Shot Scope PRO L2 vs PRO LX Laser Rangefinder: Amazing Comparison

Shot Scope PRO L2 vs PRO LX

Golfers know that accurate distance measurements can make a significant difference in their game. A reliable laser rangefinder is an essential piece of equipment, and Shot Scope has emerged as a popular brand offering high-quality rangefinders at affordable prices. In this article, we will compare the Shot Scope PRO L2 vs PRO LX laser rangefinders, highlighting their features, performance, and which one might be best for your needs. Keep reading to the end for an amazing discount code from Fun Golf!

Shot Scope PRO L2: An Affordable, Feature-Rich Rangefinder

The Shot Scope PRO L2 is a compact and stylish rangefinder, designed to provide golfers with fast and accurate distances on the course. It offers advanced features at an affordable price point. To better understand the PRO L2, check out this comprehensive Shot Scope PRO L2 Review.

Shot Scope PRO L2 vs PRO LX

Some of the key features of the Shot Scope PRO L2 include:

  • Adaptive Slope Technology
  • Target-lock Vibration
  • Built-in Cart Magnet
  • 700-yard Range and x6 Magnification
  • Precision Clear Lens
  • Water-resistant and Tournament Legal

The PRO L2 is a popular choice among golfers who prioritize affordability and core features in a rangefinder.

Shot Scope PRO LX: A Premium Rangefinder with GPS Distances and Shot Tracking

The Shot Scope PRO LX is a more advanced rangefinder than the PRO L2, offering additional features that cater to golfers who desire enhanced functionality. Some noteworthy features of the Shot Scope PRO LX include:

  • GPS Distances
  • Shot Tracking Technology
  • Dual Optical Display
  • Tournament Legal
  • Enhanced Accuracy

Here’s a detailed Shot Scope PRO LX+ Review for those interested in learning more about this premium rangefinder.

Comparing the Shot Scope PRO L2 vs PRO LX

When deciding between the Shot Scope PRO L2 and the PRO LX, it’s essential to compare their features and performance.

Adaptive Slope Technology

Both the PRO L2 and PRO LX come with Adaptive Slope Technology, which adjusts distance measurements for uphill and downhill slopes, allowing for better club selection. This feature can be easily switched off to make the rangefinders tournament legal.

GPS Distances and Shot Tracking

The Shot Scope PRO LX stands out with its built-in GPS distances feature, providing accurate distances to the front, middle, and back of greens, as well as hazards. The GPS feature can be a game-changer for golfers who prefer quick distance information. Additionally, the PRO LX offers shot tracking technology, helping golfers gain insights into their game and improve their performance over time.

Dual Optical Display

The PRO LX boasts a dual optical display, allowing golfers to switch between a black and red display based on their preference and the lighting conditions. This feature enhances readability and provides a more comfortable experience for the golfer. The PRO L2 does ot have dual optics which is a change from Shot Scopes usual spec, but in my opinion not having this is not a major thing to worry about.


Both the PRO L2 and the PRO LX offer accurate measurements within 1 yard, which is suitable for most golfers. However, the PRO LX provides enhanced accuracy, making it a better option for those who prioritize precision in their game.

Shot Scope PRO L2 vs PRO LX: Price

The Shot Scope PRO L2 is an affordable option at £150 compared to other rangefinders in the market, while the PRO LX comes at a higher price point around £180 due to its additional features. Golfers should consider their budget and specific needs when choosing between the two devices.

How to Choose the Right Rangefinder for Your Game

When choosing between the Shot Scope PRO L2 and PRO LX, consider the following factors:

  1. Budget: Determine how much you’re willing to invest in a rangefinder. If you’re looking for an affordable option with essential features, the PRO L2 is an excellent choice. However, if you’re willing to invest more for additional functionality, the PRO LX might be a better fit.
  2. Features: Evaluate which features are most important to you. For example, if GPS distances and shot tracking technology are essential for your game, the PRO LX would be the ideal choice.
  3. Accuracy: Consider how crucial accuracy is to your game. While both the PRO L2 and PRO LX offer accurate measurements within 1 yard, the PRO LX provides enhanced accuracy for golfers who demand precision.
  4. Ease of use: Both rangefinders are designed for quick and easy target acquisition. However, the dual optical display of the PRO LX offers better readability, making it more user-friendly.
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Expanding Your Golf Equipment

When investing in a rangefinder, it’s also essential to consider other aspects of your golf game. For example, you might want to explore the best golf balls available, find the right Driver loft for your swing, or compare different irons to improve your game. A rangefinder is just one piece of the puzzle; ensuring you have the right equipment can help you achieve longer drives, like with the Callaway Paradym vs Ping G430 comparison, and lower scores overall.

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The Role of Rangefinders in Professional Golf

Rangefinders have become increasingly popular among professional golfers, with the PGA of America allowing their use during major championships in 2021. Some golf purists may view this as an uncomfortable rule update, while others see it as a natural step towards embracing technology in the modern game.

The Shot Scope PRO L2 and PRO LX are both tournament legal, making them suitable choices for golfers of all skill levels, including professionals. However, it’s essential to understand the specific rules of the tournament you’re participating in and ensure that any rangefinder features (such as slope adjustment) are disabled if required.

Best Cheap Golf Rangefinders

Shot Scope PRO L2 vs PRO LX: How Do They Compare?

