 18-year-old Juniors actually get free membership!)

Book Golf Without Membership – Use Open House Golf

Open House Golf seems perfect for those golfers that want to experience different courses and avoid the commitment of joining just one club. This gives you the flexibility of finding a round at a time which suits your and your playing partners wherever you decide to play. You can now stop worrying how to book golf without membership! So be sure to check them out and get hold of some of their early bird discounts as they have just launched.

Open House Golf state on their website that their mission is “to bring nomadic golfers to great golf courses, making access and booking easy without restrictions and for golf clubs to benefit from this important and growing community for the good of the game of golf.

What golf courses can I play at with Open House Golf?

There are new clubs coming on board all the time so be sure to keep checking back,as they get started there may be some restrictions on initial membership numbers. However, some of the clubs that are currently on board with them include Kilworth Springs, Forest Hills and Woolfox Golf & Country Club.

Kilworth Springs Golf Course

So why don’t you take some time to have a look and see if the nomadic lifestyle is the one for you? If you decide to give them a try be sure to let me know in the comments below and tell us how you got on!

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