How To Book Golf Without Membership? (PlayMoreGolf)

How To Book Golf Without Membership?

With golf participation at an all-time high in 2023, and visitor rounds over 100% up versus 2022 participation figures, now is a great time for golf clubs to be creative, and agile, in how they ensure they continue to capitalise on this footfall. In a recent interview in The Golf Business the head of BRS Golf stated that ‘Clubs need to be agile and adapt to retain the new customers sent their way during the pandemic. Trends among BRS Golf customers show golf clubs are embracing technology that makes it easy for golfers to engage on their own terms.’ So if you’re looking for how to book golf without membership easily, keep reading!

One of the ways that golf clubs are embracing new technology is through partnerships designed to attract independent golfers who are not members at any particular club. These are also known as nomadic golfers. Within the nomadic golf community there are huge numbers of golfers looking for a flexible way to play golf seven days a week, that do not want to be tied down to membership at just one club. However the big issue faced is how to book golf without membership?

What is a nomadic golfer?

A nomadic golfer is one who has no official affiliation to a golf club, they aren’t paid members. Instead they prefer the flexibility that they get from being independent golfers. They are able to play any course they choose, not tied down to one specific club. The downsides can be that access is difficult during busy time of the year or on weekends.

book golf without membership

Research shows that a lot of regular golfers are searching online each week for a course to play, frantically typing in to google “how can I book golf without membership?” I can tell you from my own experience, trying to do this can be a real frustration. In many cases when you manage to find a great local course, only then to click through to the booking section of the website and find out that there are either no times available for non-members, or you must phone the pro shop to book. In today’s modern age why can’t this simple task be more straight-forward?

Who are PlayMoreGolf?

Enter PlayMoreGolf, the UK’s premier flexible golf membership platform that links individual golf clubs under a single, cost-effective membership. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into how PlayMoreGolf works, the benefits it offers, and address some frequently asked questions. Let’s get started!

PlayMoreGolf, the UK's premier flexible golf membership platform that links individual golf clubs under a single, cost-effective membership

PlayMoreGolf: Revolutionizing the Golfing Experience

Golf enthusiasts often face the challenge of committing to a traditional golf club membership. High costs and inflexible terms can make it difficult to justify the expense, especially for those who can’t play as frequently as they’d like. PlayMoreGolf has stepped in to bridge this gap, offering a flexible membership plan that provides more choice, value, and convenience while still allowing golfers to enjoy the perks of golf club membership. By partnering with various golf clubs across the UK, PlayMoreGolf ensures that golfers can access a wide range of courses to suit their needs and preferences.

Getting Started with PlayMoreGolf

To become a PlayMoreGolf member, you simply pay a discounted annual subscription at any of the partner golf clubs. The membership cost varies depending on the club you choose, but the principle remains the same: instead of paying for a discounted green fee, you receive points based on your selected club. For example, if you opt for a £350 club, you’ll get 100 points in total: 80 home points and 20 flexi points.

Once you’ve selected your preferred club and received your points, booking your next round of golf is a breeze. You can easily make reservations through the PlayMoreGolf app or online booking platform, using your points as currency. The points will then be automatically deducted from your account, and you can keep track of your remaining points through your online profile.

Flexi Points: Expanding Your Golfing Horizons

One of the standout features of PlayMoreGolf is the flexi points system. Flexi points enable you to play at any partner club across the UK, offering unprecedented access to a diverse range of courses. What’s more, you can also use your flexi points at your home club, meaning you can utilize all 100 points to play at your selected home club.

PlayMoreGolf, the UK's premier flexible golf membership platform that links individual golf clubs under a single, cost-effective membership

Benefits of PlayMoreGolf Membership

PlayMoreGolf’s flexible membership comes with a host of perks, including:

  • Playing golf 7 days a week
  • Using your membership for up to 3 guests per round
  • Accessing any partner club at no additional cost
  • Booking tee times online with live availability
  • Receiving preferential booking windows for all tee-time bookings
  • Holding an official CONGU handicap at your nominated home club
  • Participating in selected club competitions at your nominated home club
  • Playing in Open competitions across the UK (once you hold an official handicap)
  • Enjoying exclusive members discounts at your nominated home club
  • Earning 10 free points for every friend you refer to join

By offering this extensive range of benefits, PlayMoreGolf ensures that members get the most value from their membership, regardless of their golfing frequency.

PlayMoreGolf, the UK's premier flexible golf membership platform that links individual golf clubs under a single, cost-effective membership

Frequently Asked Questions

How many points do you get with PlayMoreGolf?

The number of points you receive with PlayMoreGolf depends on the club you choose and the cost of the membership. For example, if you select a £350 club, you’ll get 100 points in total: 80 home points and 20 flexi points. The points serve as currency for booking rounds of golf at your home club or partner clubs.

What are Flexi points at PlayMoreGolf?

Flexi points are a feature of PlayMoreGolf membership that allows you to play at any partner club across the UK. They provide greater flexibility and access to a wider range of courses. You can also use your flexi points at your home club, giving you the option to utilize all 100 points at your chosen club.

How do I contact PlayMoreGolf?

If you need assistance or have questions about PlayMoreGolf, you can visit their website at PlayMoreGolf and navigate to the “Contact” page. Here, you’ll find their contact details, including phone number, email address, and a contact form for direct inquiries.

Can you be a member of two golf clubs?

Yes, you can be a member of two or more golf clubs. However, with PlayMoreGolf’s flexible membership, you’ll have access to multiple partner clubs with a single membership, eliminating the need for multiple memberships.

Why is golf membership so expensive?

Traditional golf club memberships can be costly due to various factors, such as course maintenance, staff salaries, and club amenities. PlayMoreGolf addresses this issue by offering a flexible membership model that reduces costs and increases accessibility for golf enthusiasts.

In Conclusion

PlayMoreGolf has revolutionized the way golfers approach club memberships, making it more accessible and affordable for everyone. By offering a flexible points-based system, golfers can enjoy their favorite sport at their leisure, without the burden of high membership fees.

Whether you’re an avid golfer or someone who enjoys the occasional round, PlayMoreGolf’s membership is a game-changer. By joining this innovative platform, you gain access to a wide range of courses across the UK, while enjoying a host of member benefits that traditional club memberships offer. So why not take advantage of this flexible and cost-effective solution to enhance your golfing experience?

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To improve your game and make the most of your PlayMoreGolf membership, consider visiting a golf practice facility. With state-of-the-art golf simulators, you can work on your swing, putting, and overall strategy, ensuring you’re ready to hit the course with confidence.

In summary, PlayMoreGolf offers a unique and flexible golf membership solution that caters to the modern golfer’s needs. By joining this innovative platform, you can unlock a world of golfing opportunities without breaking the bank. So, it’s time to grab your clubs, hit the greens, and experience the freedom and flexibility that PlayMoreGolf has to offer.

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