The Sports Box – Golf Subscription Box (Reviewed)

The Sports Box – Reviewed

In my recent article, I shared with you the best UK golf subscription box companies reviewed. One of the newest entrants to the Golf Subscription Box industry was The Sports Box.

Since that article I’ve had lots of questions about them in particular, so I thought I’d dive a bit deeper to provide you all with some more information, especially if you’re looking to finalize that important purchase. Keep reading to find out everything you wanted to know.

sports box subscription box

Who Are the Sports Box?

The Sports Box are an exciting new entrant to the Golf Subscription Box industry! They create personalized subscription boxes that help golfers reach their sporting ambitions.

They are also passionate about the environment and sustainability within the golf industry.

The Sports Box aims to source sustainable products. They are focused on supplying you with some of your favorite sporting brands but also striving to make the planet a better place.

This is a big commitment, as is their aim that they are Attempting to reach a net-zero carbon footprint by 2024.

sports box subscription box

The Sports Box have also made a big commitment to diversity, they not only offer men’s golf subscription boxes, but they also have a subscription box for women.

Quite right too, golf participation by women tripled in 2020, this is huge, and Female golfers now make up 28% of the golf population in the British isles.

Females golf subscription box

What Will I Get In My Box?

When you visit their web page and look at the subscription box options from The Sports Box you will see that there are three styles.

The styles to choose from in the Golf Subscription Box are:

  •      Classic Traditional (A clean style for a more reserved appearance on the course.)
  •      Athletic Contemporary (An extroverted and modern style, which ensures you’ll stand out on and off the course.)
  •      Assorted (A variety of favorites from both boxes, providing the perfect combination of designs.)

This link will take you to their website to choose your preferences. 

The box will have a mixture of apparel, equipment, and accessories. You can see from the image below that there is a mixture of items. This box included tees, ball markers, protein bars, a Golf Monthly magazine, a hand warmer, and a Ping Golf t-shirt. I’m sure you’ll agree that this is a great combination of items, and worth the money for the subscription.

sports box group golf subscription

The Sports Box works with some amazing brands such as Callaway, Under Armour, Ping, Puma, Bridgestone, On Par Nutrition, and Adidas. Therefore, you can expect to get some very high-quality products in your monthly golf subscription box!

sports box subscription box

I was previously able to test out their subscription box for my original article and was not disappointed with the contents. I received a cool Under Armour top, with Titleist balls, some amazing On Par Nutrition flapjacks, some Lucky Saint 0% Lager, golf tees, a hand warmer gel pack, branded ball markers, and some excellent airflow practice balls.

sports box subscription box

I think you’ll agree this is quite a good selection of golf items – but how much does this cost and is it cheaper to go to the shop and buy it individually?

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of a tailored Monthly Golf subscription Box is £44.99, and the cost of a one-off box is £49.99. If you look at the items included, you’ll see that this is great value. 

sports box subscription box

What I liked in the subscription box I received was a personalized breakdown of all items, the RRP, and the overall cost to purchase the items individually. I was happy already, but this highlighted that my box would cost £85 to buy on its own – much higher than the cost of the box!

What Do Customers Think?

The Sports Box are keen to hear feedback from their customers, they are committed to reaching out to golfers and understanding as much as possible to shape future subscription boxes. 

sports box customer feedback

Feedback though has been excellent since launching, with customers getting straight onto social media to express how impressed they were with their subscription box. 

Customers like Allan @thisdadsgolf on Instagram who recorded a video to share with his followers claiming that The Sports Box had “absolutely smashed it!” Now that’s a satisfied customer…!

What Did I Think?

The boxes are also a brilliant idea to be bought as a gift, or as an amazing birthday present for a golfer.

If you use the code FUNGOLF15 at checkout you’ll receive an additional 15% off all boxes, whether it’s for yourself, or someone else!

The Sports Box have got a brilliant setup. They have put a lot of thought into the contents of their subscription box, I was very pleased with the items in my box. I’m also very impressed with their environmentally conscious approach to their business.

sports box subscription box

This is certainly a company to watch, and if you’re into other sports lookout for their Cycling subscription box, along with the Gym and Running subscription boxes coming soon.

To find out more, or begin to personalize your own subscription box follow this link or click on the button below.

sports box subscription box

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