What Is a Golf Towel Used for in Golf? (Do You Need One?)

What Is a Golf Towel Used for in Golf? (Do You Need One?)

A golf towel is a simple yet important gear in the golf bag, it might seem obvious to experienced golfers but it is one of the more common questions we get asked – what is a golf towel used for and what is the best golf towel? Well don’t worry Fun Golf will answer this question.

personalized golf towels
Golf Towels Can Be Personalised

A golf towel has several uses on the course. It is used to dry sweaty hands to increase the stability and grip of the club. Golf towels are used to clean irons which prevent rusting in the long course. Wet balls are also dried which increases the spin and distance of the shot.

How big should a golf towel be?

Most golf towels are slightly bigger than hand towels. The optimum size of a golf towel should be 16”x22”. Unlike ordinary hand towels, these towels have a carabiner clip for easy attachment to the golf bag. However, one can also use a medium-sized bath towel as well.

This golf towel from TaylorMade is a cart towel and therefore is slightly bigger than some smaller golf towels.

taylormade golf towel

Are golf towels worth it?

Golf towels are really important when playing. They are made up of microfiber which is useful for drying sweaty hands, dirty irons, and wet balls. Golf towels have a carabiner clip which allows easy access for the player without too much hassle.

Why do people wet their golf towels?

Golfers always soak ¼ of the golf towel. They use the wet area to clean the irons after shots. Grooves are continuously cleaned to have a better contact of the ball and the club. Golf towels are also used to clean dirty balls. Wet golf towels clean the dimples of the golf balls.

golf bag and towel

Where should I put my golf towel?

Golf towels have a carabiner clip that allows the player to attach it to the golf bag or golf trolley. However, if you are using an ordinary towel, you can put it either on the top of the golf bag or place it in one of the compartments of the golf bag. I sometimes loop mine through the golf bag handle.

golf bag and towel carried

How do you wash a golf towel?

A golf towel is easily washable. You can either use a washing machine or hand wash it with mild detergent and cold water. Ensure that you do not use bleach, a fabric softener, or hot water. It should be dried in a dryer or a low heat setting. Otherwise, its microfiber composition will be disturbed.

How many golf towels do I need?

That depends on the usage. Generally, one golf towel is enough. To be on the safer side you can carry an extra golf towel. A golf towel can be used for a maximum of two weeks. Afterward, it requires washing. Professional golfers carry two golf towels in their bags.

Top Choice

My top choice for the best golf towel is this one by Babouche! It has some very cool colours, is a large size, and will look awesome on my golf bag and for less than £20! What do you think?

babouche! golf towel


I hope this article has helped you answer some of the most common questions about golf towels. It sometimes seems like a really simple question to ask but if you’re new to the game you have to learn these things sometime – don’t worry Fun Golf are here to help!

What other questions do you have, comment below and we can answer this in the next article.

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