For golfers on a tight budget, there are several budget rangefinders available in the market. While these devices may lack some of the advanced features found in the Shot Scope PRO L2 and PRO LX, they can still provide accurate distance measurements, helping you make better club selections and improve your game. But how do the Shot Scope PRO L2 vs PRO LX models compare?

FeatureShot Scope PRO L2Shot Scope PRO LX
RangeUp to 700 yardsUp to 1,000 yards
Adaptive Slope TechnologyYesYes
Target-Lock VibrationYesYes
Built-in Cart MagnetYesNo
GPS DistancesNoYes
Shot Tracking TechnologyNoYes
Dual Optical DisplayNoYes
Tournament LegalYes (when slope mode is disabled)Yes (when slope mode is disabled)
Accuracy+/- 1 yard+/- 1 yard
Warranty2-year limited warranty2-year limited warranty
PriceShot Scope PRO L2 £149.99Shot Scope PRO LX £179.99

Before investing in a budget rangefinder, consider the trade-offs between features, accuracy, and durability. In some cases, investing a little more in a device like the Shot Scope PRO L2 can provide better long-term value and performance.


Choosing between the Shot Scope PRO L2 and PRO LX laser rangefinders ultimately comes down to your specific needs, preferences, and budget. The PRO L2 offers affordability and essential features, while the PRO LX caters to golfers who desire enhanced functionality and precision.

No matter which rangefinder you choose, investing in quality equipment can significantly improve your golf game, helping you make more informed club selections and shave strokes off your score. Remember, a rangefinder is just one piece of the puzzle, and it’s essential to ensure that you have the right clubs, golf balls, and other gear to help you excel on the course.

As you continue to enhance your golf skills and equipment, remember that technology is there to support your game, not replace it. Embrace the advancements in rangefinders and other golf gear to gain insights and improve your performance, but always prioritize honing your skills, technique, and mental game.

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Conclusion: Shot Scope PRO L2 vs PRO LX

In conclusion, choosing between the Shot Scope PRO L2 and the Shot Scope PRO LX rangefinders comes down to personal preferences, budget, and the specific features you value in a rangefinder. Both devices offer reliable distance measurements, user-friendly design, and additional features to enhance your golfing experience.

Remember to consider factors such as slope mode, magnification, and ease of use when making your decision. Whichever rangefinder you choose, investing in one of these devices can help you improve your game, gain confidence on the course, and ultimately enjoy your golfing experience even more.

So, whether you’re a casual golfer who enjoys hitting the course on weekends or an aspiring professional golfer looking to make a name for yourself, a reliable rangefinder like the Shot Scope PRO L2 or PRO LX can make a significant difference in your game. With their advanced features, user-friendly design, and tournament legality, these rangefinders are the perfect companions for golfers who aim to elevate their game to new heights.

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Shot Scope PRO L2 vs PRO LX: FAQ’s

How do you use Shotscope Pro LX?

To use the Shot Scope PRO LX rangefinder, follow these steps:

  1. Turn on the device by pressing the power button.
  2. Look through the eyepiece and aim the rangefinder at your target.
  3. Press and hold the power button to activate the laser and lock onto the target.
  4. The device will vibrate to confirm target lock, and the distance measurement will be displayed.

For more advanced features, such as slope mode or adjusting settings, refer to the user manual or visit the Shot Scope website for more information.

Why can’t pro golfers use rangefinders?

The use of rangefinders in professional golf tournaments has been a topic of debate for some time. In 2021, the PGA of America decided to allow rangefinders in its major championships. However, other professional golf organizations have yet to follow suit. The primary reason for this restriction is to preserve the traditional aspect of the game, where players rely on their caddies and course knowledge to determine distances.

What is the best rangefinder for high handicappers?

High handicappers may benefit from a rangefinder that offers features like slope compensation, pin lock, and user-friendly design. The Shot Scope PRO L2 is an excellent option for high handicappers, as it provides accurate distance measurements and essential features at an affordable price point. For more rangefinder options, check out our list of best rangefinders.

Do I need slope on my rangefinder?

Slope compensation is a valuable feature for golfers who frequently play on courses with significant elevation changes. It adjusts distance measurements based on uphill or downhill slopes, resulting in more accurate club selection. However, note that slope mode is not allowed in tournament play. If you play in competitions, ensure that your rangefinder has the option to turn off the slope feature.

Which rangefinder do the pros use?

Pros use a variety of rangefinders, depending on personal preference and sponsorship agreements. Some popular options among professional golfers include Bushnell, Leupold, and Nikon. The Shot Scope PRO LX is also a reliable choice for advanced players seeking a high-quality rangefinder.

What is the best rangefinder for your money?

The best rangefinder for your money depends on your budget, preferences, and the features you value most. The Shot Scope PRO L2 is an excellent choice for those seeking a high-quality, affordable rangefinder with essential features. For more options, consider exploring our list of best rangefinders and budget rangefinders.

What percentage of golfers use a rangefinder?

The percentage of golfers who use a rangefinder is difficult to pinpoint accurately, as it varies depending on skill level, location, and personal preferences. However, it’s safe to say that rangefinders have gained significant popularity among amateur and professional golfers alike. They offer valuable distance information that can help golfers improve their club selection and overall strategy on the course.

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