I’ve Switched To This GS24 Golf Rangefinder – You’ll Love It Too!

Gogogo GS24 Golf Rangefinder Review

So is the Gogogo GS24 Golf Rangefinder any good, what features does it have and how does it perform on the course? Recently  I was lucky enough to be sent this GS24 Laser Rangefinder from Gogogo Sport.

However, this review will be totally honest and I’ll tell you exactly what I think. You can always trust my reviews.

Gogogo Sport might not be very well known in the UK. When put a poll out on Instagram I only had a few people come back to say they had used this rangefinder brand before – but it had positive feedback!

Gogogo Sport are actually very well known for their hunting and golf laser rangefinders but aren’t a household name like Shot Scope or Garmin.

So I’ll be taking a closer look at the GS24 Laser Rangefinder for golf  and tell you about the important features. Also, if you like what you read I’ve also got a discount code for Gogogo to help you save some money.

GS24 Rangefinder

The GS24 Rangefinder – First Thoughts?

Inside the box you’ll find all of the usual items, rangefinder, cleaning cloth, and carry case.

My first thoughts were really positive, I liked the look of the box, and my first impressions were that this was a high-quality rangefinder. The carry case looked good, and I really liked the colour of the white and black rangefinder – it looks very smart.

How do golf rangefinders work?

Golf Rangefinders work by emitting a laser towards an object in the distance, in golf it would be the flag. The laser then hits the flag and returns to the rangefinder which calculates the time taken to return and changes this into a distance measurement. There are different types of rangefinders which are used in golf, Laser Rangefinders and GPS Rangefinders. The below image clearly explains how this process works, thanks to rangefinderpro.com for producing this amazing image.

How do golf rangefinders work

How Much Does It Cost?

Before I get into the features and specs, it’s useful to compare this to another similar model on the market. I think one of the most similar comparable rangefinders on the market is the Shot Scope PRO LX . In terms of looks its very similar, and the specs are also very similar. I’ll compare these during my review, but if you’re familiar with this model it’s a useful comparison to bear in mind. 

It’s especially important when considering the cost of the rangefinder. The Gogogo GS24 price at the time of writing is just over $100 with their current discount, certainly not the cheapest, but a very well-priced laser compared to other rangefinders on the market particularly with the features it has. For reference the Shot Scope PRO LX is priced around $220.

GS24 Golf Rangefinder batteries aaa

The GS24 rangefinder is battery powered. It takes two replaceable AAA batteries, so not USB charging, that’s fine for me but it might not suit everyone. In my experience of playing twice a week I’ve found the battery life usually lasts around 6 months in rangefinders.

The first feel of the rangefinder is that it feels very premium, I like the feel of the grip at the top, also it has a very helpful groove at the bottom for your thumb to fit into – very similar to the Shot Scope PRO LX. This makes it feel very secure in your palm as you hold it.

GS24 Golf Rangefinder on the course

How Much Does It Weigh?

It weighs 184 grams, heavier than the Shot Scope by 24 grams. Why is this important to know? If a rangefinder is too light it can be hard to stabilise when aiming for your target and you might need to use two hands in case it makes it too shaky and hard to focus. I’ve got very shaky hands and often use two hands anyway, so it makes no difference to my game, but when I played with the GS24 it was easy to control with only one hand as well.

This rangefinder comes packed with features and I couldn’t wait to test them out –  so I took it on a four-day golf trip with my buddies to Wales. How did I get on?

celtic manor 2010 ball

Is the Gogogo GS24 Any Good?

One of the first things you’ll notice when you look through the scope is that it comes with black optics, in simple language that means the numbers you see on the screen come in black. Some more premium models (like the Shot Scope) come with red and black optics to help improve visibility in gloomy light. However, I didn’t notice too much of an impact when only using black and personally found it very clear in all types of light.

Importantly, it also comes with target lock vibration, so when you focus on the flag the rangefinder will vibrate to let you know you’ve correctly locked on your target.

The GS24 golf rangefinder can also lock onto the target from up to 650 yards, and has a magnification of x6, so if you’re a big hitter and fancy trying to drive a par 5 like me then this could help you dial in the perfect yardage!

GS24 Golf Rangefinder features

How Accurate Is The GS24 Rangefinder?

In other website reviews they get really hung up on the accuracy of the rangefinders, now the GS24 is accurate to 1 yard which is great, but I use a rangefinder to compliment my GPS watch. I use a Shot Scope V3 which gives me a front, middle and back reading, so I usually just use the rangefinder to confirm the specific yardages and give me a little bit more confidence when selecting the correct club.

GS24 Golf Rangefinder red and black bag

However, what I found with this rangefinder was that I became so confident in the yardages from the laser that I relied less on my watch during my rounds. I actually went to my rangefinder first before checking my watch. Usually, it’s the other way around as I never fully trust the rangefinder readings, not with the Gogogo GS24 Golf Rangefinder though – it’s a great piece of kit!

The other point I see reviewers focusing a lot of time on is how long it takes the rangefinder to return the distance, but don’t worry, with this review I didn’t need to get out a stopwatch – the measurements come back instantly, and I had no frustrating waiting around for the readings.

One of the features I think you should always get on a rangefinder is adaptive slope technology.

In simple language this helps you correctly measure the distance to the target even if it is high or low. If your aiming for a raised green it will tell you how much extra yardage to add onto your shot and vice versa.

Now this is actually illegal in competitions, and you can get you disqualified from your weekend medal should you use it.

The slope function on the Gogogo rangefinder was really easy to turn on and off, and when it is on there’s an LED to indicate to your playing partners. This means there will be no issues if you’re playing in a competition.  

The GS24 is a excellent rangefinder, it’s packed with features, I found it really accurate, very quick to return a yardage, and the slope function was really useful.

I love the carry case which matches my bag really nicely, and it looks very premium.

One of the best features if you use a golf cart is the magnetic strip on the rangefinder. This is the strongest magnet I’ve seen on a rangefinder. We used it driving our buggy around the Celtic Manor 2010 course, where the cart path can get bumpy, but there was no worry of it falling off at all!

GS24 Golf Rangefinder magnetic mount


I genuinely believe this rangefinder can help improve your game, whether you use it on it’s own or to compliment your GPS watch it can help.

I had a great time testing it out, and for the money it’s amazing value. It also helped me shoot an all time low score around The Celtic Manor which made it even better! I’ve now replaced my Shot Scope rangefinder with the Gogogo GS24 instead, that should give you some confidence in how much I rate this model. You should certainly check it out.

GS24 Golf Rangefinder

I hope you enjoyed this review, if you liked what you heard visit Gogogo Sport and don’t forget to use the discount code FUNGOLF to save some money on your purchase!

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