How to Fly with Golf Clubs in 2022? – Frequently Asked Questions

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How to Fly with Golf Clubs?

With so many amazing golf courses all over the world it is no surprise that many keen golfers are broadening their horizons and travelling much further to play the worlds best courses. The main concern for travelling golfer is how to fly with golf clubs to ensure that your golf trip is not ruined.

According to a Golf Around the Wold Report published in 2019 it was noted that there were “38,864 golf courses in 209 of the world’s 249 countries”, so if you want to try out the best they have to offer you will have to travel by air. In this article we set out some of the common questions and queries that are asked by golfers looking to fly with golf clubs. If you’re still looking at getting into golf why not read our complete golf club guide for beginners.

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Can I take my golf clubs on a plane?

With the value of golf clubs increasing each year it is no surprise that most golfers are extremely protective about their clubs. If they were allowed travelling golfers would book a separate seat on the plane to ensure that the clubs safely make it to the destination in one piece. Unfortunately airlines will not allow you to take your golf clubs onto the plane. They request that they are checked in as luggage and kept in the main hold of the aircraft. Even individual golf clubs are not allowed due to the risk of them being used as a weapon.

Do I need a travel bag for golf clubs?

If you invest in a hard case when getting ready to fly with golf clubs this will be more secure as it is designed to provide additional protection to the golf club. The hard outer case ensures that the vulnerable parts of the clubs, the exposed heads, and shafts, are not damaged should they be thrown around by airport handlers. This will take the stress away from worrying if your clubs arrive safely at your destination.

Do Golf bags fly for free?

When you book our ticket most airlines provide an option for adding sports equipment to your luggage. This will ensure that the airline are expecting your golf clubs when you check in for boarding. Most international and domestic flights allow one bag included with your ticket, if you are bring ing golf clubs in addition to these then you will have to pay for another bag. Frequent golf travellers advise golfers, where possible, to pack as much as they can into their golf travel bag, without exceeding the weight, to only have to check one bag onto the flight.

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The Best Tips for packing when flying with golf clubs?

The risk of your clubs getting damaged in transit is high. There are a number of tips which have been shared by frequent golf travelers. These are not the most high tech but are extremely effective. Number one tip is to put a large sock or two over the heads of your irons to prevent them from rattling around and risking breaking or getting damaged. Tip number two is to use a couple of golf towels and wrap them around the shafts of the clubs to prevent them from rattling and breaking in transit. The final tip is to actually turn all of the clubs upside down and have the heads at the bottom of the bag, the area which as the most protection. All of these ideas are excellent and are proven to prevent unforeseen damage to your golf clubs during flight travel.

One final tip when you fly with golf clubs is to ensure that you clearly label your gof bag, not only does luggage regularly get lost but the large majority of golf travel bags are black. Make sure yours stands out and can easily find its way back to you.

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I hope this has helped answer some of the common questions regarding travelling with golf clubs. With so many great golf courses in the world only a short flight away there are so many reasons to take your clubs on a flight.


So if you’re ready to travel and fly with golf clubs and looking for a golf bag check out our list of the top golf bags you should have on your list. Don’t forget to make sure you have the best putter and the best driver to ensure you have the most fun playing golf on your travels.

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